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  1. @Milwaukee Eight I have to finally tell you that your customary reference to this is admirable and hilarious! @A&L_Ont Andrew, thanks for taking us along. Lovely review as always.
  2. Will it be Caribbean itinerary? We had Vibe passes the first week of December two years ago, Western Caribbean, and aside from one very windy day it was perfect weather - sunny and warm. Go for it.
  3. I haven't yet had a "bad" meal at Cagney's, yet I find it quite underwhelming, I think because of the service. DH thinks it's fine and it continues to be one of his favorites which is why we keep going back. I can say that every single meal at Le Bistro has been amazing with impeccable staff and service and food. DH even recognizes the difference in service.
  4. The quasi-leader of our group didn't book online and instead we made the reservation as soon as we got onto the ship. It was no problem getting it for the first night. Edit to add: I think our leader could have made the reservation by calling but online could not, as everyone would have had to make their own reservation and us all getting the same time that way was not possible. We know it can usually be tweaked on board which is why we just waited to do it all together once we boarded.
  5. Yes to this. We were on the Sun last month, and we had 10 in our group. Eight of us sat with one chef and the other two sat at the next table with the other chef (his back to us). Close, and yet so far.
  6. Hi twangster. Your photos are breathtaking. Thank you so much for sharing!
  7. We booked a Sail Away balcony for the Sun a couple weekends ago about a month ahead. We are picky about our room location yet for the money saved we figured we could live with wherever for the weekend. The room was assigned right away - right around the corner from the elevators. Worst location possible in our minds, yet it turned out just fine with only one night where we heard much noise. Oh, and our gifted door magnet was stolen.
  8. DH and I just booked a sail away balcony for the first time on the Sun about six weeks from now. Two other couples booked sail away OV and are on the same deck as us. We all booked the same day. Another couple joining us booked the next day sail away OV and are one deck higher. Hard to tell how that category would work out for you. Good luck.
  9. Go on board with an open mind and a positive attitude (you're on vacation!) and ENJOY! Then come back to CC and share your experience. (Escape is also our favorite NCL ship so far.)
  10. Our favorite cruise so far was on Escape. Your pictures were gorgeous, thanks for sharing!
  11. Is it odd that the ship's name font is either slightly different or just larger for ENCORE compared to NORWEGIAN? Are other ships like this and I've never noticed?
  12. OP - thanks for sharing. Cagney's has become my least favorite specialty dining restaurant over our last few cruises.
  13. Thanks for this hilarious and informative review! It's making me rethink my idea of cancelling our December sailing in favor of another cruise line (trying to speed up the tier climbing). Looking forward to reading more.
  14. Great pics - thanks for sharing! Very good lighting, whereas most of my food pics turn out dark. What kind of camera/phone did you use?
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