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  1. Who is the 'she' you referred to, and what company did 'she' represent? Times, dates and names are all important when having a dispute with any company.
  2. I don't know about any one elses experience but we took the FCC on an Alaska cruise that was cancelled. We got enough of a credit to pay, in full, for the replacement Alaska cruise with $3000 left over for another cruise.
  3. But, I assume, that if you have the drink package, they get their tips from that. And, if that is so, there is no reason to add a bigger tip on the 18% already added in the drink package.
  4. So, basically you approve of extortion.
  5. I always get independent travel insurance. The cruise line insurance may be cheap but, you get what you pay for. The insurance I had from AIG was transferred to an identical replacement cruise for the one that the cruise line cancelled.
  6. At the price of drinks on board you are already giving a mandatory tip of more than $1; if you tip beyond that, it is up to you.
  7. The same people complaining about 'nickel and diming' are the same people who buy an automobile and are 'shocked' when they see sales tax, license and title charges and delivery charges. DO YOUR RESEARCH, PEOPLE!!!
  8. We had AIG and they transferred all of our coverage to the replacement cruise that we booked; could not be happier, unless, of course, we could still be doing the original cruise we booked.
  9. You have to be careful about the microwave; some currencies have metal in them and could be a real problem when they catch on fire.
  10. I highly doubt that; cash will always be king, until the government decides that electronic is better so that they can keep better track of who has it and how much they have; a no no as far as I am concerned.
  11. Sanitizing a plane consisting on two toilets, seats, and an aisle is a way different chore than sanitizing an entire ship that is 'turning around' in just a couple of hours. That being said, we are booked and ready for two cruises next year.
  12. OUCH, you seem to be a really intolerant, bitter person. No need to reply, this site is about cruising, not your personal criticisms.
  13. I hope you enjoyed castigating me. Everyone needs a hobby enjoy yours.
  14. We booked a contingency cruise identical for next year because of the 'great sale' price. They weren't kidding me because I am meticulous about cross referencing things. What they did was jack up the price of the new cruise and then give a discount off of that. The net result was a savings of $100.
  15. This is just speculation on my part but NCL may be officially cancelling cruises slowly for two reasons; one, hoping that people will cancel themselves and only get a 100% fcc; two, trying to keep up with fccs and refunds that come when NCL themselves cancels.
  16. There is no way that the ships can sail with 50% capacity. Fixed costs of doing business would eat them alive. Either the prices would have to be sky high or they could not sail.
  17. We are booked on a July cruise to Alaska on the Bliss with a few other family members. We have decided on using the NCLs policy of allowing us to cancel up to 48 hours before sailing. Even if the cruise is a go, we are apprehensive as to how 'fun' the cruise might be with the cruise lines having to make restrictions on activities and dining. We have put the minimum deposit on the same cruise for next year and are hoping that NCL cancels the cruise and we can use the fcc toward that cruise. Our only loss then would be what we paid for travel insurance. It turned out to be about $100 less for the rebooked cruise. Just don't let that 20% discount for booking fool you. They raised the price and then give you the discount so the savings is not really 20%, just the $100. But that is ok with me.
  18. From what I have seen on other forums; if you booked your travel insurance before this crises started you are covered. But if you have purchased it since you may not be covered for this contingency as the independent insurers have ben scrabbling to change their policies. It always pays to check with your provider.
  19. Why? The question is about travel insurance which is what this forum is about.
  20. Cancelled by you or cancelled by the cruise line?
  21. If these things become the 'new normal', it will be bye bye cruising for me.
  22. I usually don't worry about most things until they happen. But, now I am beginning to wonder if much of the fun in cruising will be removed with these newest health concerns and will these new fun killing policies be permanent. When cruising again starts up are we going to see; no more buffet and 'social distancing' which are the first two to come to mind. Anyone else have some things that they might think of?
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