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  1. I was reading about where to pack the nail clippers and they recommended placing them in the checked luggage. I was going to put it in my carryon. I don't want them taken away cause I need them to clip my ties. LOL Where should I pack them?
  2. scrapmamma

    Tipping the porters?

    How much do we tip per bag? Just wondering! Thanks
  3. scrapmamma

    Camp Garnival - Freedom - Age 5

    I have a 5yr old as well, and have a couple questions based on the iternary you posted. The prince and princess thing sounds cute! Maybe I should pack her little cinderella dress for it! :) It's small and should take up little room. For the talent show should I pack something "sparkly"? LOL Also, the "build a bear" thing? How much does that cost? Were there lots of kids doing that? I don't want her to feel left out if I choose not to do it. My daughter will be so excited it there is a talent night. LOL Thanks for posting!
  4. scrapmamma

    Pets in Dining Room?

    Yuck! I would definately be asking for another table assignment!! I love dogs and ours will be left with a family member while we vacation but this is not acceptable! I understand that some people need service dogs and I'm fine with that but I don't want to see someones "companion" pet on a cruise.
  5. scrapmamma

    Elation Aft Cabin

    I think it's sold out, otherwise I would call. I don't see it listed on the website at all, I think they pulled it. But maybe just for the heck of it I might call and see. I just assumed they didn't have any rooms available since it appeared to be sold out. We are going the 20th out of Mobile to cozumel.
  6. scrapmamma

    Elation Aft Cabin

    I don't know about the OV aft cabin but I wanted to mention we are cruising on the 20th in U229. :) Ours is an inside cabin, but I like the one you have. It would have been nice to get a window. Maybe next time! Enjoy your trip!
  7. scrapmamma

    Camp Carnival for 5yr olds

    I'm glad to hear they weren't bored. I wonder how they can keep the two yr olds entertained at the same time as the 5yr olds? That's my only concern. They must have enough helpers there that they can sort of seperate the older ones in the group to keep them entertained with age appropriate activities. Thanks for the replies!
  8. After reading another members message about their 6 yr old I was wondering about my 5yr old. She will be with the little ones, I believe her age group will be 2-5. Since she is at the higher end of that will she still have age appropriate activities? I'm worried she will be bored in that age group. She loves doing crafts, dancing, playing wii and board games etc.. She thinks she'll be with "the babies" lol Thanks!!
  9. scrapmamma

    Inside Guarantee, Please help!

    We booked a guarantee for our family and got a aft 4C which I've been told isn't too bad.
  10. scrapmamma

    A/C Question about Elation

    Thanks for the reply! I will have a very hard time sleeping if it's too warm and minimal air flow in the room. :( Will a small electric fan be allowed?
  11. After reading some posts about problems with cooling the cabins I have to ask. Anyone that has been on Elation did you notice a problem cooling the inside cabins? We are on the Upper Level far Aft and just wanted to know. Are there individual thermostat controls inside the rooms? I just need a constant air flow, I might get a battery op little fan to bring with. I would not be happy if the room was too hot inside. We're sailing in about 20 days! :D
  12. Thank you for contacting Carnival Cruise Lines. We appreciate the opportunity to be of assistance. A certified copy of the birth certificate is required. A certifies abstract birth records is not accepted as proof of citizenship. If there is anything else we can do for you please don't hesitate to ask. Cordially, Hamlet Somarriba Guest Solutions Specialist Guestinfo@carnival.com
  13. The kids were born in Cook County Illinois. They only have abstract copies at the county which is the copy you get when requesting it when the kids were born. To get the long form that had to be ordered from the state office. I wished the state department would determine what is required to make the abstract version acceptable. At the passport web site this is what is states: *A certified birth certificate has a registrar's raised, embossed, impressed or multicolored seal, registrar's signature, and the date the certificate was filed with the registrar's office, which must be within 1 year of your birth. Please note, some short (abstract) versions of birth certificates may not be acceptable for passport purposes. The passport agent at the post office indicated that the abstract copy would be acceptable for getting a passport, but it quite hard to expect a cruise line to know whether the abstract is acceptable or not.
  14. Exactly!! That's the next order of business.
  15. So my husband had to quick order some full birth certificate records. We're taking our three children with us and only one of them had the full official birth record. THe other two had the abstract copy, which is smaller than the regular full length birth certificate. So we ordered them expedited and should get them in a week. :eek: Glad we figured it out before the trip, that could have been a disaster! I have no idea why they won't take the short copy but they want the one with all the info on it. Whatever!