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  1. I've done a few cruises on different lines - Can some one explain how the dinner dining works on Viking - in the main dining room
  2. Ok. Discussion over. If you can’t figure out how to stay home if you’re concerned and or high risk and or over 75 that’s not my issue.
  3. yes people have died - very sad and awful - more deaths from drug overdoses. Positive cases are .005% - If you are high risk - stay home - just a fact. If you are concerned - stay home - do not pay for a cruise until you feel safe. I feel safe and will cruise as soon as they allow me too. This isn't an argument - this is fact.
  4. Oh I expect good luck and I refuse to be pessimistic but to each his own. those of you that do not trust HAL or cruising in general - guess what - you can stay home
  5. not passing up a great offer like that - paid off cruise and have tons of OBC now. It will be a great cruise in Feb for sure
  6. Thanks every one - Just considering the added cost of excursions - ship or on our own - Your info is great - we do mostly self guided/walk arounds on smaller cruises.
  7. esimon


    I love all of these replies. opinions and not. I never said I thought the ship would be empty - duh The people that got stuck could get NO cell service - i don't know why - and the wait for a taxi was 2 hours - I saw it so it did happen. 8 ships in port at one time.
  8. Just a curious question. Very subjective I know. If you take a cruise of 30+ days, how many excursions do you usually book?
  9. esimon


    That's really interesting - We plan to get off and back on ASAP enjoy an empty ship. We chatted with folks in Feb who had your plan - there were many ships in port and they couldn't get a taxi - they spent their day standing around at the port - We do not need entertainment and will not be changing rooms so I'm looking forward to a nice morning.
  10. esimon


    I like the More Wine idea !!!! I'll make a note --
  11. holland just canceled all Alaska cruises for 2020
  12. esimon


    thanks anyway 7seas -- Krazy answered nicely - We have the same room - wasn't sure about getting off and on again. Excited for Feb.
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