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  1. We did the TA from NY to Southampton in April of 2019 on the Getaway. They did lectures every morning at 9am in the theatre on various related topics (i.e. castles in England). The lecturer was hired based on her knowledge (college professor). The lectures were brief - 30 to 45 minutes.
  2. Was this turnaround for expedited service or regular service? Passport services received my renewal application on February 22 and I have not heard back from them, other than they cashed my check for normal delivery!
  3. Yes, but the change did not warrant a new confirmation invoice, per say. It was the use of CN certificate applied incorrectly instead of a requested DSC refund. Complicated issue due to mistake of rep. that involved a couple of supervisors needing to make corrections. I can only trust they have everything well documented on their end.
  4. For those sailing in April, have you looked at your My NCL account today? I just checked to make sure an accounting error was corrected for my upcoming sailing this month and noticed that under the cruise summary section that all payment information is gone. I expect it is in preparation for the upcoming announcement about cruise cancellation, but I just wish I had done a screenshot of the most recent payment summary. Now the only document I have to compare with NCL's records is my original booking confirmation. Lesson learned.
  5. If you have the time and/or inclination, there are a series of vlogs (80+) on youtube of an English couple (David and Sally Abel) who were quarantined on the Diamond Princess, tested positive for COVID-19 and are currently in a Japanese hospital. The documentation of their experience is extensive and inspiring. Their youtube channel is David Abel Celebrant Training.
  6. We departed from NOLA on the Getaway the end of January and are Platinum. We arrived, via Uber, at about 10:45am and entered security immediately and then provided to the designated check-in line for Platinum/+ with no wait. After pre-boarding Haven and Disabled cruisers, they then called Platinum/+, etc. We were onboard by 11:30am.
  7. FWIW - Just got off the phone with NCL. I am booked at a BX (assigned a BC cabin) fare for a sailing in about 45 days. I asked if I can upgrade to the next category (BF guarantee) and get the current promotions. The answer was yes! For about $85 I was upgraded (no penalty) to BF and got all the associated current promotions, including the $200 OBC. I do have to wait to get a new cabin assignment which could be worse / better than I am currently assigned. My advice - call NCL again.
  8. I sail in less than 60 days. When I asked the staff member why the change in procedure he indicated it was new because of the ShoreEx promo. I agree it could just be all the Sail Aways because it is the first time I remember them being offered with a perk.
  9. I will share my experience from this morning, which is different from experiences above and my previous experiences. I am booked on the Escape in April, as a solo, with the $50 shore excursions perk as part of the Sail Away (BX) rate. Once I chose my excursions, I called ShoreEx to book them as I usually do. As recent as 3 weeks ago (Getaway), I would have had the tickets placed in my cabin and a charge placed on my shipboard account and upon completing the tour would receive the $50 credit along with the Lattitudes' 10% off the entire excursion cost. How
  10. Another possibility is to order complimentary breakfast through room service. They serve until 8:30am. I recommend because you can avoid all the craziness and lines!
  11. You can also google dayuse dot com. They have some good offerings.
  12. ☹️ Just notified that I did not get any of my bids accepted for Sundays (1/26) Getaway (has been pretty full for weeks now). I have a I1 (family inside) and bid at fair/good line on meter for OV, Balcony and Balcony Spa. For what it is worth, I am a platinum member and booked through CAS. Looking forward to a great cruise!
  13. JaimeLogical - just curious - did you get that price BEFORE THE SALES (Black Friday, Christmas and the biggest sale of the decade) or was it in the last three months? That same exact cruise today is pricing at $2713.44 (without DSC) - on sale!
  14. I always use squaremouth.com to find the best insurance package for my needs. It is a very user friendly website.
  15. In December I took a 4 day on the Pearl and was very disappointed in the Platinum perks: priority boarding, 30 minute wifi, and discounts on shore excursions, photos, and NCL logo merchandise. That was it!
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