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  1. slickmouse

    Hurricane Irma Watch

    We just drove from Jacksonville this morning. Absolutely no trouble or traffic. Made it just over 2 hrs.
  2. slickmouse

    Hurricane Irma Watch

    Just boarded our first leg headed for Florida! Hoping the trip doesn't end in Houston. Lol Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  3. slickmouse

    Drink price increase?

    Just thought I'd add - if you don't have a drink package be sure to keep up with the Drink of the Day. I ordered a pina colada - $14. Then noticed the DotD was a pina colada in a coconut - $10. I should have ordered that and looked like a fool walking around with my coconut - probably held more too.
  4. Thanks for asking this question - we have the exact situation coming up in June on the Oasis. The kids are 18/19 - and in a connecting room. I thought about seeing if I could change who is on the reservation and have 1 adult in each...but after having so many billing problems I'm not sure I want to risk touching my reservation again. When we sailed through SJU in March - no one even blinked at the wine in our carryon. But I'm sure PEV is different. We're gonna try to take 4 and see what happens.
  5. slickmouse

    Navigator or Jewel...

    We just returned from the Jewel a few weeks ago. I've not been on the Navigator - but have been on the Explorer and Voyager. We arrived 2 days early in San Juan - and did some sightseeing - which I really enjoyed. We also stayed 3 days post-cruise which we very relaxing but a little too long - I was ready to be home. As for the cruise on the Jewel - while it might just be our experience on that particular week - I'd rank it towards the bottom of our cruising experiences. The ship was nice - but is showing its age in places - but nothing too bad. The cabin steward was fine - nothing WOWing. Our biggest complaint was the food. There was one night in the MDR where they said they were trying a new menu and it was actually inedible. My crab cake was a tiny fried puck of minced crab (I think) - it was very mushy. My husband's cordon bleu was stuffed with some gooey stuff that sort of looked like cheese - and what he thought were minced mushrooms - but turned out to be the ham. And his salad was so soggy he couldn't eat it. Several tables complained and the Head Waiter did apologize. The other nights the food was 'ok'. The lettuce at the WJ salad bar was always swimming in water - and it just wasn't that good. We ate at Portfolio's one night - and it took 45 min to get our appetizers. We ate at Chops twice - and it was very good. We both purchased the coke package to use the freestyle machines - specifically for the coke zero and flavored water. Except for the first day - the machine was out of coke zero the entire week - and many days was out of cherry add-in flavor. One day it was out of water. We loved Barbados - but I didn't find the other ports to be much different than any other. We always enjoy St Marteen. We also went to St Croix, St Kits and Martinique. I've always wanted to do a SJU/Southern trip - so I'm glad I did - but can't say that I'd do it again. I have seen some flights to SJU that are comparable to those to FLL - so it can be done. Hopefully if you select the Jewel you'll have a better experience.
  6. slickmouse

    Crown & Anchor Welcome Back Party

    The C&A party on the Allure was in the morning at the Aqua Theater. They served Bloody Marys and Mimosas. I think my DH had about 12 Bloody Marys before 11...and discovered it is his new favorite drink. Nap time came early for him that day. It was also a presentation - where the captain and cruise director spoke. We hadn't been to them before either before then - but now we go to every one. Some are better than others
  7. slickmouse

    $12 Drinks? No thanks!

    We were on the Jewel a few weeks ago and I concur - most disappointing cruise ever. I was also shocked by the drink prices. But equally as disappointed in the 45m wait we had for our appetizers in Portofinos. We had one night in the MDR where the food was actually inedible. Now mind you - we're not picky people. But the MDR crab cake was a tiny fried puck of nothing but mush minced crab something. My husband's chicken cordon bleu was stuffed with a cheese goo with tiny minced ham. His Caesar salad was dripping in water and so soggy he didn't even eat it (which for him to not eat food says a lot). Several tables complained and the Head waiter came and apologized to each of us. We did get the coke package for the freestyle machine and after the first day they were out of Coke Zero and never refilled it (the main reason we got it) and several times it was empty of any diet drink. We have two more cruises booked - but we too will be looking at other lines.
  8. slickmouse

    Crown & Anchor Welcome Back Party

    Just to add a little more to this - while she only gets the points for the sailing she actually sails - if your C&A #s are linked she'll get the same status as you when she turns 18. She will then have to earn the difference up to that level and then to the next level to advance. For example we were Emerald when our daughter turned 18, she received Emerald status although she didn't have enough points. But for her to get Diamond she has to earn enough to reach Emerald plus enough to get to Diamond.
  9. I know that the drinking age on the ship is 21. But in St Thomas it's 18 and I'm wondering if excursions booked via RCL adhere to the ship's policy or the island law. We're looking for a snorkel tour in St Thomas and were considering The Cat - but they specifically state the drinking age is 21. Wondering if all excursions booked through RCL are that way. We're now looking at the FastCat 2.
  10. We took a cruise on the Explorer back in 2002 with our then 8 y/o daughter. We had a great waiter who took very good care of us. Two years later we were on the Rhapsody. DH and I were walking in the dining room w/o our daughter and we saw our same waiter from the Explorer. When he saw us - he came up and asked where our daughter was. I have no idea how he remembered us two years later and without our daughter. We're pretty low-key people - not people I would think would leave an impression. I was impressed.
  11. slickmouse

    Drink price increase?

    We didn't get umbrellas on the Jewel a few weeks ago :(