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  1. Thanks, I did see the back of the ship in a video and it looks as if you look down on a pool area, not directly to the water which I’d prefer. Looks like it might be loud. I think I may book a mid ship balcony instead.
  2. Hey, I’m looking at booking our very first aft balcony, generally we book mid ship balconies but I’m ready for a change. So I’ve tried to find some pics or videos of the aft balconies on the new Mardi Gras, is there anything out there, or is it too new for that? Is there a deck for aft balconies that is better then another? I was quoted a price for deck 11. Also wondering if they have announced any entertainment or will it just be the production shows? We don’t generally care for the production shows, we’ve been spoiled on ncl with some pretty amazing entertainment. However ncl prices are quite a bit more so I understand you get what you pay for. Snowy day here in Canada and we are in Ontario which is on complete lock down so I’m looking at cruising to pass the time! 🚢
  3. We weren’t happy with that time slot last time we went to Tortola, however we went to the baths, left the ship at 7 am, and it was perfect to get there early before it gets busy. As we were leaving there was a lot of people coming in and it would take forever to get through.
  4. I am looking for a place to stay that is along the beach and is within an easy walking distance of a fishing pier. We stayed in Cocoa Beach last year and I could see the beach and pier from our hotel and we loved it, husband went fishing every morning. The pier had fishing eqipment available to rent, it was perfect. We are cruising out of Miami in 2022 (I know it is early but I am a planner and no cruise this winter), we will fly into Fort Lauderdale, so looking for somewhere it that area?
  5. The TA on the Escape In April went from $1700 Canadian for 2 in a sail away balcony to $4368!
  6. I have been watching prices of the 15 day transatlantic out of New York on the Escape. Originally we were planning on going in April of 2022, but it is not available to book yet so I was checking prices for this April as well as 2021. At the end of January for 2020 it was $2600 Canadian for 2 for the sale away rate, with $50 shore exxcursion credit, last week it was $1900, today it is $1700. I am assuming the two recent price drops were due to Covid 19. Wondering if anyone else has been able to get a great last minute deal on a transatlantic, without factoring in the virus in previous years? April 2021 on the Escape out of NY does not currently have the sale away rate available, is this something that is generally added closer to the sale date? For Two in a mid ship balcony with all the perks is $6586 Canadian right now. If I can get a price of $2600 on the 2021 closer to the date, we would be able to make the trip instead of waiting until 2022. I would be fine without the perks, for those prices I can buy a lot of drinks!
  7. I can see your pic, looking forward to your review!
  8. We used this company this past winter and would highly recommend them! We saw sting rays, octopus, lots of fish as well as many sea turtles. They even take pictures for you and send them via email, which is included in the tour price. http://www.stthomasadventuretours.com/?fbclid=IwAR1ffctvGC4JGGhbsFfC8SjqIOceGG2nBG5BA-Fc-voQNeMeLT8P3rEat9s
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