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  1. Agree about the vaccination requirement (there was no way that elephant was being ignored), however NCL is also saying "trust us" on everything else. The CDC on the other hand is saying prove that you can consistanty follow a set of protocols. Grab some popcorn 'cause this ain't over yet.
  2. Something to keep in mind is that every single outbreak we saw on ships prior to the shutdown was based upon the original Wuhan version of the version. The new variants are much more transmissable and unfortunately based upon the data more deadly. The current variant driven waves in Europe, Brazil, Canada and some U.S. states (and a lot of other places) is driven by either the U.K. South African or Brailian versions. Any one of those loose on a ship would . . . well if you want to cruise again it would be a bad thing.
  3. And this is why pirate ships had planks installed. After the first couple of people walk the plank on Encore or Getaway I would put my money on the rest of the passengers being a lot more polite.
  4. Yes but he was a pinhead before COVID-19, and he will be a pinhead after COVID-19. There is no vaccine that will solve his problems.
  5. The issue is those islands will be waiting some time before enough vaccines arrive to take care of their populations. There are a lot of places where large scale COVID testing just isn't possible, and the cold chain infrastructure required for Pfizer and Moderna probably just don't work. Do the cruise lines stop in ports with ongoing infection problem?
  6. No in country vaccine manufacturing means we rely on imports of vaccines. Contract delivery schedules basically is what is comes down to. With Pfizer and Moderna, prior to the AZ approval last week, we would have enough doses to fully vaccinate 14+ million with the required two dose regime by the end of June, and enough doses for everyone (including chilidren and a few million extra imaginary Canadians) by end of Sept. AZ improves that timeline significantly. Add in J&J and it improves as well. J&J, AZ and potentially Novovax would put us around 24 million fully vaccinated by end o
  7. There still needs to be some place to cruise to. Having the U.S vacinated only gives you control over COVID on U.S. soil. We (Canada) will be a couple/few months behind you on the vaccination drive. That means no Alaska this year but in the bigger war it is only one casualty. The big issue is that Mexico and the islands do not have the same sort of access we (U.S. and Canada) do to vaccines. If COVID is running rampant in those locations, where exactly are ships going to?
  8. And by the time they get through all that the season is over. Sometimes the appearance of of trying to do something is the the intent, knowing full well that you have no realistic prospect of actually accomplishing your stated goal. Penn and Teller would be proud.
  9. Yup. California is slightly bigger. Just imagine taking California's population however and scattering them over a landmass larger than the entire US. Reality is vaccine production is still ramping up, as it ramps up and delivered the next thing we (collectively all the developed countries) is making sure those islands and countries we want to visit has access to vaccines supplies to take care of their populations. Cruise lines aren't going to risk going in to places where COVID is still running wild.
  10. The 38+ million is total population. I included the 'children' in the not getting vaccinated immediately part in my mind. That number should be a little more than 6 million (0-15 in age) meaning you have an initial starting point for vaccination of probably a little more than 32 million. Out of that 32 there is another subset of the population that either won't get vaccinated, or can't. Pfizer and Moderna are both have a 2 dose requirement, that is 64 million doses. My 12 year old right now falls outside the age groups that will be vaccinated right now. Hopefully as the additi
  11. Failure is an interesting choice of words isn't it? Reality is each country has its own challenges in dealing with this crisis. There have been successes and failure everywhere, and with COVID those successes and failures are measured in lives saved, lives lost. The biggest risk/issue is that we do not have the domestic vaccine production that exists in the US or the UK/EU. We are dependent upon importing our vaccines, there are deals in place to change that, but that will take time. Right now we have enough doses on order from Pifzer and Moderna to vaccinate every Canadian (3
  12. Doubt they will. Smart people can be stupid. Stupid people can be smart. To quote some of the advertising up here, COVID doesn't care. Unfortunately (?) infection and sickness will have the same effect as a vaccine. Keep hoping for the best however, there has been enough suffering and loss.
  13. Whatever gets you on the ship. If you are sitting at home you are missing out.
  14. And you can bet that the cruiselines are hoping that someone else makes that decision (CDC, Canadian Government, Island Government, Mexico, etc). Much easier to point the finger and go "sorry, it isn't us stopping you" at the same time internally they are saying "thank god". That is especially the case since vaccine distribution will not be uniform across all countries. Canada and the U.S. will get to the same point in terms of vaccine coverage within similar timeframes. A ship with unvaccinated passengers getting off for tours in Mexico or an island where they are still struggl
  15. Too funny. DW and I where just discussing the Cayman situation as it relates to our December 19th Divina cruise. If they hold firm, and it won't surprise me even if they have completely vacinated their population, our thinking was COZ would be the replacement (can't see Mexico refusing entry to anything). Wouldn't be the worst thing, after all the COVID baking we could use some more vanilla.
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