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  1. I've used the coat hanger method not only on a towel rod but hanging from a single hook both inside and outside the bathroom. You can also hang a storage organizer suspended from heavy duty magnet hooks, as the walls are metal. Although honestly storage usually is so good in these cabins we don’t need it.
  2. Funny our last steward behaved exactly like this plus did not make the towel animals. The last night I did write a detailed note to the HD to alert him of the problems. I'm noticing many more complaints about stewards and while I don't like it quite frankly I think it's stemming from the change in corporate culture. They are being pressed to do more in less time and depending on the personality some may be passive aggressively fighting back, so to speak. Just my opinion
  3. I like the ease of directly adding a picture and not that rigamarole of going through another site but navigation is harder for me. I also just had to log in twice so hopefully that stops. Pages aren't loading as fast for me. Hopefully it gets smoother
  4. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/announcement.php?f=107&a=518
  5. Lamb chops were in Moderno on the Sun in September and were seriously good. A shame if they disappear but there was also very tasty leg of lamb....
  6. Really? Well, then, that would explain why I was responding to a post about “odd pairings”, as in ribs (messy, sauced) on formal nights (clothing you typically find harder to clean)
  7. Hopefully they will review the form in a timely manner to give you some peace of mind. Meanwhile if you have insurance file a claim. Call your credit card company. They may have some coverage or a solution, but please take a moment to catch your breath. Right now you need to concentrate on letting go of life’s frustrations and deal with your diagnosis. Best wishes.
  8. Since the threads are about to be “Read Only” I thought I better post an update concerning this cruise, or more specifically, the travel delay after. We did end up catching an Uber to the airport and going straight to the American Airlines counter. Long story short, Charleston was closed, Charlotte was open (in the midst of the storm) so no way to get home. We took a room at the Miami International Airport Hotel located right there in the airport terminal. If you have an early morning departure I highly recommend this place! Wow, so easy the next morning to go check our bag for our flight, go eat the free included breakfast, then go back to the room to freshen up, get our carry ons and go through security. We ended up spending debarkation day lounging around, grabbing a shuttle to the Mall for dinner and music, and just making lemonade out of lemons. Upon our final return I started an online claim with Allianz for the trip delay. There have been some hiccups. Due to the sheer volume of delays from all over they were not responding within their own allotted time so I ended up calling them, which moved my claim up a bit. I still haven’t physically received a check and for some reason their emails are not getting through to me but I was just assured over the phone they cut me a check for the hotel and the Uber. For some reason they did not receive the uploads for our meal. I plan on resubmitting the missing items. So far I have always found their agents pleasant and responsive but having to file electronically has been buggy at best. When it is all said and done I will post a mini review of them specifically in the Cruise/Travel Insurance Board.
  9. Only if you are on a B2B, buy it the first week, pick it up that last evening and then keep it with you for the 2nd cruise....
  10. When you are talking about sticking it to NCL for PAST problems by stiffing the crew on another cruise that you admit you’d only take to hit Platinum yes, that is taking revenge: noun 1. the action of inflicting hurt or harm on someone for an injury or wrong suffered at their hands.
  11. Your plan should be to cruise another line. That is the only plan for “revenge” that would make sense in your situation.
  12. Lol, millenials like the entertainment and late night....omg do you really think everyone else has given up the ghost? I love the dances out on deck and O’Sheehans after, and I’m no millenial. Drink up, have fun, but don’t allow big corporations to sugarcoat the dubious tactics they employ
  13. I wouldn’t make blanket generational assumptions. Regardless we are ALL saying that free isn’t free, but instead of just taking it, generally speaking the older you get the more likely you are to object to such ploys and demand truth in advertising.
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