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  1. Sorry, I realize now that this was a dopey question, the testing requirements are set by the country that you are traveling in, not by Tauck. I answered my own question by following the link in your posted message. Bob
  2. Roz, Thank you for posting this, I am very happy to hear it. Do you know whether covid test will still be required prior to boarding? Thanks Bob
  3. My experience has been that the people that I met on Tauck and Uniworld both were equally friendly, well traveled and interesting. I would not use this as a factor to be considered in choosing a cruise. Bob
  4. Great Roz. When and where are you going? My next cruise is Tauck's Duoro River in October. Fingers crossed! 🤞 Bob
  5. I have not done Scenic, but have done 2 cruises on both Tauck and Uniworld. I think that both of these lines offer an excellent product, but for me , Tauck is a cut above. This is from the summary of my Uniworld trip report: Finally, as much as enjoyed this trip and was impressed with the Uniworld product, I feel I would be remiss if I didn't mention that I think I would have been a lot more blown away had I never cruised on Tauck. I say this not to demean Uniworld, but it is difficult for me to not compare. There are quite a few things that Tauck does, that Uniworld does
  6. Bookishcruiser, Thank you for sharing your experience. So many of us are so starved for reading about cruising lo these past 17 months or so, it was a treat to hear about how much you enjoyed your time in Italy. Bob
  7. Do you enjoy the evening production show? If so, there is no comparison between these 2 fine cruise lines, Regent has elaborate production shows with first class singers and dancers, sound system, lighting, etc. Our experience with SS is that there is nothing comparable. Bob
  8. DFC0006.6000 x 4000 23.4 mb.jpg DFC0006.800 x 533 100 % quality 558 kb.jpeg DFC0006.800 x 533 80 % quality 165 kb.jpeg
  9. 6000x4000 20.7 mb 20.7 mb 800x530 100% quality 647 kb.jpg 800x530 70% quality 261 kb.jpg
  10. Here is a more detailed conversation with Mike Louagie with pictures and videos. https://www.avidcruiser.com/2020/07/replay-mike-louagie-disembarks-first-cruise-since-covid-in-normandy/
  11. DeedeeG, FWIW, I appreciated your post and your suggestions! Bob
  12. So so many memories, one of my favorites was visiting Kotor, Voyager June 2018. Sailing into Kotor Our excursion was "Highlights of Montenegro". It started with a drive up a long winding road up a mountain with hairpin turns, 25 to be exact.😧 with beautiful vistas along the way, to a lookout point with great views of the bay. Timing is everything, literally within minutes of our arrival, the entire bay was engulfed in fog.
  13. 54,075 1. (not because you did not use an emoji, I am annoyed to find out that you meant this to be sarcastic. I was already starting to count my winnings. ) ☹️
  14. This answers my question as to why anyone would want to use the android app rather than the mobile site. It is true, trying to upload pics from ship WiFi can be maddening! If they upload easier by using the app, going through all of the difficulties may be worth the trouble. Like you, I am eagerly anticipating the opportunity to test it out, let's hope that it is sooner rather than later!
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