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  1. long pond cruiser

    Allure and propulsion problems.

    [quote name='nolesrule']Probably just the weather. The Daytona 500 was delayed several hours yesterday due to thunderstorms.[/QUOTE] yeah, your probably right....gonna have more coffee just in case;):).
  2. long pond cruiser

    Allure and propulsion problems.

    is it me or when looking at the Aqua Theater cam, does it look like the ship is moving and I see waves? Maybe I just need more coffee.....
  3. long pond cruiser

    Muster station

    I don't understand why people can be so nasty!!!!!! Ah, forget about it, we are going to have a great cruise!
  4. long pond cruiser

    Muster station

    Ok, thank you for your answer:).
  5. long pond cruiser

    Muster station

    I was wondering the same, Baded. My sister is on Deck 8 and is traveling alone and was wondering if my DH and I who are also on deck 17 with you, would be joining her in the Aqua theater for muster. I searched the boards yesterday, but couldn't find an answer for our particular cabin number.
  6. Love, love, LOVED this review!!! Pics were amazing!!! Thanks so much for this link!!!! I can't wait, and hope we get to meet you!!
  7. long pond cruiser

    December cruisers please check your cruise points

    Our LOS 12/12/13 points are now posted....
  8. long pond cruiser

    RCL Website...Call for Pricing

    We are booked on LOS Dec 12th….Over a week ago, I changed from a JS to a suite GTY… The website was showing n/a in the suite cat., until last night when it showed "call for pricing".. We still don't have a cabin assignment yet, so, I thought maybe I could score a deal on a higher cabin.. But when I called and asked about the "call for pricing" on the suite cat., they told me that they were not showing any more suites at all available. So, no score yet on a better cabin….and I guess no more suites are available:confused:.
  9. long pond cruiser

    A Secret Upgrade Update!

    Thats wonderful!!!! Congrats and have a great cruise!!
  10. long pond cruiser


    We have had 8260 on both Allure and Oasis...GREAT location for us. Close to the Park Cafe and a nightcap at Dazzels. Only downside was the adjoining room...Next cruise on Allure in March 2014 we are trying 8254 with no adjoining room..
  11. long pond cruiser

    Suites on Oasis

    We have had one on Allure and Oasis....wonderful amount of room and storage. Loved the huge balcony as well...Nice to get ready for dinner without getting in the way of each other. Hard to go back to just a balcony room;):).
  12. long pond cruiser

    Aft junior suite on Enchantment?

    Be in there in less than 2 weeks, love that cabin!
  13. long pond cruiser

    Two couples traveling together - dinner assignment

    We are diamond but the one couple that are on the wait list are...cruise virgins... *thanks again, Merion Mom!! You are one of my fav's as far as info on these boards...love all the advice and reviews...
  14. long pond cruiser

    Two couples traveling together - dinner assignment

    Thank you so much ....It isn't until our March cruise, but we sure all would like to sit together! Maybe I will keep calling to see if there are any cancellations for late dinner seating.
  15. long pond cruiser

    Aft junior suite on Enchantment?

    Loved it so much booked the same corner aft for my cruise in 2 weeks ....love, love, LOVE the big balcony...no complaints:D !!