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  1. The actual ban on cruise ships in Canadian waters comes from Transport Canada which has regulatory authority over the waters. B.C. can ask for the July 1st deadline to be extended, and likely has behind the scenes. Final decision is in the hands of the Minister of Transportation and the Federal Cabinet. The ports are governed under Federal legislation with representatives appointed by the government of Canada, and in the case of Vancouver representatives from B.C. and the other Prairie provinces, as well as local representatives. They run the port facilities, that includes both the commerical and cruise parts. B.C., working through the port authority can ban ships from docking if they have the votes of the Port Authority. Reality is the City of Vancouver is onboard with the ban, and I am sure even the federal reps would vote to support the ban.
  2. Not yet. The restrictions on cruise traffic are still set to expire July 1st. The expectation is that they will be extended. Same with the restrictions on non-essential travel across the border. That is due to expire in the next couple of week (again). Given that neither side of the border has a grip on this situation yet, you could expect that to be extended as well (at least on our side). And CC isn't always the best source (sort of like Wikipedia but for cruise ships). Lots of opinions and rumours, definitely fun, not always a lot of facts.
  3. Sad, was really looking forward to Koningsdam at the end of August. But this was the inevitible conclusion.
  4. There are so many things that need to happen first before the ban on ships lifts. Right now the boarder is closed to non-essential travel by joint agreement between the Canada - U.S. governments. That expires in a few weeks, but will be extended again. There is a mandatory 14 day quarentine for anyone entering Canada much like the Alaska one. Neither of those is happening until we have things under control here, and until the government is confident that the U.S. has things under control so that the risks of outbreaks is minimized.
  5. Agree completely. There are two things currently in place that need to change. One is the border restrictions that currenty go month to month basically limiting visits between Canada and the U.S. to essential travel only. Those are currently set to expire May 21st, they will be extended again at least on the Canadian side for another month. The cruise ban is a completely separate issue, yes it expires July 1st, no doubt that it is extended (my guess is end of August). The issue here, like many other places, is those confined, collective type institutions that allow the virus to spread easily, that includes ships. There just isn't going to be the risk tollerance at this stage to allow the cruises to proceed. And yes it sucks, but this is where that old Star Trek line about "the needs of the many" comes in to play. We have Koningsdam booked for August 29th out of Vancouver, so yes directly impacted, but there will be other cruises.
  6. They temporarily changed the policy on final payment, they haven't changed the cancelation policy to match however. We are in the same boat (ship), final payment was May 31st, now June 30th for our August 29th Koningsdam sailing. We seriously doubt the Alaska cruises go forward at all, however given what they have offered for previous cancelations, if they cancel before May 31st then we likely will take the FCC if it matches what they have previously done. For us we only have $450 down in deposit so not concerned about losing that if everything goes in to hell. If they don't cancel by May 31st then we cancel. That is our chicken date.
  7. We are book on the 8 - 29 K-Dam sailing as well. Still think the odds are less than 50% she actually sails. DW and I keep discussing what to do with the booking. Reality is final payment isn't until May 31st, thinking about sitting back and waiting to see what happens. Be interested in knowing for those who are on one of the five ships that were pulled, but we're before final payment exactly how things are going to work. Are they just refunding, or are they offering the 125% FCC plus once on your deposit.
  8. Half Moon Cay is also in the Bahamas and their rules apply. As of right now they are not permitting any visitors to enter or disembark for any reason.
  9. We have Koningsdam booked for August 29th from Vancouver, final payment due May 31st. Like others it is a wait and see game, expectations however that we will cancel before final payment. Figure by that point we have a better idea how this all plays out, but it is hard to be optimistic when you watch the news. Thankfully PIF is two months away, which is probably going to feel like 2 years frankly with everything going on, it has certainly reset priorities.
  10. ^^^THIS^^^ Even if it isn't this Friday the cancelation is coming sooner rather than later. We know one thing, any cruises scheduled to Alaska before July 1st either begin or end in Canada, or require a stop here. The Canadian government is not changing its mind on the port closure to cruise ships. Period. On top of that the border between Canada and the U.S. is effectively closed for recreational travel. There are so many other priorities our governments need to deal with right now, as much as it sucks, this will pass. If we don't get to do Koningsdam in August so be it, the world will not end. Alaska will still be there next year.
  11. Exactly. The border isn't opening till July 1st at the earliest. That isn't changing, and I am pretty sure that the Canadian government won't even spend a second thinking about the Alaska cruise season and lifting the ban until we are on the other side of this. And we are a long way from being on the other side of the curve, just do your part, and give thanks to those on the front lines fighting this for us. Our final payment right now for our August 29th Koningsdam sailing is May 31st. I doubt we will know for sure at that point whether the cruise is a go or not (50/50 odds in my mind on whether it happens or not). Even if it does go forward it will not be business or cruise as usual. In the big picture there will be other cruises at other times for most of us. Alaska isn't going anywhere.
  12. Wish I did, I would have bought Amazon during its IPO. I am just thankful our final payment isn't until May 31st, hoping that by then we start to see a light at the end of tunnel. At least Koningsdam will be on the West Coast. Hope everyone takes care over the coming weeks. Do what you can for those in need, take care of your loved ones. Even if none of our plans for vacation work out, there are still more important things we all need to take care of right now.
  13. Just watching the morning news. Peru is closing their international borders so if that was an option, it isn't anymore. They were interviewing a couple of fellow Canadians who are now stuck and likely going to have to ride things out there.
  14. Two issues: (1) Canadian government has banned cruise ships to July 1st, with everything going on odds of that changing really falls between slim and none. (2) Just watching Delta flights heading to storage on Flight Radar. With the reduction in capacity will you be able to get to Vancouver. So you really are doing it for FCC, everyone has their own risk tollerance. What's yours? Our trip doesn't leave till the end of August, PIF isn't until May 31st. We are in wait and see what the situation is towards the end of May. As much as we wanted to go back to Alaska, this year may not be in the cards, or the last minute offers may be to good to pass up.
  15. Guess you should define what you consider to be 'normal'. We have Koningsdam booked for August 29th, final payment isn't due to May 31st so we are in a wait and see holding pattern. Anticipate things will be running by that point, but normal? Not even close to normal. Problem I see is that there are a lot of people who go up to work the tourist season, do they go for a part season? Is it financially worth it to them? I doubt we will have answers for our PIF date, at that point we need to make a decision, but we will make a decision based upon what facts we have. By the middle of June you should have an idea as to what the season is going to look like. Think we are all going to have our fingers crossed.
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