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  1. I have had the full package on some cruise and social media package on recent cruise - WA and FB messenger worked both fine with both of them. Hovewer iMessages worked at least for me even when I wasn't signed into package with my credentials - was enough to be connected to ships Wi-Fi. I don't know if they have already blocked that obvious hole in their system. 🙂
  2. You can have two beverages per transaction meaning per one order. Actually the terms and conditions don't have any restrictions related to how many bottles you can order.
  3. Well why don't they then say something if I correct them based on terms? And if I had continuously customers saying to me differently than what I have been told by supervisor - I would question the supervisor for it. If the server thinks he/she is correct then they should ask clarifications from customer, now they just accept it - IF customer knows it. So yes - I think they are aware they are actually telling lies. I hope that servers aren't just dummy muppets without their own brains to clarify and ask about things from their managers.
  4. I have noticed the issue in all NCL Specialty restaurants - I have always the SDP and am told one appetiser, one entree and one dessert. And I always have corrected, only one entree - no other limitations. I have never been charged but am quite annoyed that servers lie to me directly. The terms have now changed a bit since my previous cruise on December and general upcharge has been removed from some restaurants. Interesting to see how it will affect the behaviour on board. However I have had this one appetiser, one entree and one dessert issue in all ala carte restaurants despite the general upcharge or not.
  5. And that is bullshit by Sun personnel. Terms and conditions of Premium Plus: "Package can be used in onboard restaurants, lounges, bars and GreatStirrup Cay. Includes all beverages by the glass. Beverage selection is subject to change on board. Includes fountain soda, freshly squeezed juice, bottled water (flat and sparkling), energy drinks, non-alcoholic beer, and specialty coffee. Includes select wines by the bottle when dining. Select wine list is subject to change. The following will receive a 40% discount when purchased on board; non-selectbottles of wine (champagne and sparkling included), “Wine and Spirit Experiences”, tastings, and flights. " No exclusion related to Starbucks or other cafeterias on the board.
  6. I don't have a limit but would throw all of these stupid additional service charges to be trash bin and just include those in the cruise price. I also prepaid the service charge for my coming cruise on Escape - it was 10,11EUR per day which is round 11USD. So much cheaper than paying 14,50 or 15USD onboard.
  7. I assume it is Easy package what you are getting actually. They have now a promo on Easy package + Premium wi-fi package "free of charge". I already had a cruise booked for December and actually price is "surprisingly" higher now with "free packages".
  8. Well there is a clear difference. Premium package clearly states 15USD limit. Premium Plus states all drinks by glass, there isn't any price limit mentioned.
  9. Escape 3rd May 2020 from Civitavecchia to Southampton but it was indicated for all cruises for me. I don't know if it matters but I booked it from Europe since I live here. I also asked quotes from US travel agents (which have been usually cheaper) but their prices were higher and with only one perk. In Europe we also have to pay for the Free at Sea campaign nominal fee - for this time travel agent offered it to me.
  10. I also noticed this offer on MyNCL. I am partially tempted for it. I am travelling alone as solo and will dine alone as well - so if I read correctly it means I will get full bottles of wine just for myself. That is quite a lot if starting with champagne and then having different wine with each course.
  11. I booked Studio and was allowed to pick 2 perks.
  12. I have read there are 2 EU outlets, 2 US outlets and 3 usb outlets.
  13. I was told the same thing on Bliss and Getaway - but I always corrected the waiter that I can have as many starters and desserts as I wanted. And they agreed to that. So I don't know why personnel is told to say it to people since they know it isn't true.
  14. Hi, decided to give MSC another chance after 8 years and booked a cruise. Cruise is booked and everything should be fine - I can see my booking in the website. BUT when trying add additional services and see their prices - I can just get a screen "Select on active booking". I can see my cruise information below but can't select anything. Anyone had this issue? Have tried now with Safari and Chrome, next will try Firefox. Am already starting to regret making a booking to MSC - forgot how bad their online services are.
  15. Trust me - they don't actually laugh. Have been cruising with drinks package having different terms at the point when using it on the ship compared to the actual booking time. Same with dining packages - had booked in times when terms were different, they followed the rules which were valid I made the booking - not the actual cruising time. Laughing to customer isn't a part of the Royal Caribbean's hospitality. They will make things right on board.
  16. And to be honest that doesn't ruin my vacation. It only requires one discussion on board the ship. Yes I fully agree vacations should be relaxing and those are way more relaxing if I don't have to decide before hand and pre-book the show as the package was sold to me. And there are also different terms for the different markets. Royal Caribbean has to follow Europe legislation to be allowed the sell things here and based on that they have to inform customers before hand related to the change or otherwise it is a flaw in the service and it has to be compensated. So they are actually bound by law to make it right or inform changes immediately.
  17. To be honest I don't really care if Royal screwed up the in the wording or not. I have made the purchase for the Key during the time it was mentioned no reservations are needed for the shows, and it was really clearly stated meaning Aquatheater, Studio B and the Theatre. Now they have changed the text so that reservations are actually needed. So the terms have been changed. One things which I would expect of getting from Royal Caribbean is an email - telling their new terms and requesting if I still want to keep The Key or not. If they don't send such official notice to me related to terms, I am not going to make any reservations for shows and will want on service on the ship as The Key was sold to me. Royal Caribbean can't expect customers to apply their terms unless the change has been informed to them.
  18. I meant you don't have to prebook shows any more - you had to when The Key was originally launched.
  19. The Key seems now more appealing when price has been dropped to 19,99 instead of 24,99 - it now also allows priority boarding and shows doesn't have to be pre-booked. Purchased The Key for Oasis TA on April 2019.
  20. Had a package on Ovation and went to Wonderland twice - no extra fees. They suggested me to go there only once due to capacity but then I mentioned there isn't any restriction on fine print - so second visit was fine as well.
  21. And I stand corrected, ala carte is 35USD credit, don't know where I remembered 30USD. 🙂
  22. I have had package twice and haven't had issues with the times I wanted for restaurants. I also booked lunches at the same time - but have to say the restaurants were all pretty empty during lunch so I wouldn't say those are mandatory in that sense. You can book those as well on board if you want to. For a la carte restaurants you receive 30USD credit per meal.
  23. Seems they also selling it after March, since The Key is available in Cruise Planner on Oasis TA April 2019. Not interested in purchasing though.
  24. Yes, however only one main course as mentioned in the SDP terms. You can have as many appetisers and desserts as you want.
  25. And they are fully wrong on that. Terms and conditions say: "Charges will apply for additional main course orders." - so you can have as many apps and desserts you wish.
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