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  1. Here is a more detailed conversation with Mike Louagie with pictures and videos. https://www.avidcruiser.com/2020/07/replay-mike-louagie-disembarks-first-cruise-since-covid-in-normandy/
  2. DeedeeG, FWIW, I appreciated your post and your suggestions! Bob
  3. So so many memories, one of my favorites was visiting Kotor, Voyager June 2018. Sailing into Kotor Our excursion was "Highlights of Montenegro". It started with a drive up a long winding road up a mountain with hairpin turns, 25 to be exact.😧 with beautiful vistas along the way, to a lookout point with great views of the bay. Timing is everything, literally within minutes of our arrival, the entire bay was engulfed in fog.
  4. 54,075 1. (not because you did not use an emoji, I am annoyed to find out that you meant this to be sarcastic. I was already starting to count my winnings. ) ☹️
  5. This answers my question as to why anyone would want to use the android app rather than the mobile site. It is true, trying to upload pics from ship WiFi can be maddening! If they upload easier by using the app, going through all of the difficulties may be worth the trouble. Like you, I am eagerly anticipating the opportunity to test it out, let's hope that it is sooner rather than later!
  6. It is different for android, mixing text with pictures is a very cumbersome process for android. After inserting your first pictur e, you get this- Tap the thumbnail, and you get this box- Choose "Insert Inline". When you do, you get this gobbeldygook of BBCode- You can now type in more text, but you must make sure that your cursor is past the [/IMG], or else your pic will not appear. Now you can add another picture- Tap the new thumbnail, and add more text as above.
  7. Pic1 Pic2 Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  8. I checked the CC Guidelines in regard to Facebook links, and do not see anything that indicates that it isn't allowed. I think this is the link https://www.facebook.com/franck.galzy/videos/10153682434261423
  9. While not specific to luxury cruising, here is an interesting article by a cruise ship travel writer. I am not agreeing or disagreeing with any of his points, only providing for interest. 9 ways cruising will be different when it starts up again  Gene Sloan
  10. I am proud to say that I got 100% on the quiz!!!😆
  11. drib, I knew that I could count on you for a most scholarly elucidation.
  12. Did you get any further clarification? This is what Regent's statement says: “Regent Seven Seas Cruises recognizes how diligently Travel Partners have been working during this crisis and how challenging the last two months have been for everyone. That is why we are protecting 100 per cent of Travel Partner commissions on any voyage we voluntarily suspended as well as protecting 100 per cent of their commissions for any cancellations under Regent Reassurance. It will also protect commissions on the 100 per cent future cruise credits when agents re-book their clients throu
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