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  1. We sailed Valor in November. This video is wonderful. Thanks for sharing!
  2. We tried to buy when it hit $8 but my bank messed up the paperwork.🤬 So we bought about 63 shares at $13. Then I bought about 8 shares at 12. And then 30 more yesterday at 9.99. But it closed at 8.80 for the day. However we wanted the credit and feel sure the cruise industry will rise again.
  3. Some colleges are already canceling summer school. When we were sent home from work earlier this month we were told it would be May 7 at the earliest we would come back to campus. In the last few days the nation has gone on a 30-day "lock down". When I came home in early March and told people we were out at least through early May, they thought I was crazy. Now most places are looking at being out through all of April. So crazy.....maybe....But correct! I'd agree that the earliest sailings would be Aug or Sept. And I don't think that is absolute. i don't want to talk
  4. I was trying to buy on Wednesday but my bank dropped the ball!!! I am so mad right now that I missed that low!
  5. We live 4 hours from the North Carolina coast. We try to go once a month. We love it there and plan to retire there. We are supposed to go next weekend. Probably not happening now. We were looking to go to Disney and Sea World in May for hubby's birthday but hope to now go for mine in November. We will probably do our next Carnival cruise in 2021. Been looking at our options while we are home.
  6. Fascination was my first Carnival ship. It was way too small and I stayed seasick the whole cruise. However that cruise out of San Juan was one of our best vacations ever! See my review in my tag line. Someone mentioned the St Kitts train ride. That was the whole reasone we went because hubby loves trains. It was well worth it!!! We loved that cruise and always talk about doing it again. If ship is important - Vista. If ports are important - then the San Juan itin.
  7. i think short cruises will continue. It's an appealing concept and something that works for the Carnival market. As business owners with pets and elderly parents, we can't escape for long periods so Carnival fits us - and others - just right. And they know it.
  8. Thanks for your review. We love Anytime Dining and we do get Cheers but with onboard credit, you have a point! Welcome home. And good luck to what is now life on the outside of a cruise ship. LOL!
  9. Thanks for your review. I hope you feel better. I work in a major medical center. We are preparing, as I hope all are.
  10. This was similar to our experience on Valor - except I NEVER got anyone back to clean our room after the toilet flooded. It flooded because of the steward, not us. It was not sanitary and a huge inconvenience. I didn't get any type of acknolwedgmenet so I am glad you did.
  11. Just checked - at about $17 today.
  12. @estillcrew I don't know your specific circumstances. My workplace as of last night is not allowing anyone to return to work from a cruise for 14 days. Now if you have vacation time or can work from home that's not a huge problem but for some it is and it's been part of their deciding factor. As someone else said this is a developing situation and things are changing hourly really. Best of luck to you.
  13. Once we saw the prices we were like nah - we will stick to the other options. That said we did eat at the steakhouse and I didn't realize tip was included so I left a 20% tip. But if there were other options on the menu I may be apt to try it. As much as my hubby loves lobster he passed on it.
  14. @Joebucks mentioned the Saints game. I found the Valor to be full of serious sports fans. If that is your thing you will enjoy the Valor. We had a very nice balcony on the Valor and yes there are lot of things to do. I prefer the Victory although I'm not sure if that's a different class. Like someone else said as long as you're cruising that's what matters!
  15. I try not to eat a lot of burgers. In fact, after an e coli outbreak in the 90s I quit them completely for years. That said, I had one every single day on the Valor on our cruise in November!! I thought they were "juicy" and I am picky about toppings, but loved adding the bacon and the onions to them. And they were accomdating to special requests all around me. Enjoy your cruise. Half the fun to me is planning and getting excited about it and I love that you are doing that!
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