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  1. Booked Edge as it had the itinerary of partial Panama Canal transit. Selected sunset veranda as I actually like being outside when in veranda. Also, prefer longer sailings And this is 11 days. Hopefully this one will sail in 2022! Next cruise is February 2021 (Equinox) and will have to see what happens with that.
  2. I had to cancel a cruise 5 days prior to sailing this past March not due to Covid. As I had no insurance with Celebrity, my funds were forfeited and still did not get the points. I was hoping😉
  3. keep an eye out for sales on the upgrade. Have come upon it a few times.
  4. We used Best Guides for a two day tour last August - fantastic. Most likely all the tour companies are great. A bit of flexibility with a small private group so would recommend. If you are going to Estonia - we did a private tour around the city and it was great - much better than just viewing the old town as many did.
  5. A few years back a man serving himself at the buffet was using a napkin to grab the serving utensils. He had the right idea. As for the staff serving in buffet - we sailed on a ship after an outbreak of noro. No self serve for 3 days. Not a problem.
  6. I booked the Edge - for the first time - for the 2/14/22 sailing as it transits the Panama Canal and sails on my birthday. We do have 2 cruises booked for 2021. Since I prefer a traditional veranda, I booked the SV at the back. Booked early as there is only a limited amount of these. Looking forward to enjoying as much as you did. Gail
  7. Enjoying your review and photos. On this cruise the only new port for us would have been Cartagena. We did an overnight in Curacao a few years ago and were looking forward to returning. We did a tour that took us to an area next to a refinery and then to a distillery who also made hand sanitizer. Coming in handy now even if only a little bottle. Some years ago we had docked in St. Thomas and had a veranda. When I opened the curtains that morning the Tatoosh was docked right out side our cabin. I could not believe how big it was and all it carried! When I got back home (had no wifi on ship) I looked up to see who owned it. Never saw passengers only the crew cleaning the ship. I could not even get a photo of the entire ship from my vantage point. Had to take sections. In St. Kitts, The Freewinds ship was docked next to us this past December. IMHO it is old and in need of work. We were very curious about it. Someone on board our ship - The Silhouette - told us it belongs to the Church of Scientology. Did not see anyone on it. Stay well, Gail
  8. As it turned out, we took the FCC we received for the silhouette 1/31 cancellation and sailed 12/1 for 12 days. Had a great time. Bob developed his issue at the beginnng of January. It turned out to be a good choice.
  9. Love the photos Maris. The peacock is beautiful. We have the Reflection booked for the TA in 2021 and want to try the Porch. We are seafood enthusiasts. We have the Edge booked for February 2022 and Columbia is on the Itinerary. Also have the Equinox for 2021 but that is Eastern Caribbean so no Columbia or Porch. Gail
  10. Great review. Always enjoy reading them. Never had much interest in New Orleans but maybe you have changed my opinion! Gail
  11. Enjoying your review especially as we had to cancel this cruise on February 26 and not because of the virus. Would have been our second time on Reflection and first visit to Columbia. We did the TA on the reflection April 2019 and liked it. We have been to the other islands a few times. Next cruises planned for 2021 and 2022. Gail
  12. Tried this but if past sailing date the confirmation is not available. Called Celebrity, got through immediately, transferred to different dept and received letter via email immediately. Hopefully enough for the insurance dept.
  13. On February 26 I had to cancel my March 2 sailing with Celebrity. This was due to a health condition my DH developed that did not improve as we hoped it would. I did not have insurance with Celebrity but rather with my Chase credit card. I was offered the opportunity to apply the money to a cruise sailing within 2 months. At the time I was confident that we would not be able to travel within 2 months so just cancelled outright. Within minutes I had an email regarding extras I had purchased and a refund to the credit card I purchased them with. I did also receive a refund for the taxes but never received an email with this info nor a statement stating what was to be credited and what was lost. Got this info when I called Celebrity and by that time is was a credit on my card. I have filed a claim with the CC company and am awaiting an answer.
  14. We stayed at the Doubletree by Hilton Waterloo. Worked out great as we took train from Southhampton. If you exit by the correct door, the hotel is just a few blocks down the road. Breakfast was included. Did this in 2017 after TA .
  15. Ship is decorated with pumpkins carved by staff. They are displayed on stairwell from 3rd to 4th floors on S class. Don’t recall costumes.
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