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  1. I'm planning my next HAL sailing and want to give the elegant explorer a try and want to stay in a Vista Suite. I understand the AB suites toward the aft of the ship can feel more vibration so am likely to opt for the AA category instead as it's not much more but are there larger cabins in this category to choose from and if so which ones? Thanks! :)
  2. I tend to post impressions more than nitpick on things like the thread count of the towels, for example, so talk about how I felt about this show or why I liked the staff or shore excursion and hope it helps others. On occasion I've been too generous and thought maybe I was too gentle but have very much enjoyed all the cruises I've been on so there's far more good than bad.
  3. I'm curious about the thermal suite and would like to try I out but is there a way to do this without buying the week long access for my upcoming Epic sailing? Could I for example buy a one day pass and if so would anyone know how much this would cost?
  4. Smaller than the normal ones in hotel rooms?
  5. Is there a limit to the number of spa passes sold?
  6. That's good to hear as I wasn't aware these cabins were without a mini-fridge. For the price paid I still think they're a good value but glad I found this thread before stepping aboard Epic in November.
  7. Thanks for the input and this breaks down to $18/day upgrade from interior no view so a really good value. If it goes down in the next 9 months, great!
  8. Great info and thanks for sharing, TruRed76. :) I'm booked into an interior cabin on an upcoming 8 night Summit sailing San Juan - NYC next April but am tempted to upgrade to an ocean view for the cost difference. Maybe I'll wait and see if any sales come along and decide then.
  9. As these cabins look to be under the Rendevous Lounge on Deck 4 you didn't notice any noise from the lounge above? Just curious.
  10. Yes, 10 days on the Carnival forum. ;)
  11. Sorry I wouldn't be doing any spa treatments but would be interested in Persian Garden access only. I could wait and see what the answer is on ship but thought it couldn't hurt to ask as I'm only 400+ days away from embarkation. :D
  12. Does anyone know if the per day rate is roughly the same as when this was posted? I might give the Summit Persian Garden a try for $20 and if I like it go maybe another once or twice as I'd rather try that than buy a week long pass and find on the first day it's not to my liking.
  13. Great picture and thanks for sharing it! :)
  14. Does the Summit have something similiar to Holland America's "Thermal Suite"? HAL sells this access to its heated tiled lounge chairs, sauna & steam room and spa pool or hot tub as a set amount per cruise. This solo traveller usually pays the $150 fee for a 7 night itinerary as IMHO it's really good value to sneak away for an hour or so every day to unwind. Would love to try something similiar if CEL has it on the Summit. :)
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