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  1. jackygirl

    24 Aug 2018 Queen Victoria Flam question

    Thanks for that it’s 27 August. Let’s hope it’s Costa that gets the tendering! We have been to Flam before so know how close the station is. Hopefully as Cunard is also running the 7.30 trip they make sure we arrive in plenty of time 😏
  2. jackygirl

    24 Aug 2018 Queen Victoria Flam question

    Hi thank you I’d not thought of that, but just relooked on Cunard and it says the excursion is at 7.30 so I am assuming that is the time the train leaves. I’ve also rung the train company direct and they have said that cruise ships block book tickets from them in the hope that they will sell them to their passengers which is not fair to independent travellers. The lady I spoke to was very helpful and said as we’d paid for the cancellation insurance, if we ask onboard for an arrival time and it looks like we may not make it in time they will refund us.
  3. Hi all, we’re seasoned cruisers and 9/10 opt to book our own excursions rather than pay the extortionate cruise line price. I’ve booked my husband and I on the 7.30 am scenic flam railway trip through the company’s own website at a much lower price than Cunard. Cunard are also running this trip at 7.30 am. My question is if anyone else has booked this time either independently or through Cunard. I’m a little concerned if we’re late in port and not many passengers have booked we may miss the trip - safety in numbers is my philosophy! Thank you
  4. jackygirl

    Oman Day tours

    Hi anyone interested in doing the half day city tour when Vision of the seas docks in Muscat 15 March? Oman day tours have quoted us $80 each for 2 adults but if more join it becomes cheaper. Thanks
  5. jackygirl

    Drinks package prices

    Thanks for this
  6. jackygirl

    Drinks package prices

    Thank you
  7. jackygirl

    Drinks package prices

    Thank you that's helpful I'll do some adding up!
  8. jackygirl

    Drinks package prices

    Great thank you
  9. jackygirl

    Drinks package prices

    Hi all We are cruising on the Caribbean Princess in July 2 weeks around the Med. can anyone give me up to date prices on drinks packages, alcoholic and also soda? Do you have to buy for the length of the cruise, or can they be taken out for say just one of the weeks. Any advice greatly appreciated.
  10. jackygirl

    Costa Serena Dubai 12 Feb 2015

    Thanks so much for attaching the drinks bundles choices, I haven't been able to find these anywhere, just the complete AI price of the 4 of us over the whole week, which to be honest I don't think we would get our money's worth from. However, opting for the separate packages would probably work really well for us - thanks again.
  11. jackygirl

    Costa Serena Dubai 12 Feb 2015

    Thanks for letting me have a look at your blog - very informative and useful.
  12. jackygirl

    Boarding time in Dubai?