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  1. We just got off the 6/15 sailing of the Equinox. Aquaclass cabin on the hump. The ship looks terrific. Not a lot of significant changes in the cabins. We did have a new mattress that was very comfortable. Also new carpet in the cabin, and the new furniture on the balcony. Other than that, not much was changed in the cabins. Overall, the ship was very clean and in excellent condition. No new menus in Blu, and we never made it to the Persian gardens, so can't really comment on the spa.
  2. Thanks for your review! How do you get a Lyft with a chill puppy like that?? That's how I want to travel from now on! We are in the same cabin in June, and wanted to ask if you've been bothered or noticed any significant noise from above? We love the location and AQ in general. Some of the reports we've read on that area were conflicting about noise. Any help would be appreciated!
  3. How about organizing a pub crawl? That way you can sample them all! We did this a couple of years ago with some friends we met on the ship. It was awesome! We met at the sunset bar for a breakfast cocktail, and as the day went by, we checked them off the list. We weren't in a hurry, and we're way past slamming drinks just to get hammered and race to the next bar. We started at 10 am at the sunset, and finished at 2 am at Quazar(sp?). All 14 bars on the Equinox. We all had time for lunch, dinner and a mid-afternoon nap to get right with the world. It was a marathon. Well, the only marathon I'm ever going to complete, that is. We gained a few folks here and there, and lost a few, but had a blast. We took pictures at every bar to prove we were there, we ran in to Chicago Paul and Edward ( surprisingly enough at the Martini bar!) and made friends at every stop. Fun was had by all. I'm not sure that was how Celebrity intended us to use our Premium package for, but it made for a good time by all, and the best sea day we've had! Oh, and here's a hint: the crew does not find it funny at all if you hint that they should sneak 8 of your tipsy friends down to the crew bar so that you can check that one off the list! No sense of humor at all, apparently!
  4. One of our favorites! If you time it right, they serve free hot dogs and popcorn! Add on to the scavenger hunt: find the topless beach near the Chartroom!
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