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  1. Yes, Grammar Police officer I will be more careful in the future. Please let me go this time. I'll spell better the next time.🙃🤣
  2. I believe I mistyped the ship. Thanks you are correct.
  3. Just read a federal Judge threw out the law suite against Princess Cruises from the people that were on the Diamond. Can't sue for fear of catching something. Naturally the lawyer (and the daughter) was disappointed and may appeal.
  4. Diabetes has Type 1 type 2 and pre-diabetes. Type 1 requires insulin Type 2 medication and diet. Pre maybe on medication and diet. Are they goino restrict all types? I have Type 2 since 2005 with medication I have never even come close to needing to go to the hospital. I'm still as healthy as many well below my age or healthier.
  5. The tips are included in the price of the package. Puts it up to $70 a day. Alcoholic beverages are limited to 15 per day 6am to 6am.
  6. Some of questions about why did they wait so long? That notice was dated May of 2019. So it is not just being sent out.
  7. We had it on an Alaska cruise 2018 and they didn't show on the account. On a TA last November didn't have the package and they showed on the account. For us, unless it is included it is not worth it .
  8. They do have sugar free desserts, I have never seen a diabetic menu. I'm type II and just watch what I eat. Read the diabetic cook books will tell you what to stay away from.
  9. Cruise Raider: ignorance of the law is no excuse. Brista: most states charge a sales tax while the ship is In port. As well as foreign ports like Spain. Yehoofa: Hanging chads are only valid in Palm Beach County.
  10. Not personal experience but reading other accounts, Princess assigns the rooms. So it could be next door to you or a different part of the ship and different deck. It is a crap shoot.
  11. I thought the rules changed a while ago that you had to transfer the booking within 60 days of the booking date.
  12. On the Princess Forum someone posted a video. They are onboard. No that great, I only watched about 3 min. of 10 min.
  13. Just check the web site and the Atlas can only be downloaded. Don't want it on the computer rather have it in hand.
  14. It was many years ago, we flew into Madrid and went through custom in Madrid. No customs in Barcelona. We flew Iberia Airlines at that time. Arrived in Madrid very early not much was open during the layover. Wife did get us a couple of wines.
  15. If you have apps on your current phone they will work. The problem as I understand it, the old phones won't load the new apps. I have an old iPhone. I can't down load any new apps period. Not enough support as 1025cruise said.
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