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  1. I asked my agent the same question....it's because each section is set up for a certain amount of people to fit in the life boats assigned to that area..so some may be allowed to have three but some only two. To reach correct number for each Muster station.
  2. Wondering what the odds are of decent weather in Sept. I know if a hurricane, but anyone have answer if not one at the time?
  3. Would like to do the martini tasting thing at Alchemy where you pick 5 drinks to try...Any information on this would be great! Can you do it anytime or do you have just certain times you can? And price? Appreciate any help you can give me.
  4. Has anyone done this? My son would like to, how does one enter?? Thanks for any info.!
  5. Been on 20 cruises, but never heard of Ultra? please explain??
  6. Do they by any chance have outlets and mirrors to dry hair and fix?
  7. Yes...she attends day care all week. Parents both work. Been going since few months old, so hoping it goes well so they can have some down time. Thanks so much!
  8. Would feel more comfortable if anyone can give me some details and experiences of using the kids club for a 2 yr. old. Cruised several times, but not with toddler! HELP PLEASE!! Not my preference, but taking son and wife, and they insist bringing her. Thanks for ANY help!
  9. Looking for experience with the v.I. P. Free laundry service. I've heard they only use hot water? Any prob. With fading cloths?? Shrinkage? Kind of afraid to use it..Please tell if any experience with it. Thanks so much!!
  10. My son is bringing his 2 yr. old daughter this trip and we have no clue what to do about the camp ocean. I've seen rules, but nothing about when or where or how to sign her up?? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Also..anyone have a pic. of balcony cabin with crib in it??? So lost..lol Thanks!
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