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  1. I never heard of 'not being allowed' to leave balcony doors open at night. We left our doors open often; the only thing with that is that on the new ships the AC and heat will not turn on if the doors are open.
  2. I want to thank those who are braving it out and are booked for the earliest cruises available. You are our 'front line' troops. I am booked for July and am hoping that all the bugs will be worked out by then and am looking forward to the reviews that you will be posting. I am not filling out any pre boarding paperwork, making hotel reservations or flight plans until I see what is going on. God bless you.
  3. I have been vaccinated. That being said, I have seen that there have been people who tested positive, even thought they have been vaccinated. So, if they require a negative test of all passengers, we could still be in trouble.
  4. I could not find any comments about this but I was wondering if NCL will deny boarding to anyone testing positive prior to embarkation? And, if so, will they refund your cruise money? If there is not yet any policy on this yet, no problem. We are not scheduled for a cruise until next summer.
  5. If the history of the canal is your reason for going on this cruise, take the smaller ships. If it doesn't matter to you go for the bigger ship if all the amenities is what your cruise is about, it doesn't matter.
  6. Like many things in life going in 'cold' you may be buying a 'pig in a poke', you wont know what your are getting. I have been using the same travel agent for 20 years and am happy with the results. When she retires I will ask her for a referral. The same should apply for you; either get a PCC or travel agent referred to you by a friend or relative and go with that. Nothing like a good referral for good results.
  7. Why would you not get a cash refund? Did you pay for the cruise with a cruise credit? If you paid cash, your refund should be in the form you used for payment. I don't think that they can legally make you take a credit if you paid cash.
  8. Good luuck to you. My hat is off to anyone who has a job with a title that includes the word 'service'. You are spending a good deal of your time dealing with people who are not happy and can get very irate at you, even though you are not personally responsible for their problems. Good luck.
  9. I always use a travel agent and she does all the calling. Problem solved.
  10. I am on vacation, there is no one I care to phone until I am in the airport on the way home. It is not a vacation if you need to spend precious time on the phone with work or someone who is not on vacation with you.
  11. One thing will remain constant; it will still be Alaska. Beauty beyond comparison. As far as all the shops being closed, so what. I can shop at home, I can't see Alaska there.
  12. I have just begun doing some research on Princess cruises. We have not sailed with them for a few years and are looking forward to cruising with them again. I have heard a little about the Medallion program and have learned quite a bit about it. But, what I would like to know, are the medallions good only for one use or can you use the same medallion for future cruises? Please, no comments on how this may have been answered elsewhere. I did a search for 'Princess Medallion Reusable' and got no results.
  13. I saw nowhere that this was an official offer from NCL or some 'free cruise' deal that inluded absolutely nothing else but the basic cruise fare. Most of the 'free cruise' offers I have seen would end up costing more than booking a cruise after adding all the 'expenses'.
  14. Just wondering if this is an genuine offer from NCL or some scam. The way things go with the robocalls and spam emails, I have become quite the sceptic. If it seems to be too good to be true......
  15. HUH? A little more info please.
  16. It seems you got what you paid for (no offense, pun intended)
  17. It seems to go along with all of the other 'odd' happenings over the past year.
  18. From some of what I have been seeing; how true is it that, unless you have a cruise line sanctioned excursion, you are not allwed to leave the ship? We have rebooked, for the second time, an Alaskan cruise for next year. It we are stuck on the ship because we don't have a cruise line sanctioned tour booked, we will be cancelling.
  19. I have always used the same TA and we have been offered the opportunity to bid on upgrades through NCL that have been emailed to us by NCL.
  20. I don't much care for either of your options. I have a TA that I contact directly and have developed a relationship with over the last 20 years and 16 cruises. Any time I have a problem or question, I just call or email her and she does all the work and comes up with answers in short order. No sitting on the phone on hold or waiting for answers. She works for me, not the cruise line. I don't really see any big price difference and I don't have to worry that the person I am working with has 'moved on'. See if a friend, neighbor, co worker or family member could recommend someone you can trust and easily get in contact with. Good luck.
  21. Without the actions that NCL has taken there would be no more cruises anyway; the CDC would see to that. You may never cruise with any line again if the CDC get their way; and, believe me, they will. The only cruising you may be able to do is a cruise out of a foreign port that does not stop in any U.S. port.
  22. This was so amusing I had to share it to facebook. Thanks uplifting post.
  23. We went on the NCL web site and tried to select a cabin for an Alaskan cruise for next July. You can no longer select your cabin only your cabin type and catagory. What gives???
  24. After several cruises we opted for using cabs and private bus services. They are usually cheaper and you don't have to sit in a bus or airport waiting for enough people to fill the bus before it leaves for the port.
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