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  1. I've had Type 1 diabetes 64 years I've used an insulin pump for over 20 years and been using a CGM for the last 5 years. You really can't hide them. My A1c is consistently right under 7 which is precisely where my PCP wants it. My new pump/cgm combo adjusts my insulin rates automatically except for dosing for carb input when I enter carb amounts. It's been nearly 25 years since diabetes has caused a need for an ER visit. That I use insulin is NOT indicative of poorly controlled diabetes...so please adjust your thinking folks. CDC is right and the cruise lines have to be prudent. I hate that we can't cruise right now but I want to stay safe and healthy BTW...I'm 67
  2. We are on Celebrity silhouette right now. As my partner has food allergies to garlic and onions we have already discussed that as far as the Thanksgiving offerings in ocean view. As the last couple posters have stated the buffet at noon is where the real deal happens. Got to view tonight's menu in Blu and there are no Thanksgiving entrees listed however we discussed it with the maitre'd Amir who will have a drumstick available for my partner. She is thrilled about that as the executive chef promised it would be a fried drumstick. The food has been excellent particularly in Blu. Not only have they prepared entrees for my food allergic partner as chosen from the menu but they have done extra ones on the fly as we request most nights we've had three entrees between us including usually a pasta and vegetable or lasagna. They have been very good to memorable.
  3. I am on board celebrity silhouette right now. We went to futura cruises and got info on current promos through them. The pricing is bloody ridiculous so there is no way we will be booking another Celebrity Cruise while onboard. We have 3 days and with the current $25 deposit for Black Friday available through Monday we may go ahead and put a deposit down in hopes of a price drop between now and 2021. At $25 / it may be a good risk
  4. Can't remember all but A Star is Born (most recent version) is amongst current. I'll try to complete the list later unless someone else does.
  5. We'll be aboard as well in one of the Aqua Class hump cabins.. 1603. Hope we get to see you at the connections party. Thanks for the money's breakdown.
  6. Thanks for the thread OP! I've had a hump cabin on the Equinox before and have the same on Sihlouette this Friday...1603. I'll try to get some pics if I can add to the perspectives. It's a 1A cabin
  7. We'll be onboard the Silhouette when the Alaska cruises are offered and that works for me. We'll hopefully find one for our first Alaska adventure. Likely a Solstice class as we love them.
  8. The hump cabins are always my goal when booking but since they are SO popular they go very quickly.. While you can both see and be seen there is FAR more privacy if you step back or set your loungers back a half nudge so the no tanline look is easier 😉
  9. I'm very happy about Celebrity returning to Tampa as I live half nudge to the north of the port. The assortment of choices on the sailings are varied and I love that. We'll be doing Silhouette out of Lauderdale in 3 months heading to the ABC's so the one 11 day that includes the 2 Columbia stops make another Southern Caribbean an interesting option. The initial cruise out of Tampa, the 7 day Western Caribbean to all the usual suspects while droll might be nice for an intro to the M-Class category for both of us who have only done S Class Likely we'll choose some on our November cruise. Very much looking forward to Celebrity in Tampa!
  10. Did not work for us on our 11/22/19 Sihlouette AQ cabin...$1,000 more and we don't drink so...
  11. That's precisely what we did too. It's what we're planning on doing for this cruise as well. Made it very easy
  12. Like others, Bistro on 5 was my go to at boarding but also on days when I wanted a lower key, more intimate meal. The assortment of crepes was very nice and yes, the soups were always quite interesting and good. Finally tried Sushi on 5 last year and it was not bad but really nothing I'd want to indulge in again at the prices charged. Just not my cup of tea...
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