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  1. We just we just got off the song on Tuesday. I wrote a long review. We had a great time. The food and scenery were terrific. Yes on a safe, no on a refrigerator. The staff is now up to full service. The internet doesn’t work so just relax. The cruise director Corey and the tour director Olivia are great. If you want anything ( we asked for a dozen bottles of water for the room) you will get it. We laughed a lot.
  2. The last time we were in the Haven it was the Bliss. The sundeck is 16+ and you can be served lunch and drinks up there. The Concierge was fabulous . I like to sit-up front for theater shows so he would gather a group of us ten minutes before the theater opened and take us down in the crew elevator and down a hall way to the front of the theater. We had our pick of seats. The Bliss had a spectacular front viewing lounge with food where you could read, nap play quiet games and look at the ocean. The Haven restaurant had delicious food. Double rib lamb chops, steak, jumbo shrimp cocktails with g
  3. Our cruise states that Choir of Man can only be reserved on board.
  4. We are on the Encore Thanksgiving week. Yes Kinky Boots is the show. We have a group with some Club suites and some balcony cabins. Right now the suites can only book specialty dining. The balcony’s can book on Saturday. Still shows too early to book the shows. You just have to keep checking. By the way, Choir of Man is wonderful and a really fun night.
  5. You might be thinking of Celebrity. They hawk discounts on their specialty restaurants on board. The deeper into the cruise, the better the deal. But their sp. restaurant cost $50 a head not $29.
  6. There are very few extra perks on Princess for staying in a suite ( except for the size and the fact that you have a curtain that closes off the bedroom from the living area ) especially if you are elite and get the free laundry and a set up anyway. The one really nice perk is only available on Royal class ships Regal, Royal, Sky, Enchanted, Discovery that is the concierge lounge with a wonderful concierge to help with everything. But some people don’t like the Royal class feeling that the staterooms are smaller and the ships too large. And no one gets early access to book the sanctuary. Even
  7. Then there was the time 25 years ago on the original Regal from Buenos Aires to Santiago when then made an announcement in the MDR “ there are no more prunes on board so please don’t ask for them😁”
  8. We always do it when offered for Delta from Fort Lauderdale. Celebrity does it too and if you are in a suite they don’t require payment. It’s great
  9. And if you gamble after a day or so you will be offered “ free” drinks in the casino
  10. Yes , I did. I just didn’t change the photo. Ten years ago I was blond now I’m grey. If they don’t like it when I board they can change it themselves!
  11. Another problem making it difficult to cruise. I am covered for my December cruise because it's thru the Casino and I had to pre pay my share, but my 2023 Pacific cruise has insurance that costs $1,700 a person and if I pre pay it ( 2 years in advance) and don't go ( only paid $100 deposit pp) I lose it. If I now look for new insurance, I've lost the pre-existing medical benefit!
  12. You are always helpful. On the Reflection , the Luminae menu was often strange and we ordered from the MDR menu. Nothing beats the rib lamb chops in the Haven restaurant!
  13. How would you compare the Retreat to the Haven? I am worried about the lack of shade . That’s why I love the Sanctuary ( Princess) when we can get it. As you know even with a suite on Princess it’s not included.
  14. We are on the Encore Thanksgiving week with a bunch of family ( which is why we are not in the Haven but in a Club suite ( mini) and on the Celebrity Equinox in January. Do you know what renovations were done in 2018? On the Celebrity, we are in a Celebrity suite. I expect it to be radically different from Thanksgiving for many obvious reasons. I love both lines and I’m just thrilled to sail.
  15. Choir of Man is a great show and one of the most fun. You leave with a big smile on your face. At least Kinky Boots isn’t Cats!
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