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  1. want2seaitall

    Easy tram/train instructions Naples port to Herculaneum

    thank you Euro!
  2. Hi all...going to be in Naples end of this month. With the change in their ticket format it has gotten kind of confusing. We want to head of the ship and buy tickets to use the tram to get us to the train station. We want to get off at Herculaneum. Then get back on to head to Sorrento. We have ferry tickets to get us back to the ship. Does anyone have any simple instructions including the type of ticket we will need to buy to make this trek. Thanks so much for any help!
  3. Thanks SOOOOOO MUCH Seininya!!!! I'm going to read your review more thoroughly. The only question I can think of off the top of my head is...did you bother paying the $50 for the "posh" area I think it is called. And if so, was it worth it? Thanks, Cheryl PS: sorry if you already discussed this...I'm going to read through it this weekend...with a few others so I can start planning planning planning!! :)
  4. want2seaitall

    Review from first cruise on Epic

    thanks so much...i'll go check it out now! :)
  5. want2seaitall

    Review from first cruise on Epic

    Thank you for the great review! By chance do you have copies of the Freestyle Dailies???
  6. want2seaitall

    Epic Western Med Dailies

    You giveth and to taketh away!!! lol Will be checking in to see if they are back up. Thank you :).
  7. Thanks so much for your detailed review...I am going to read it over and over prior to my October cruise. By chance do you have copies of the Freestyle Dailies??? I can't find them for the west med 7 night anywhere!
  8. want2seaitall

    NCL Epic "hump" cabin 11075

    Thanks so much :)
  9. want2seaitall

    NCL Epic "hump" cabin 11075

    Does anyone have any shots of this cabin (or a link to one)...the balcony in particular. I have searched hi and low and can't find any. Looks like an over-sized balcony. Thanks, Cheryl
  10. I'll be going on my first European cruise this October and friend/patient of mine shared that she had been on 4 cruises to this region. She and several of her fellow cruising friends had been pick-pocketed on each of the cruises. She mentioned Barcelona and Rome, but also stated it happens everywhere. She said she had someone steal her plane tickets right out of her fanny-pack she wore right in front on a subway and her friend had her passports and credit cards stolen near the Colosseum in Rome. I'm certainly not saying this to scare you, but it is just best to approach things proactively. I have ordered some pouches for my fiance and I. You can wear them over or under your clothes. They go over the neck. The are made of a material that protects from being scanned through (passports/cc) and it has a metal threaded cord so it cannot be cut. I will show you a link of what they look like, but there are several options. https://jet.com/product/product/429d9a95021941de83866b56b0a19006 She said to make several copies of our passports and credit cards front and back for safe keep. I plan to do that as well. Have fun...be safe!
  11. want2seaitall

    A Jewel of an Alaska Cruise...in a GV...with Pics!

    Thank you so much...leaving on Sat on the Jewel...your pics literally brought tears to my eyes...as Alaska is on my lifetime bucket list...TY again :). EXCITED!!!!
  12. want2seaitall

    just back from the Jewel

    Thank you Thank you...leaving Saturday :)
  13. want2seaitall

    Will Jewel cruise out of Houston this weekend?

    Thank goodness...NO...I'm leaving on her this Saturday for Alaska!!! ;)