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  1. Ah. And the KFC with a view of the Sphynx and the Pyramids at Giza. Yeah, that was odd
  2. Thanks for posting this WITH the prices, nice!
  3. OSheehans is open for lunch? I keep reading one of the two dining rooms and the buffet only! COOOOOL. I want wings!
  4. Holy shamoley, just googled this (tbh, not much of a champers fan, never heard of this stuff) and YIKES, that's $$ to buy on shore! Might just have to try it with dinner one night on the Getaway 🙂
  5. I LOVE this post. Read it. Shared it with my cruise buddy, we're going to be sailing NCL for the 1st time, and booked a Haven suite. And then ...couldn't find it again. I'm not kidding, it's taken me forever Thank you for this post!!
  6. Does the medical department have OTC medications available? On RCL LOS there were vending machines with little packets ibuprofen, allergy medication, acetominophen and the like at a reasonable price, with a bin of anti nausea medication, complimentary. Does Norwegian have anything like that? Thank you!
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