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  1. Kilts are formal wear too. Just don't take them off at the table ...
  2. Did you book through a TA? While we live in Tucson, sometimes EZ Air thinks our default city is Phoenix. It seems that your "Home City" and your address are two separate entries in a database with "Home City" being a part of each cruise record rather than your profile record. It may be that when the reservation was made the TA or Princess agent didn't get things right. If you booked with a TA, call them instead.
  3. I too wish Princess would expedite the processing of cancelled cruises. We had a B2B on the Diamond Princess scheduled for December 1 going from Los Angeles and ending up in Buenos Aires. Cancelled by Princess in late August, they're still hanging around in my personalizer even though we are rebooked on replacement cruises a year later. With a big hole in our schedule for December we booked the Emerald Princess out of Fort Lauderdale for a ten-day cruise. Since this cruise overlaps with the cancelled Diamond Princess cruises, the Medallion App thinks they're all one big cruise and I can't do anything with the cruise that's actually sailing (for now at least). Come on Princess, get your act together!
  4. Yes it's the 17th and it is still very early on the west coast. Princess' offices aren't even open yet. Whether they meet their self-imposed schedule goal remains to be seen but IMHO they don't miss the goal until close of business on the west coast. Meanwhile, it's clear they are making progress although awkwardly. I'm getting emails telling me to book EZAir and excursions. I already have flights and can't book excursions now if I tried because the personalizer isn't officially available.
  5. I got it by selecting the Luggage Tag and Travel Summary link in the upper right corner of the main page. You then ask to print your Travel Summary and you'll see the cabin assignment there.
  6. Follow Thrak's technique shown in post 146. It's only four posts back.
  7. It will probably work as well as the phone-based apps. Don't get your hopes up...
  8. We had a mid-ship Marina Deck mini-suite on the Royal Princess (same class as the Sky) a few years ago. While we didn't experience any issues with noise from scraping sun loungers we didn't like the Lido deck overhang over the balcony. It was absolutely awful in our opinion. Blocked out a lot of the sky and made the cabin feel gloomy. Hard to do on a Caribbean cruise but there it was. Never again.
  9. Us as well. Our booking at the high-level now shows the Royal Princes but when we link in, nothing but a blank page. At least our EZ Air bookings still show on the airline websites...
  10. LNG tankers look like they're carrying a bunch of spheres. I think that's where the "Sphere Class" comes from. Probably not official though ...
  11. Why? Isn't that da**ed virus spread primarily via airborne means?
  12. Pretty much all the balconies are smaller. A few exceptions here and there with some angled balconies being a bit larger. On most they are so narrow you have to angle your chair to sit down and not smash your knees. Of course the suites are a different story.
  13. Princess has definitively stated that ALL their ships will be Medallion ships when they sail. So, yes, the Grand Princess will be a Medallion ship the next time it takes on passengers.
  14. They will store your luggage in the same bus you're touring on. You will still need to get your luggage from the hall and take it to the bus.
  15. Yeah, we had three booked at the same time as well. All three have now fallen to the cancellation curse. Club Med anyone?
  16. Had a great cabin on the Diamond Princess for the Dec 1 sailing. Not much available on the replacement cruise. Probably won't take it. Sad.
  17. Or double your money: Pick a slot. Pull money from your right pocket and fold it in half. Put it in your left pocket. Repeat until right pocket is empty. Walk away from the machine.
  18. Near-Field Communication (NFC) is a set of communication protocols for communication between two electronic devices over a distance of 4 cm (11⁄2 in) or less.[1] NFC offers a low-speed connection with simple setup that can be used to bootstrap more-capable wireless connections.[2] NFC devices can act as electronic identity documents and keycards.[2] They are used in contactless payment systems and allow mobile payment replacing or supplementing systems such as credit cards and electronic ticket smart cards. This is sometimes called NFC/CTLS or CTLS NFC, with contactless abbreviated CTLS. NFC can be used for sharing small files such as contacts, and bootstrapping fast connections to share larger media such as photos, videos, and other files.[3] If the medallion were to use NFC, it would have to be within only four centimeters of a sensor to work. It would be useless for locating it on board and for many other purposes such as operating your cabin door when it's in your pocket.
  19. Your original fare should be protected. I haven't used the online booking system to reschedule if the alternative flights offered are a higher price. I just don't trust the programmers. Instead I call Princess and have an agent get me rebooked on an acceptable flight itinerary while protecting the original price.
  20. Same thing happened to us. First leg seats were fine but Princess thought we didn't have assigned seats for leg 2 and wanted us to select them. Of course our seats were assigned with Delta and Princess wouldn't let us book for the same reason as you. I ended up asking Princess for two different seats thinking that would clear our original ones. When I did that, somehow Princess' view of the booking miraculously fixed itself and we were now back in our original ones.
  21. Especially since the casino is closed in port. The night before the casino makes lots of announcements to cash out before they close.
  22. There really isn't a no upgrade box you can access. Princess or your travel agent has to put that in your record.
  23. @georgiacat Princess today reflected the Delta flight changes correctly except for the seat assignments on the second leg. Delta has them but Princess thinks they're unassigned. I, like you, will let this brew for a while and see if it corrects itself. Sorry your return was no good. And yes, with Delta there will probably be more changes. Our return is on American and they're not as 'changeable' as Delta.
  24. Had a hiccup with our flights to FAI in May. Delta changed the aircraft type and time on the first leg and the flight numbers of both legs. Within a day I see Delta has rebooked us onto the new flights but Princess EZ-Air hasn't yet updated their system. I understand the is par for the course when booking Delta. There have been horror stories about Delta rebooking impossible itineraries. Fortunately in our case it's only a fifteen minute difference.
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