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  1. if you wait a week of 4 p, i will post a pic of the room. my inlaws are in that room.
  2. i can't wait to see her in Rotterdam! Going to watch her coming in on september 30th and leave rotterdam October 14th!
  3. So looking forward to dynamic dining! i think it's great, every evening another restaurant to choice from. We don't eat every night in the MDR.
  4. loved reading your pdf, can't wait until our b2b in may 2015 on the Oasis!
  5. would love to receive your pdf-review, my email is cvandertouw@online.nl.
  6. i'm from the Netherland and i am getting the message that royal caribbean is on vacation. That's my "normal" message when they are updating the website.
  7. you are going to have a fab time in Rotterdam, i will be watching you guys leave the harbor on october 14!!!
  8. Love to hear what you think about the Hyatt. We are staying there also before our b2b cruise next year. i have booked a kingroom in the tower. have a great time and cannot wait for your first review!:cool:
  9. awesome review of your b2b on the oasis. we are doing the same in May 2015. Can not wait....
  10. It stated : "The Celebrity Constellation returned to its Fort Lauderdale port early after another reported outbreak of norovirus" Read more: http://www.cbs12.com/articles/princess-4738780-outbreak-norovirus.html#ixzz1mICVtxCR I know my english isn't that good, but if they are returning wouldn't they say "are returning to port". Don't they mean saturday. There was a outbreak of norovirus then. Hope they get it under controle, were sailing april 21 with the Connie.
  11. Hi, i'm from the Netherlands and last year one of our port of calls was St. Croix and we didn't had to go trough immigration. I always take my passports with me (last year we had a little computer-error with checkingin again in one of the ports, we had to show our passports) Hope this helps.
  12. To Host Andy, Is the meet & mingle the same as the connection party from celebrity? If so were already signup and if not were do we sign up and i have already register on the roll call. Love to meet you on board host Andy!
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