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  1. I was really anxious to try Oceania and actually had one booked, that was eventually canceled. I have not rebooked and I do not think that I will. The negativity and mean -spirited comments on this board are overwhelming.
  2. Control over others is a powerful motivator. Once entities have that control (whether local, statewide or nationally) it is very difficult for them to let go and allow individuals to make informed, intelligent decisions on their own. My fear, if this thing is ever over, we will have abdicated certain rights/freedoms that we may never get back.
  3. What is your home address? We can send them all to your area and let you deal with this. A country without borders is not a country. This border situation is becoming more dangerous/serious by the day. You say that our country has room for every person in the world that is suffering? Surely you are making this comment just to elicit the responses that you usually get. I guess I took the bait.
  4. Everyone is offended by EVERYTHING these days. I cannot have a decent conversation with anyone because I worry about who will take offense. It all just wears me out!
  5. I renewed mine in late December online, paid my $100, no interview required and I was notified of my renewal in 10 days. I was shocked it was that easy.
  6. We lost our dog in October. I miss her so much and I still look for her in the early morning when I get up. She was such a huge part of our lives. God gives us dogs to show us how we should behave with one another--show unconditional love, bear no judgment, always forgive. "Dog" is God spelled in reverse.
  7. We travel a lot with another couple, both couples usually booking the most inexpensive suites for the extra perks. We especially like the suite lounge for drinks before dinner and Luminae. About 2 years ago we( the two couples)were booked in Haven suites on a NCL cruise from New York to New Orleans. Another couple decided to join us (very, very good friends). They booked a balcony. The entire cruise was a problem when it came to lounge access and dinner because they could not enjoy the lounge or the Haven restaurant with us. The concierge allowed them in one night for $40. We
  8. My husband and I are booked on this cruise. Every day I am less optimistic that it will actually sail. If it looks like a "go" we would be happy to share a car with you. Hopefully, Silversea will make a decision before the final payment is due. I already have plenty of FCC's and questionable sailings on other lines booked. If final payment on this cruiseis due before there are any ships sailings, I will cancel.
  9. God bless you. We should all treat each other this way.
  10. I canceled our Endeavor cruise on October 1 and I received my refund (less $1000) on November 15. As soon as the cruise industry is a "go" again and Crystal looks like it is on firm footing, I plan to re-book this cruise.
  11. You are always looking for sources to back up claims that others make on these boards. Where is your citation for your comment here? Additionally, your comment is political (not allowed on these boards). I very seldom comment/post. I read these boards because I love cruising and have really learned a lot on Cruise Critic. I grow so weary of your negativity.
  12. Political comment again!! Just like the one you posted on July 4 (our day of celebration for a country blessed like no other country) showing a "Trump rally" with herded sheep. Apparently "NO POLITICAL COMMENTS PLEASE" means nothing to you. I reported that post...but it is still there.
  13. We visited the Galapagos on the Celebrity Xpedition and it was one of my best trips ever. While Silversea is indeed my favorite line, Celebrity offers a great cruise...especially in the Galapagos.
  14. AMEN to your amen!!! There should be no politics on this board at all.
  15. Can we keep politics out of this, please??
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