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  1. OP - thanks for sharing. Cagney's has become my least favorite specialty dining restaurant over our last few cruises.
  2. Thanks for this hilarious and informative review! It's making me rethink my idea of cancelling our December sailing in favor of another cruise line (trying to speed up the tier climbing). Looking forward to reading more.
  3. Great pics - thanks for sharing! Very good lighting, whereas most of my food pics turn out dark. What kind of camera/phone did you use?
  4. There was no swimming required. Perhaps they have to list that warning since you're in a boat and/or if for whatever reason they cannot beach the RIB. They did not weigh any of us in our group, and I don't think any of the other passengers either. Getting in and out of the boat wasn't graceful for some of us but it wasn't difficult (I'm about 5' 3"). The captain and other passengers were right there to help you however you needed it. Yes, I think certain mobility issues would make this harder. I think we had around 90 minutes on the beach. We love speed boats too, and that was another draw for us with this excursion. The RIB felt very fast at times and with the water spray it was a lot of laughs and a great time. We would definitely do this tour again.
  5. Our group of four did the Ultimate Adventure and Jost Van Dyke using the RIBs, and we loved it! There was no swimming to the shore, as the boat was beached, essentially. Be forewarned that this was not a smooth or dry ride. If you don't care about those things then I highly recommend it. The captain stopped frequently to share information and history about the island and to point out landmarks. There were eight passengers and the captain which was part of the selling point for us. It was a completely different experience than what the Rebel Yell seems to be, and I think you can't go wrong either way.
  6. Thanks newmexicoNita. We have the Dawn booked for next year, and it will be our first time on a non mega NCL ship.
  7. Sid! Sorry to read about your unexpected job change - how is the new job going? Hopefully you like it?? Justin and I send well wishes your way for a great new year full of everything you want. Btw, have you tried Patron XO Cafe? It's sweet but great. Even friends who don't like coffee or tequila love it.
  8. We've been on Epic three times and loved it. A friend just sailed on it last month and didn't like it ("too big"). You won't know until you try it yourself.
  9. Bravo Sid! Thank you again for going through the effort (and aggravation) to satisfy your captive audience. I hope we get to sail together again one of these days. And yeah, I'll mention the Encore inaugural T/A again just in case! Be well!
  10. Hello Sid! How great that Rommel and Michael are in Vibe like last year's Escape. I'm obsessed with your tequila libations and want to replicate each one. Thank you for another awesome tag-along. Enjoy!
  11. We, too, were on this cruise with you. And we also preferred last year's Escape cruise more for a myriad of reasons. Lovely pictures!
  12. Great thread! I was on this cruise also and love reliving the food. We ate at most of the specialty restaurants but only visited the MDR for breakfast (sad I missed the Croque Madame!).
  13. Thanks for the mini review. We'll be on board in 12 days, and we also have an aft facing balcony. On which deck were you?
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