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  1. Attached is a spreadsheet i found out here last year. It has the prices and a formula to decide if Cheers is worth it to you. If you'll search Cheers on this board you'll find literally hundreds of posts about this topic. Carnival Vista Cheers Evaluator 2018-08-02.xls
  2. Smart idea to have a print out. I always have a bottle in my purse with assorted pills. One day I couldn't remember if a pill was ibuprofen or tylenol. I went to google and typed in the number on the pill and said white tablet. It was immediately identified as 800 mg ibuprofen. Those interwebs are magic I tell ya! 😆
  3. My baby sister - my one and only sister - just returned from the DR Sunday. She had the best time of her life. With a little bit of reading if you look at the statistics those numbers of deaths are pretty much statistically relevant. 11 people out of 2 1/2 million tourists annually. She also got feedback from DR about why that was being so prominent - they hinted at local politics. Go enjoy life. We had a 77-year-old lady die on Sunday at home because she was bit by a kissing bug during her daily walk. Stuff happens.
  4. I just had mine refunded. We had booked a cruise to Cuba and when they had to be cancelled and replaced with Bahamas we chose a different cruise and didn't need FTTF for it. So our FTTF was refunded no problem.
  5. The very best thing I've found out here is this spreadsheet that calculates Cheers cost for you. there is is also the non-financial component - pre-paying and not being surprised by a bar bill. Plus the ability to order a fresh drink after yours has melted or if you tried something you didn't like. Carnival Vista Cheers Evaluator 2018-08-02.xls
  6. so here's a good reminder that we are not all alike. some folks like this. some don't. if you don't -- please keep scrolling. for us, one family member gets a work bonus she uses for her vacations, so she grabs a $50 deposit and books a cruise while she waits for that to come in. my parents always give us money for a trip each year for our anniversary - so if they run a $50 deposit i grab that while I wait for our (monetary) present to come. I agree - it's personal so let people do what they need. Wish I could find and insert that cute video of the little girl who says "worry about yourself!" 🙂
  7. Hello. I just dealt with this!!!! The day after the Cuba cancellation I called and changed our cruise to a different ship/date/itin. I had paid for the whole cruise, the excursions, CHEERS!, faster to the fun in gift cards. I got multiple Fed Ex packages with multiple gift cards - got the last one two days ago. I talked to so many people at Carnival and they were all confused. Thankfully it all came back to me, but I'm so glad I kept screenshots and receipts for everything. Be sure to keep all documentation.
  8. I work in a city that every year the homicide rate increases. 11 people out of 2 1/2 million visitors. Really?? My sister leaves for DR next week and 2 of her party have backed out on them resulting in big fees for all of them. It's media hype. And I feel prejudice. Let's make everyone scared of other places EXCEPT the USA. Just my opinion.......
  9. I am the odd one here. My husband is a musician. He goes to bed at 3 am and gets up at 10 or 11 am every single day. Odd hours but he's consistent. On the other hand, My work schedule rotates - I get up between 3:30 am and 5:30 am depending on my day. We both are night owls so we stay up really late closing down the piano bar and then see what else we can find to do. Last cruise we went to bed at 2 am and got up at 6 am for our excursion. I am 50 and he is 60. I do a lot of sleep research at work - the things here that are "true" according to science is yes your body prefers a regular sleep pattern. yes the sleep mask and dark rooms help. Those of you doing the caffeine pills and energy drinks, I won't lecture because I'm sure you already know those things are very bad for you. i liked the person's response who said listen to your body - we all need to do more of that! On land and at sea too!
  10. We've done two Victory cruises and had a third one planned to Cuba but.... 😡 You can read my reviews in my tag line. We loved the Victory. Now we've replacedthe Victory Cuba trip with a sailing on the Valor out of New Orleans where we've never been.
  11. Very generous but we'd have issues. My husband is a solo artist and has dates he'd not be able to miss. My work is extremely strict about vacation time and I don't have back up for most of my work so that would be a problem. We also fly and arrange pet sitters. We were on a re-routed Cuba cruise and had to change it because no thanks to Nassau as a port. The cruise we choose was a week earlier and a day longer. I was amazed at how much I had to change to make that happen! Thankfully I hadn't booked airfare or hotel yet. I saw one girl post that she had her wedding planned for the canceled cruise. That would be so disappointing but things do happen.
  12. Did you say Adults only pool?! Awesome. Does the serenity deck have pool or hot tubs? We had to switch our cruise because our itin was changed from Cuba and I didn't want to do Nassau. So we are cruising out of New Orleans (new port for us) on the Valor in October!
  13. On the Serenity Deck of the Valor, do they have a pool and/or hot tub? Thanks!
  14. Any of you actual bartenders? Let me tell you from working in the restaurant industry and knowing 100s of bartenders - cash is king and niceness doesn't hurt. TIPPING affects your service. Don't kid yourself. Everyone gets good service but if you tip well, you get better service. Go to a Bartender group on Facebook and look at what they honestly say.....
  15. Where are you from? If you are from the south and sweet tea is sacred to you, then that crap is awful on the ship. When we land in Charlotte coming home I run to the Bojangle's in the airport just so I can finally get to taste the nectar of the Gods as it should be. 😆
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