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  1. Yes, they will be on the Splendor through June 2020. Bob
  2. While I haven't done the cruise yet, I am booked on Tauck small ship for next year, Toronto to Chicago. The itinerary looks excellent. This will be our first Tauck small ship cruise, but based on previous experiences with them, I anticipate a first class experience. Bob
  3. SWFLAOK, I am just curious as to how one finds out this information (what night will be formal optional) in advance of the cruise. Thanks, Bob
  4. mrstanley, are you on the Feb 25? We are on the following cruise. My understanding is that Kasia and Boogie will be performing on the Splendor starting with the launch on Feb 6. Bob
  5. I am a big fan of Kasia and Boogie as well. I don't believe that they have a website, they do have a Facebook page that JMariner referenced earlier, and they have a Youtube channel here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChjb7UhQls_klzq54YGZnVQ They are known in Poland under the name "Kasia Skiba i Ja". These are music videos of their original music which is in Polish, but for those that are fans, you might want to give them a try. Most of the videos have the English translations if you scroll down the page, but even without them, I love listening to Kasia's voice and Boogie's instrumentation. Bob
  6. Good news, Jackie , they are scheduled to be on the Splendor for our cruise on March. Bob
  7. Happy days! We get to travel with Mr Rumor on another wonderful cruise. Wishing Rich, Ginny and Shauna a fabulous trip. We will be eagerly looking forward to each and every post. Bob
  8. Interesting, this is the first time that I have heard a critical comment about John. I'm not criticizing, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and no one's opinion is any better than any others. For my part, I would book a cruise just for the pleasure of sailing with John.
  9. It also should be noted that this or any other menu item can be pre ordered if one wants to have it again on another night. Also, caviar is offered at the Seven Seas Society reception. Bob
  10. Jerie, Thank you for taking the time for posting your impressions of your cruise. It looks like you are having a great time, continue to enjoy. Looking forward to following. Bob
  11. DeepFreeze63, So glad that you are having a great cruise, and looking forward to your comments and your review. We were on Explorer in August, and agree with your assessment of the production shows, they were as good as any that I have seen at sea. Wishing you a wonderful cruise. Bob
  12. Rocky and Dave, I just finally caught up on reading, and appreciate your postings. We were booked on the circumnavigation of Iceland, which was the last cruise to be cancelled prior to the maiden voyage. It sounds like things are looking up and will certainly be considering a future booking. My apologies if this has been addressed before, but wondering if there is an additional charge for Lumiere, Chef's table, or any other dining venues? Bob
  13. Is this something brand new fleet wide? When we were on the Explorer last month we had the usual hand filled form. mj_holiday, thank you for your very interesting report. So glad that you enjoyed the cruise. Bob
  14. With respect, I do not understand the point that you are making. Who said anything about anyone being "dead"? Is there something wrong with making the observation that lounge music in general is too loud for conversation? Are you referring to my observation that they play too slow for my liking? I am not making an argument, just trying to understand your point.
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