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  1. I didn’t know I needed to go ask for a ship pin and quite honestly was having such a great time didn’t notice one was never delivered in the cabin until we got home. Did anyone get an extra Mardi Gras ship pin they would part with?
  2. You were saying the bartenders are resisting letting you tip and I asked if the Cheers package did not already have a 18% tip included….which it does
  3. I did a search and this does not come up. I read Carnival’s Covid policy and perhaps I am missing something. If a person tests positive what happens next? You cannot board but does Carnival credit your cruise cost? Does the $600 OBC you may have follow you? I am trying to be prepared for next Saturday Sept 4 departure. This is the 3rd try cruising since this all began and we have that $600 OBC. Each time we have ended up on a more expensive cruise which I am fine with but will we be allowed to rebook as if Carnival cancelled? We have had the Carnival Travel Insurance as part of our booking since the first one…
  4. Exactly why they should stop this pre trip testing insanity! A test 72 hours out is not at all useful 72 hours later, after possible exposures in that time frame. People who are sick need the confirmation, not asymptomatic vaccinated travelers.
  5. well, upon hearing somewhere that they needed items i did purchase a variety of toiletries but i planned on just asking the steward if they knew of anyone who could use them and, if not , i would take them home when i left...if i didn't see him/her in person i was going to leave a note with the bag. now that i have heard of the crew fund i'll look into that. i just donated a week of leave time to a co-worker who can't work right now because of his ailing mother but only after i overheard our timekeeper mentioning he had no more leave and last cruise we gave our steward $75 by way of guest services because his mother passed away during the cruise, which we only found out because he skipped our cabin 2 days straight and we went to complain. most people i know do what they can to help others in need, it's knowing what exactly is needed that is the problem.
  6. Considering my local Walmart had bare shelves everywhere I can certainly believe it. There are supply issues all around here. I’ll have to suffer and eat eggs benedict instead…or…let them eat cake! It has all the nutrients you need ;)
  7. Oh...My...Word!... MY birthday is August 12, 1960...No wonder I like your writing style!
  8. I will definitely be walking with my head down! I missed a step a few years ago and rolled outward, breaking the fifth metatarsal. Surgery and 6 weeks no weight bearing NOT fun! Congratulations on your birthday to a fellow Leo! Love the positive attitude. I, too, have developed that as last year between working in a busy hospital laboratory with heavy Covid cases, turning 60(!), amongst other things landed me in my own ER with global amnesia...If I can't look back and make fun what is there, lol. We will be boarding MG Sept 4 ready to experience life aboard however it presents itself!
  9. If the Urgent Care is running the test and providing you with results it is okay
  10. I have no idea how to respond to a specific post so I will just say that John Heald said you do NOT have to worry about the timing of your test. Anytime on Wednesday for a Saturday sailing is okay. As far as antigen vs. PCR, PCR is more sensitive and is slower result-wise. Antigen is quicker, as in 15 minutes, and will be less sensitive as in many more false negatives. I'm going for antigen...
  11. Is there a specific form or do you just send the stock document as an attachment to an email addressed to that email?
  12. Lord, I have you all beat. 1978 Carnivale. My high school senior trip at the tender age of 17. 60 students. 4 to a cabin with bunk beds. If I remember correctly the shower was the entire bathroom lol. We road overnight on a chartered bus to Miami from Charleston, stopped at a Burger King then on to the ship. One of my girlfriends befriended a bartender so we all got free drinks, back when you paid cash...and no ID needed. I ended up meeting the ship’s engineer and went dancing every night, back when the crew co-mingled with the guests. (It was innocent- at least on my part). Actually he was a perfect gentleman but he did introduce me to Amaretto. We didn’t know anything about shore excursions so we just walked around each port. St. Maarten, St. Thomas, San Juan. We dressed formally every night for dinner. My friends and I didn’t like the crowded pool area so we sunbathed on a little deck we found up top near the bridge. I never slept in the room but in a chaise on deck every night. It was a blast. I got sea sick badly that first day and after that was fine, got land sick when we got back. Didn’t cruise again until I was married years later, then not for 20 years but that love for cruising has never died...
  13. We spent 2 weeks on a land vacation to St. Maarten and never ran out of places to snorkel... spent a week in San Juan and it was all about the history and the food other than that I’m not much help but we are booked in September to do Breeze to Amber Cove, St Thomas, San Juan and Grand Turk...
  14. It’s been especially ridiculous considering people have been traveling all over by car and possibly spreading Covid everywhere but the poor crewmen on these ships have been denied being able to travel home all this time and have been held prisoner by the ports, including here in Charleston...
  15. I’ll be turning 60 in August, which is freaking me out as my brain says I’m 40...regardless if they effectively cut out the 70+ crowd I would think that would make a big dent in sales. I’m often the youngest I see when I’m looking around various ships...
  16. I’ve rebooked my cancelled April cruise for one in September and I’ve bought 200 shares of stock.....I view this as no different than any other pandemic, of which there have been more than you think, or any outbreak of illnesses on ships that have occurred in the past. And really even if my gamble does not pay off I’m not out that much monetarily but if all goes well I’m set!
  17. I have to say I am surprised there weren't more answers to my question but I'm also surprised at the lack of activity on Carnival Roll Calls. Y'all are definitely not as opinionated as the typical NCL cruise critic member, lol. I ended up booking the OV...
  18. Looking to rebook my now cancelled Sunshine cruise. I've been on the Fantasy and Ecstasy and loved their Serenity Decks and was perfectly happy booking an OV. Now I'm looking at a 7 day on the Breeze and trying to decide if I want to spring for a balcony instead of the OV. Since it's more expensive than the Sunshine 5 day we had booked and DH wants to take advantage of the "free" Cheers package deal good through tomorrow I need some advice on staying in an OV vs balcony. We don't sit out in the sun which is why we liked the Fantasy class Serenity (it has an overhang and wonderful aft view). Opinions? Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  19. Carnival Sunshine is docked at the commercial docks here in Charleston. I would assume that even if they don’t have regular passenger cruises happening they would still need to run the engines, perform routine maintenance and practice safety drills, both at dock and while underway.
  20. I haven’t been to HMC and was supposed to in April but that’s not going to happen. We snorkeled at princess Cay and saw my first eel!
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