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  1. Goggle the shuttle service from IAH to Galveston port terminal - there is a service called something like Island Shuttle that has good reviews. I amnot sure of the exact name but goggle will bring it up.
  2. We also booked two cruises with that offer....Oct 3 to the 9th on the Dream and going again on Nov 13th to 20th on the Vista...Great deal!!
  3. Suite guest, diamond and platinum guest were disembarked first at 7:30.....we disembarked on October 9th.....the traffic on I-45 was heavy just past Galveston - the entrance ramp to the Beltway 8 going east was closed. That should all be fixed by now - hopefully.
  4. Just go to the buffet and get whatever fresh fruit you want. It is there every morning.
  5. We were on a Carnival Dream cruise two weeks ago - they strictly enforced the mask wearing. A crew member stood at the entrance to the buffet and if you did not wear a mask - he gave you one. In the casino, there was less smoke b/c no one could just sit at the bar and smoke - I applaud that ship for its excellent mask enforcement and cleanliness..... it is not a big deal to just wear the mask and enjoy being on a cruise....Wake up - don't be so self centered - covid is still possible being vaccinated. Health care workers wear masks all day long and don't complain - so do the crew members. Happy sailing!
  6. I would not take children on a cruise at this time - there are plenty of other things to do and places to go.
  7. We used CVS for our antigen tests on Oct 1st - no problem. Had our results within 3 hours.
  8. We are just back today from the Carnival Dream - I have no idea of the % capacity but it was not full and it was simply wonderful....the casino was not packed, less cigarette smoke. Almost everyone followed the mask rules.....Carnival is doing a great job of keeping the covid standard. It is not a big deal to get the antigen test....We are going again on the Vista on Nov 13th.....
  9. Negative tests this morning - Sailing on Oct 3rd
  10. Go see Luisa Visan - casino host - she is the greatest. Please tell her that Mary from Houston sent you to see her. She is an old friend and a simply darling girl..... Play a few slots while you are there!!!!!
  11. Had curative PCR test and results took 3 days - this was in the Woodlands, tx.
  12. WE board on Oct 3rd - send your feedback ...will be interesting to read and compare.
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