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  1. On the Princess Forum someone posted a video. They are onboard. No that great, I only watched about 3 min. of 10 min.
  2. Just check the web site and the Atlas can only be downloaded. Don't want it on the computer rather have it in hand.
  3. It was many years ago, we flew into Madrid and went through custom in Madrid. No customs in Barcelona. We flew Iberia Airlines at that time. Arrived in Madrid very early not much was open during the layover. Wife did get us a couple of wines.
  4. If you have apps on your current phone they will work. The problem as I understand it, the old phones won't load the new apps. I have an old iPhone. I can't down load any new apps period. Not enough support as 1025cruise said.
  5. It's a joke, a little humor for the day.
  6. Does anyone know what the room marked Celebrations on deck 5 is? I had not noticed it before and have no idea what it its.
  7. Many years ago someone told me that Karaoke was a Japanese work for "can't sing worth a dam".
  8. On my first Princess cruise last year I applied for the Military OBC at least 14 month before. I sent scans of my DD241 in the morning and later that afternoon it was credited to the account. Send it in yourself, print the application from the web site. No TA needed.
  9. Did they have travel insurance? Sounds like the travel agent screwed up big time.
  10. The first inaugural cruise is the October cruise in the Med. The next one is the Transatlantic and then the one out of Fort Lauderdale the first out of the US. I'd be ticked off if I had booked the Dec 4th cruise and now it is the second inaugural.
  11. I got the same e-mail. Thought it would at least show a video of the ship doing the sea trial. Zippo nada.
  12. The latest track shows the storm going to the north east of the island. The cone of the track shows it just being in the wind cone. If it stays on the track the southern part of Eleuthera should have a wind and rain event. I doubt there will be hurricane force winds down there.
  13. Your daughter must have a magnetic personality.
  14. How thing change, on a TA in 2015 it was limited to 3 coupons at that time. Thank for the info on unlimited during HH.
  15. Do they have Captains Table on each segment of the cruise, 28 day, 21day and 14 day? If so do the new boarding passengers get priority for their segment? For example we will board in Barcelona for 14 day TA, will we get a chance to book the Captains Table or will passengers on the prior leg of the cruise be able to have secured a position at the table. Also what is the limit of diners?
  16. When Celebrity has many Elite passengers they may not have a dedicated lounge where the drinks are unlimited and then issue coupons or attach the drinks to your card. The limit on coupons or card is three per day per elite passengers at most lounges.
  17. Would you still have to buy a soda package to be able to use said machine? Or is there a place to swipe you medallion or cruise card.
  18. We lived in the Fort Myers area for years. We would rent and drive to FLL or MIA. Alamo and National, there are no drop off fees. In FLL at the rental car facility they have buses that go to the cruise port. Also keep in mind that the Fort Myers area also gets every expensive at that time of year. There are many tournaments in the area with people coming in from all over again the country.
  19. You may want to check and see if there are any restrictions on bringing the ashes through custom in any countries you may travel. Sorry for your loss.
  20. Once the phone is turned on and hits a tower, any thing that is waiting will download to your phone. Charges start then and roaming added if out of net work. Happened to me in the Bahamas.
  21. They have said that one of new bars will be "Take Five" as a jazz bar. Looks nice in the photo's although not a fan of jazz. The newly announced Enchanted has more information on their deck plan than SKY. As it now stands no Crooner or Wheelhouse. Hope it will change.
  22. On an August cruise on Ruby we had a couple younger men who had ordered two or three main courses in the MDRs. Never any problem the waiters even joked about how much they coud eat. (these guy where fairly thin.)
  23. Its a tid-bit off the the question but, if this young lady has been in the US since she was 4 years old has she considered becoming a US citizen? She wouldn't be allow to get on a plane to go back to Laos with out a passport from there.
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