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  1. Next Cruise???? Gosh that will be at least a couple of years away!!! I'm very impressed you have looked thru the website and gleaned that little morsel!!! Always good to meet other musos, we all seem to be in one big family who have our common appreciations and I think being in a band reveals teamwork that could teach some big companies a thing or two!. I live in West Berkshire. If you are close we might be able to meet up at some point?
  2. GREAT to hear this!!!! I laughed out loud too and totally agree!!! Yes I wish Keith could have played a part by playing drums with the jam! Wishing Vital Signs all the very best from Uptown Traffic - www.uptown-traffic.com Keep on gigging - its what we live for!!!!
  3. Thank you Kittyonions. I think the Caribbean sea is always a bit rough during the early months of the year. I wish I'd known about the Hard Rock Cafe beach when we were there. I had dismissed Montego Bay previously as a port, but was pleasantly surprised by how beautiful it was when we looked around on our 2nd Saturday. I
  4. Thank you VWGolf. I have just filled out my TUI feedback and suggested that if the Captain of the aircraft spent 5 seconds on the mic during his main announcement and asked everyone to ask before reclining seats it might save a few punch ups like there nearly was in the back of our flight back from Montego Bay! At least then people might think first about reclining their seats before just chucking them back and spilling hot coffee over the poor person sitting behind!
  5. Just back from the Caribbean cruising on Marella Discovery 2 - she's a beautiful ship! We visited Montego Bay, Grand Cayman, Cuba, Cozumel Island, Colombia, Panama and Costa Rica. My full lengthy review describes many of our experiences of the cruise - especially if you are Coeliac like me and require a gluten free diet. There are loads of pictures as well, so if you like a good read then head over to http://www.dysongs.net/Holiday2020/Our2020cruise.pdf There could well be some answers to your questions particularly if you are going on Discovery 2 soon in this part of the world.
  6. Many thanks to you all for your very kind help and advice!!!😊
  7. Having been on the Celebration, The Spirit and the Destiny, we experienced quite bad engine judder all the time. Is there any judder from the engines on Discovery 2? Thinking of booking Central america cruise next year. Many thanks
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