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  1. Thank you for the replies! My lanyard has a plastic sleeve so no need to punch a hole and looks like I don't have to worry about a fitbit case yet! Maybe on the next cruise
  2. I know the Ruby has the new meddallionnet internet service but can anyone tell me if it also has the new medallions or if it is still using the cards? We will be on it in May and I wanted to know if I should bring my old standard the lanyard for the cruise card or if I should get the little fitbit wristbands for the medallion? Thanks!
  3. How often do they change the events that occur on ship? We are on the Crown to Mexico in February 2016 and I'm wondering if the patters you posted from November will still be current in February? Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the info! Interesting that one time you waited at a hotel and another time it was at the pier. Do you have any idea how Princess chooses what option to pick?
  5. We are on the Mexico cruise in February and a few of us are arriving into LAX Saturday morning at 8:30am. A couple others we know are arriving at 11am. Will the Princess transfer take us down to San Pedro pier shortly after we arrive or or will we have to wait until the other flights comes in? An option is to fly down the previous night so that we can be at the pier bright and early. If we do that, what's the soonest we can check in at the pier? Thank you for your help.
  6. Hi! Johnny, I'm wondering if you ever did go horseback riding on Antigua? We are going soon and I was hoping for more info on it. thanks -
  7. Hi! Has anybody done an excursion with Trims? How was it and are they reliable? Do they pick you up and return you to port? Any info would be great - Thanks
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