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  1. Sounds wonderful! You are probably already aware of this, but on b2b cruises, you are likely to be having the same production shows repeated, but I think this is the case on all cruise lines. Oh well, there are bigger problems, I suppose.😁
  2. https://youtu.be/AzC0rGJwMXs
  3. bitob, These things are obviously very subjective, and it is only your opinion that matters. Production shows are not for everyone; for us, it is an important factor. My wife and I rarely miss them. If you had asked this question 5 years ago or so, I would have said that Crystal is better in this regard. Since that time, Regent has upped it's game significantly. On our last cruise (over 2 years ago! 😒😥😭), the production shows were at least as good, if not better, than any other cruise I have been on. As to enrichment, this is an area in which Crystal excels, on Regent, for me, it has been hit or miss. But this is not a huge factor for me, especially on port intensive cruises where sitting in a lecture hall is not always on my agenda. One thing that you may miss on Regent is that there is really no equivalent to the Avenue Saloon. There will be a group (duo or trio) performing in one lounge, a piano player playing background music in another, and a dance band in a third. But nothing like the party atmosphere that there is in the Saloon. The bottom line is that I have never had anything less than a fabulous time on either of these lines, and it is hard to imagine that I would. It will be interesting to hear about your experience when you return from your Regent cruise. I assume that you are booking on the Explorer, Splendor or Grandeur, where are you going? Bob
  4. Hi Keith, please be so kind as to add the following: Symphony 2021 October 15 - NY R/T - boblerm (Bob/Jeannie) Thank you!
  5. Next installment https://thepointsguy.com/guide/best-crystal-endeavor-expedition-cruise-itineraries/
  6. Thank you DaisyUK and Smbruner, those of us that are at home and champing at the bit to get on a cruise ship very much appreciate any little tidbits that you can share with us! Continue to have a fabulous cruise! Bob
  7. boblerm


    c'est hôtesse avec finesse
  8. Oh, by the way @bitsnerd, welcome to Cruise Critic. I hope and trust that you will have a happy and fruitful experience on these forums for as long as your time here lasts. Clock is ticking.
  9. You rhyme very well. It brings to mind someone very near and dear to my heart who is an expert in rhyming.
  10. On another thread someone answered "Nope, there is no disembarkation test required for the Bermuda itineraries. The three required tests are the PCR test four days prior to sailing, the antigen test at the pier prior to boarding, and another PCR test onboard prior to going ashore in Bermuda. (I was on the Aug 22 sailing out of Boston and am booked on Oct 8 out of NYC" Strange that it would say "GUESTS DISEMBARKING EITHER IN BOSTON OR NEW YORK City"
  11. On another thread there seems to be some confusion as to whether or not an additional test is required prior to disembarkation in Boston or New York. Can anybody clarify? Bob
  12. This is from the Bermuda Escapes Vacation Guide on the Crystal site: GUESTS DISEMBARKING EITHER IN BOSTON OR NEW YORK CITY Also, please note, a negative rapid antigen test is required by the United States Government for all guests re-entering the United States. We will conduct the rapid antigen test on board Crystal Serenity prior to disembarkation. Guests from nations other than the United States are encouraged to look up testing requirements for reentry to their own countries. Any guest who requires a PCR test instead of an antigen test for reentry to their own country may pay to have this test done on board the ship. Please notify shipboard personnel upon embarkation if you do, indeed, need to schedule this PCR test on board. I think they mean "Symphony" Bob
  13. Gene Sloan from The Points Guy is presently on Endeavor https://thepointsguy.com/news/crystal-endeavor-cruise-ship-cabin/?utm_source=TPG Daily Newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2847554&utm_usr=129aa5e1fb709859ea84015c41edc13735acb52f6bef8efcebebc8ff80b61fab&utm_msg=bc055febc7874c388b18789196321fcb&utm_date=2021-09-09
  14. I found this on their website : 2.1.4 COVID-19 Related Limitations & Exclusions. Covac Global (CG) shall not be under any obligation to provide Services to Traveling Member if CG determines, in its sole discretion, any of the following factors exist: (i) The Traveling Member has been diagnosed with COVID-19 within 30 days prior to travel; (ii) The Traveling Member was on a cruise ship at any time during Trip; 😳
  15. Keith, do you know of insurance that will transport due only to a positive test? MedJet only provides transport in the event of hospitalization. Bob
  16. This brings back such a wonderful memory! We did this itinerary in 2019, and I would say that one of the highlights of our trip (or any trip for that matter) was our visit to Francis' house. This house is incredible and has such an interesting history. Francis is so gracious to allow us to tour through her house, and besides that, she is an absolute hoot, one of the best tour guides that we have ever had. We had Francis as our guide the previous day, I think it was Bourne? At any rate, we enjoyed her so much, when we got off the ship in Viviers, we spotted her and made sure we were in her group. In Viviers, one of the features is a local visit, but I think that Francis is the only guide that brings her group to a home. @skinnylegs, if you can manage to get in Francis' group in Viviers, (in Bourne as well), you'll be glad that you did! Bob
  17. @ckmouse and @Dr. Cocktail Just so you know, once you have 21 nights on Regent, you are Silver in Seven Seas Society, and the issue of access to restaurant reservations and excursion booking becomes moot, you will be able to book on the same date as the concierge and above can. Sadly, in order to get more than 1 logon you have to wait until you are Gold, which is 75 nights. This is one area that I think that Regent is behind other lines, they really should re-evaluate this, seems chintzy. Bob
  18. I would think that those times would not be the most difficult to get, the production shows are at 9:30, so dining at those times would mean a somewhat rushed dinner for those that like to attend. If your preferred times are not available, my advice is to book the times as close to the ones that you want, and once onboard, see if you can change them. If you are flexible about willingness to dine with others (assuming that option still exists in the age of covid😟, you may have more options. You probably already know this, but the reservations only apply to the specialty restaurants, the main dining room, Compass Rose (the best main dining room of any line that I have cruised on), is walk in.
  19. Hi ckmouse, welcome to Cruise Critic and welcome to Regent! IMHO, yes, it does make a big difference,especially if you are anxious to get specific times for dining. Most excursions have wide availability, but a few do fill up early, so it is a big advantage to be able to book early as well. Another advantage to concierge level is that you access with 4 devices at one time. If you get an F1, only 1 device at a time, so you and your husband can't be online at the same time. (At least, that is my understanding, if I am wrong, someone please correct me.) If you want an E, I think that this would be your best choice. Deck 6 has some that are more midship, but I think that not having any public areas below would be and advantage. I don't think that the proximity to the stairway should be a problem. Yeah, I don't think there is any way of figuring out in advance which side would be facing the ports. Regardless of your choices, Regent is great and I'm confident that you will have a wonderful cruise! Bob
  20. Yes, but I want everything. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread. If I say it was just as fair, it was just as fair.
  21. Yeah, well, can't have everything. He who hesitates is lost. Maybe it wasn't QUITE as fair. I guess we'll never know, will we?
  22. I shall be telling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.
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