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  1. Thanks every one - Just considering the added cost of excursions - ship or on our own - Your info is great - we do mostly self guided/walk arounds on smaller cruises.
  2. esimon


    I love all of these replies. opinions and not. I never said I thought the ship would be empty - duh The people that got stuck could get NO cell service - i don't know why - and the wait for a taxi was 2 hours - I saw it so it did happen. 8 ships in port at one time.
  3. Just a curious question. Very subjective I know. If you take a cruise of 30+ days, how many excursions do you usually book?
  4. esimon


    That's really interesting - We plan to get off and back on ASAP enjoy an empty ship. We chatted with folks in Feb who had your plan - there were many ships in port and they couldn't get a taxi - they spent their day standing around at the port - We do not need entertainment and will not be changing rooms so I'm looking forward to a nice morning.
  5. esimon


    I like the More Wine idea !!!! I'll make a note --
  6. holland just canceled all Alaska cruises for 2020
  7. esimon


    thanks anyway 7seas -- Krazy answered nicely - We have the same room - wasn't sure about getting off and on again. Excited for Feb.
  8. esimon


    how does this work?
  9. if you are that concerned - do they clean the railing? you better bring your clorox - once in the room YOU are the only on touching the railing LOL relax
  10. I know longer have words for how picky people are !!
  11. I hate Starbucks - find it - what's the word - oh yes - Vile - I enjoy coffee on the ship - to each his own - not a wine snob either. - hope you all figure out how to solve this problem
  12. my husband wears a tux and i wear sparkles - it's fun - Camo and flannel in Alaska - very different crowd - many men who will never be on another cruise LOL
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