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  1. I have been following this topic re Florida for some time. I usually fly to other places to start my cruises although I have been on some that originated or ended in my home state of NJ. I was curious about this scenario and I apologize if already debated. Could RCCL ask for proof of vaccination if the ports visited required it in order to get off ship and not violate the FL law?
  2. Hey as long as 1. my next cruise on grandeur in Feb 2022 out of Barbados goes, 2. no masks onboard and 3. no mandatory ship excursions, I personally don't give a rats ---- what the CDC says. I personally have not kept up with their mandates ever since the double mask nonsense and "I predict masks until next year..." moving goal posts Dr. Fauci. I am an adult and do not need to be herded by the CDC.
  3. We did 19 mile down south Kaibab and up Bright Angel in 12 hours. Extremely difficult and would not recommend. But amazing. Also hiked in Sedona. After the long weekend, I am less inclined to vacation with mask rules after tasting freedom. I am looking forward to Alaska as I was so upset when we had to move it. It will be our first time.
  4. I did as well for my may radiance cruise. We went to the grand canyon instead last weekend. Not exactly the same weather but beautiful scenery.
  5. Truly amazing sir and there definitely is a reason. My prayers go to you and your wife. Hopefully we will all meet one day on a cruise ship safely. Please do not listen to some of the comments or respond to them. I can be as caustic and sarcastic as the best of them but your situation hits home with me as I lost my dad 2 years ago today. I too would never have let him go out let alone a cruise due to his multiple health issues. Thank you for sharing and for your humility.
  6. I'm just aggravated because NJ governor has to review the new guidelines. We definitely will be in prison until 2022.
  7. Len, I understand your concerns and fears. My dad had Parkinsons as well as dementia and leukemia and I truly wish you well. You stay safe and I will say you are one who does need to be careful.
  8. which is how it should be. I have been saying this for months.
  9. I was supposed to be on that one but cancelled. I tried moving to another date but the carnival rep wouldn't budge on letting me do a "lift and shift" a la RCCL. I kept saying you are losing a b2b booking, can't you just move it and they wouldn't budge. We are looking at going back to Cozumel or Aruba instead. They did actually reimburse everything this am on my credit card (2 days). I asked about the $100 not to cancel and they wouldn't give it to me. I think we discussed this before on the carnival board. Husband and I refuse to cruise unless ship is either fully vaccinated and rules
  10. probably. I just couldn't take it especially with the new rumored guidelines. Maybe next year.
  11. I just cancelled my b2b carnival vista cruises for September and am looking at ncl which Ive been on 1x. Have a 2022 on rccl grandeur out of barbados.
  12. Again its been 5 months. Can't you quit him?
  13. FYI Its been 5 months. Time to move on. It may make you surprised to know that I voted for our former president and guess what? I got the vaccine!!
  14. The pandemic is nowhere near what it was a year ago let alone back in November. Its because of herd immunity and vaccines.
  15. Absolutely agree with you. I'm getting ready to fly to flagstaff now and will be spending a fun weekend at sedona and grand canyon hiking without masks and loving it. After my vacations, I will be ------- if I pay money for this BS. I have 2 b2b in September but unless this changes for vaccinated folks, Im cancelling. Guys burgers and melting choc cake are not that good.
  16. thanks for this. Ive already saved it for my upcoming cruises.
  17. thanks to operation warp speed. Truly amazing that we are this far. Im glad this administration did not mess with the distribution and let it roll out. Easiest thing they had to do. And its probably the only thing they did that I liked which was no interfering with state vaccine rollout.
  18. Thanks guys. Ill try booking today before it goes back up again. It is refundable. Just wish the cheaper flights were American as we have some international miles but no where near what American is offering for this cruise.
  19. So you have seen the up and down prices for this cruise. Its crazy.
  20. I am currently booked on the grandeur of the seas on February 20, 2022. I have been checking the flight prices on Air to sea/Choice Air and they have been fluctuating from PHL from 505 to 1100. These are refundable flights. My question is, if I book the flight now and the price decreases, can I call and have a price adjustment?
  21. Can you explain why? Being an RN and probably vaccinated fully does not explain why one would wear a mask in a car alone unless coming from work with a high risk population of covid. Edited: I just saw the comment about the air seeping in. What study is your wife as a nurse using to verify that covid can get into a car? I have never heard this. I understand her concern for you and I sincerely hope you are both vaccinated. I am a nurse and I have family and friends who work with the covid distribution and I have never heard you can get covid from a car. Covid doesn't live in t
  22. this is a link from the NY times which shows information about what percentage is vaccinated not only in US but the world. Under 16 is obviously not included. US is doing a great job. Back in September, some of you should read your posts about when you predicted we would have a vaccine. The fact that April 24, 2021, a little over 4 months, we are at this point is remarkable. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/us/covid-19-vaccine-doses.html
  23. Suicides especially with our young people and attempts absolutely did not fall in 2020. There were at some pediatric ER in the northeast waits up to 5 DAYS for crisis. Let alone the lonely in the nursing homes who simply stopped eating. These lives matter just as much as covid and they are victims of covid too.
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