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  1. No I do not have it backwards...just wear a mask all the time
  2. I do not think there will be any sailings in 2020. We are booked on the Crown - April24th TA 22 days...Hope it happens!!
  3. So much greed in this world.....glad the lawsuit got thrown out.
  4. Good info....my sister and I are hoping to fly to Maui in October......who knows what will happen by then.
  5. Well stated and I think they all live in Texas......these idiots here just cannot grasp the importance of public health...it is all an invasion of their personal rights or so they say....my mantra is " Wear a Mask"......Hope we can mitigate this virus.
  6. Tortola is wonderful....I need to check that one out!
  7. Offered through the Players Club Casino offer.
  8. We have been on over 40 cruises - we go to the buffet all the time - we have never been sick...not a cough or a cold or a GI problem....We wash our hands and use the antibacterials at the buffet....we have cruised all over the world.... WE love the casino and are not fearful of people. The Corona virus has shed a very negative light on cruising and it is not justified.......we will cruise again when the ships start sailing.....We are not germaphobes - I think the people that are , are the ones that get sick all the time. Stay safe and sail safe.
  9. I agree....now thinking it might even be January, 2021... Hope there is a vaccine by then.
  10. Disembarked the Sky Princess in FLL on Feb 1, 2020 - Eastern Caribbean Was so looking forward to being on the Regal right now.....April 12 to 19th.
  11. WE ,too, would have been on the Regal today....I can see us sailing down the Florida coast right now.....WE cannot wait to get back on another ship. Hang in there, Princess.
  12. I want to go as soon as they are sailing.
  13. Maybe a September cruise to Alaska if all goes well/
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