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  1. Did you go to the cruise planner and select dining? There it gives the cost of specialty restaurants for your sailing.
  2. On my Dec 1 cruise the specialty dining costs are the same as in the past. $50 for Murano and $45 for Tuscan. Also, there are many discounts offered on board for the specialty restaurants. I rarely dine at specialty restaurants. This past February for Valentines Day there was not an additional cost. I ate the day after and celebrated my birthday a day late in Murano - for a discount. Surprised it would be that much for christmas unless a special menu.
  3. We did the Greek Islands on our first Celebrity and European Cruise in 2008 for our 30th Anny. Lucked into a great cruise as did not know what I was doing. Have done 6 more Mediterrean cruises along with 3 TA's. Just returned from a Baltic's Cruise on Royal Caribbean. Have been to Malta a few times and did a tour similar to yours but also toured Mdina (had been there on a previous cruise) when we could not do a BLue Grotto boat tour due weather issues. If you have time, have the tour drop you in Valletta. It is a great pedestrian city with lots of restaurants and an easy down hill walk to the ship. Santorini was beautiful - took city bus to Oia - a white knuckle trip. We were there in November so not so many tourists. Look forward to your blog. Gail
  4. I always thought it was a waste of space until my last two cruises. Was very busy in the evening, especially before dinner. Service was fantastic. Hope to use it again in December. Can order drinks and wine. We were on the Equinox after the conversion to Gastro PUb. Did not purchase any food but my DH took advantage of the opportunity to try the many different beers. We did have a drink package on that cruise. Was not that busy most times but that was a few years ago. Will be back on Equinox in 2021.
  5. I should print your photo. All we saw was clouds. Fog was so thick you could not see past the railings! The folks who went the next day said it was beautiful!
  6. I am reading your review with great interest. I had almost booked HAL a few years back and then read the smoking policies. May try it again. Have been sailing Celebrity almost exclusively for 11 years. Sailed on RC late August. Had not been on RC in 8 years. Even though it was not crowded, the smoke in the Casino was thick. It wafted out into the hallways. If you were on floor 6 you could not avoid walking through the casino to get to other locations on that floor.
  7. We will board the Silhouette in December for a Caribbean Cruise and look forward to tasting many of those cocktails from the menus posted. Never know what to order and menus are limited on Bar menus. We won't be in a suite and will have to print out the menus so I will know what to order to take advantage of our Premium package. We have been to the Azores twice on eastbound transatlantics. In 2018 we had incredibly beautiful weather for the 2 days we visited. This year we had one miserably rainy day and a second beautiful day. It is unfortunate you have to miss it as it is a great place but gives you a reason to take another voyage. The internet was difficult on our cruise on the Reflection in April. We only had 90 min each and if the wifi dropped before you could sign off you could lose your minutes. No help from ilounge. Very frustrating.
  8. We have walked there from port and took us about 20-30 minutes not the 12 as suggested unless you are a very fast walker. It is a nice flat walk along the waterfront. We were not planning on going there but ended up there. We plan to actually go there when we sail in December.
  9. I never tried it. Never thought to do that. Had app on the Brilliance of the Seas with RCCL but also never thought about it!
  10. It is not available for my Silhouette in December. Was for a previous cruise on Reflection however not always accurate. Did not try the messaging.
  11. I found this online as I was interested. https://hts.usitc.gov/current
  12. I did notice on my recent RC cruise (two weeks ago) that they have no interactive TV. This was on the Brilliance in the Baltic. Is that on all RC ships? Been 10 years since I sailed on RC. At least on Celebrity you can look up your account and other info. I do miss the news that had been available on interactive. I was happy to see that ITV was showing on this sailing. Previously on Celebrity all that was available was News, Sports and a lot of Celebrity channels. On my April TA on the Reflection cruise the amount of free movies had dwindled. And now there are none. As for the cost of viewing a movie - I don't spend $14.99 to watch a first run at a theater. This, however, is not a dealbreaker for me. We will be on the Silhouette in December. Since it is Caribbean, I will be out of my room often.
  13. We had 25" suitcase each and one 21" It was an easy walk to the Doubletree once we figured how to get out of the train station! We are late 60 somethings. We did take the train to and from Schiphol airport. The walk to the station from the cruise port was less than a mile and a straight walk. If your luggage has good wheels it is not an issue. I will probably invest in new luggage with double spinner wheels. Some of the walk is paver like rather than smooth surface which was not too bad. We could have walked from the Doubletree to the port but chose not too as we were not sure of the distance but should have scoped it out before hand and may have been able to do it. As for the hotel - I booked a bit early and then the price dropped twice before we left so cancelled and rebooked - only way to do it. If you are not Hilton Honor members - join. Get a break on prices and some other perks.
  14. We were 2 days ahead of you on the Royal Caribbean Brilliance of the Seas. We usually sail on Celebrity but for the cost difference we took the RC ship. We did not go to Berlin however. We had a great cruise. Had sun in all ports but one - Helsinki - but did not rain. The sun was shining on our sail out from Helsinki! We stayed at the Doubletree Centraal Station and took the train to and from the airport. Easy walk from ship to station after cruise. We did a walking tour in Amsterdam and the guide said do not take photos in the Red Light District. The person will come out and in some cases destroy your camera/phone. Looking forward to the rest of your review. Gail
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