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  1. What happens to other perks we were getting...on board credit and a free specialty dinner per cabin?
  2. They told me that we get wrist bands. I wonder if they do.
  3. Is there a store across from Marriot that you can but beer at before you go to the Marriot? Also, are there restaurants close by?
  4. I just called Resort inquiring about a room for the day. I was told it was only for 2 people at 155.00. I was hoping I could get it for all 4 in our party. Does anyone have any experience getting the room for the day?
  5. Great, then we can go to cvs and buy wine and soda in old San Juan. I would think they will let us bring them on at that time
  6. How much is a taxi from cruise ship to Holland House?
  7. Beautiful video, is the of jolly beach? Where is castaways and SANS shack?
  8. Once we go on ship, drop bags off in cabin and have lunch, can we leave ship and go to Old San Juan? I think our ship departs at 8:00pm?
  9. Is there also a Walgreens near close to port?
  10. Is there still a CVS near the port in San Juan where we can purchase wine and soda?
  11. Does anyone have recent menus? I’m trying to decide which night to eat at chops
  12. Do you know if you can also eat at Johnny Rockets for free?
  13. Is a sit down breakfast available everyday in FOTS?
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