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  1. Holland America just announced pause through April 30, 2021. Carnival has paused also - although same company.
  2. The only one is mislabeled on Expedia. Says Transatlantic but it is British Isles - Amsterdam round trip.
  3. I was told when booking the reflection TA April 2022 that no dry dock for this ship.
  4. if you have time in Ravenna, do a guided tour of the Mosaic sites and Dante's chapel. Most interesting.
  5. I am tempted to book the April 2022 TA to Amsterdam on the Jewel. Prices are good and would only lose 200 if I decide to cancel. Would find a use for the other amount on a future cruise. Prefer Celebrity though.
  6. Achieved Elite + status last December. Due to illness unrelated to Covid, had to cancel a few days prior to our first Elite + cruise that was sailing March 2, 2020. It was one of last to sail full cruise. With this change, the only desirable perk is the laundry service. Doubtful that we would ever achieve Zenith level.
  7. Has anyone been allowed to Lift and Shift outside of 30 day window? I want to shift to a cruise that starts 32 days prior to current - the next year of course - but so far no luck when doing chat with Celebrity. As I have a cruise already scheduled for the same time frame in 2022, I am having issues. Cannot shift to the new cruise as it is not the same and can't move 2022 either as it is a limited offer itinerary.
  8. When we needed new luggage I bought the teal color and my family did not like them. However, easier to locate on conveyor especially when one conveyor is listed in airport but luggage is arriving on the conveyor behind us! Just replaced the teal with red. I think we hijacked this post.
  9. When we arrived in Dublin after a transatlantic, both our cases were missing from the assigned number location. We did locate them where they were put aside - fortunately I purchased teal colored luggage. Wondered how both were missing. When tagging cases to board ship, I put one on the top handle and one on the side handle. I should also be doing this when departing ship but have not done so previously.
  10. We wish you and yours a happy and healthy new year!
  11. I have not been on the Edge but do have a SV booked on a Panama Canal partial transit in 2022. Want the true feeling of a balcony. I have to disagree on your thoughts of a IV for the Baltics and Alaska (have not been to Iceland.) The scenery is so incredible on these "cold weather cruises" that you spend more time on a balcony than you think you would. Looking down on the ice floes sailing in Alaska is amazing. Also, we have had warm weather in both those locations. Sailing in and out of ports, especially in the Baltics is beautiful.
  12. We did this with Spain Day Tours. Had a great tour. Very organized. We left around 7:15 am and trip took about 1.5 hours each way. Well worth it. Lunch was on our own. Those who stayed in Malaga also had a great day.
  13. We received a Concierge SV on Eclipse when I did the Move-up. No problems with Soot on Deck 9. Loved the SV. Sailing first time on Edge in 2022 and opted for SV rather than Infinite Veranda. Only reason I chose the Edge is that is has partial transit of the Panama Canal.
  14. Yes. I believe on the eclipse. Thought they were great
  15. Everything sounded great for this cruise line but then I read about the smoking policy. That is what keeps me from sailing RCI - smoking in casino which spreads to surrounding areas. Did a Baltics cruise on the Brilliance of the Seas this past August and had to walk through the casino if crossing to an area on that floor. Appreciate the smoking policy on Celebrity.
  16. Booked Edge as it had the itinerary of partial Panama Canal transit. Selected sunset veranda as I actually like being outside when in veranda. Also, prefer longer sailings And this is 11 days. Hopefully this one will sail in 2022! Next cruise is February 2021 (Equinox) and will have to see what happens with that.
  17. I had to cancel a cruise 5 days prior to sailing this past March not due to Covid. As I had no insurance with Celebrity, my funds were forfeited and still did not get the points. I was hoping😉
  18. keep an eye out for sales on the upgrade. Have come upon it a few times.
  19. We used Best Guides for a two day tour last August - fantastic. Most likely all the tour companies are great. A bit of flexibility with a small private group so would recommend. If you are going to Estonia - we did a private tour around the city and it was great - much better than just viewing the old town as many did.
  20. A few years back a man serving himself at the buffet was using a napkin to grab the serving utensils. He had the right idea. As for the staff serving in buffet - we sailed on a ship after an outbreak of noro. No self serve for 3 days. Not a problem.
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