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  1. I was afraid they wouldn’t able to tender in if waters were rough today.
  2. Is anyone on Epic now, did they tender into Great Stirrup Caye?
  3. Do bronze latitude members get 30 minutes free internet?
  4. If I bought insurance, do I get a refund or credit?
  5. If my daughter has a passport with maiden name, can she just show her marriage license?
  6. We need to cancel our cruise due to an emergency. We do not have trip insurance. Norwegian doesn’t want to know anything. What can we do?
  7. What time is the Beatles show on epic? Is it first come for seating? How many nights is it scheduled?
  8. Anyone know if there are straws on epic?
  9. Does anyone have epic 7 night dinner menus? I trying to decide which nights to go to specialty restaurants.
  10. JetBlue early morning going Delta mid afternoon coming home We were very pleased with these flights
  11. Our flights information was on our edocs 60 days before.
  12. Is there a charge for lunch at la cuccina?
  13. We are booked on JetBlue, I can’t seem to book our seats online. Has anyone be able to book seats in advance? I was thinking of calling them.
  14. Are these available in a balcony cabin?
  15. Is there an additional cost for Shanghai? are they open for lunch?
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