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  1. Yep, one of those thingies. 😎 https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rigid_inflatable_boat
  2. Husband and I along with two friends are booked on Oceania Riviera in September 2022. Istanbul to Barcelona. Can't wait!
  3. My husband who has a fear of heights wouldn't go on it at all. He forbade me to get on it, but I did go on a couple times while out wandering the ship. I felt out of sorts on it and heights don't bother me....but I didn't spend any real time out there. Joe
  4. Hi - If you look at photos of the side of the ship, you will see that there is a smaller "boat" next to those rooms that is on what looks like a platform. I wonder if that blank space is an access chamber to that boat. If you look at the photos, you can definitely see it is not another room. Joe
  5. Depends on how much you paid. The stateroom is the same as regular veranda staterooms. Some included laundry and access to the Spa Terrace are nice perks. I have never been one to eat in my stateroom so the expanded menu items are not a great value to me. If you are on Marina or Riviera you have access to the Concierge Lounge. Bottom line for me I wouldn’t pay extra for these perks…. Here is the full list. https://www.oceaniacruises.com/ships/riviera/suites-staterooms/concierge-level-veranda-stateroom/ Joe
  6. We sailed in 6093 on Nautica. Would happily have this room again (or 6090). You are right next to the Owner's Suites, we made friends with them and had a nice cocktail party with them in their suite. We did get some soot on the furniture - so something to keep in mind. Joe
  7. My experience in the past is they will do code shares. I was able to book a KLM itinerary on the Delta flights I wanted and got one way in Delta One Business for around $1000 Edinburgh to Portland following a transatlantic on Edge in May 2019. So always search for airline partners when searching on the Flights by Celebrity website or when calling an agent. One other thing to do in your searching. When you need an open jaw ticket it is sometimes less to book two one way fares rather than a multi city open jaw. Joe
  8. We were on deck 7 in 7032 for a TA in 2019. Absolutely no noise at all from Eden. Verandahs are the deepest on Deck 7. They get smaller as you go up. Would sail again in this stateroom in a heartbeat. I posted some photos of our stateroom and verandah in this thread: Joe
  9. Hi Heather..... Enjoy! And have a great cruise! Joe
  10. You are correct 7313, 7312 and 7308 are all bed by balcony. We too prefer bed by bath, but in this room since it is longer, it wasn’t an issue accessing the balcony like on the S Class ships. Here are two pictures showing that extra length to the stateroom and one of the balcony. Also shows the notch, with the location of the settee being the bed location in the stateroom next door, which will be yours. 😀 This was on Edge’s transatlantic cruise in May 2019 when we were docked in Bermuda. Joe
  11. No. Look at the deck plans. There will be an area that is “notched” into the next stateroom. That “notch” is the location of the bed. SVs are also longer than the IV staterooms and thus feel much larger. Another tip...the balconies are deeper and wider in some SVs. The deepest at on deck 7 and get less deep as you go higher. To see which are wider the deck plans do not show this but if you look at a photo of the aft you can see which balconies are the widest. We were in 7312. Heard nothing from Eden below but at night we could watch the changing light colors
  12. Here is a great site to track ship locations and movements. https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/details/ships/shipid:1688/mmsi:229074000/imo:9506459/vessel:CELEBRITY_REFLECTION Joe
  13. Another great read from John Maxtone-Graham is Titanic Survivor, The Memoirs of Violet Jessop. Miss Jessop spent her life at sea and along the way survived the sinking of both Titanic and sister ship Brittanic. Joe
  14. Love transatlantic cruises. We have done three transatlantic cruises and one transpacific all on Celebrity. On the sea days, as others have noted, you can easily have 2 or 3 things all happening at the same time. I have never had a problem filling a day....and never once felt bored. Roll calls for these cruises are often very very active. Since this is your first crossing, consider reading The Only Way to Cross by maritime historian John Maxtone-Graham. It covers the history of transatlantic travel. I read it before our first crossing in 2004 and it sparked a zeal f
  15. Priceless information about FDR. I haven’t cruised with any of the regulars from the Oceania board. I have been communicating with Mura since 2000 back from the old Renaissance board on Yahoo Groups. Same with Jan. I drove to Astoria several years ago to spend a day with Jan and Stu when they were on Regatta heading south at the end of an Alaska season (or was it North at the start??). A great day. Joe
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