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  1. Is your disembarkation after a ta or repo? If so add additional time for disembarkation. The ship must be cleared, including the crew before passengers are released. The Delta gates at MIA are not nearly as remote as they used to be which is great. If you need wheelchair assistance add additional wait time however. Enjoy your cruise and safe travels home.
  2. There are many of us with future cruises with Villefrance stops that will appreciate your update. The last time we were there we were subject to a transportation strike after Hertz messed up our car reservation. Needless to say there are still places to see. Thanks in advance.
  3. Your Coral Princess tag might actually be the culprit. It might have been scanned by the electronic reader so you are probably lucky you got your luggage. When cruising do not put your ship tags on before you check in your luggage or before you check in for your return flights. The only exception is using a cruise air program with baggage transfer service.
  4. For one day and limited time I'd also do the red bus. I'm presuming of course that you are not planning on getting off at any/many stops. Some of the stops, like the park are a hike up the hill and are not adjacent to the HOHO stop. There is also a short walk to the entry to the Olympic Stadium and museum. Do try to pre-plan any stops by scouring the itinerary for the tour. Also check the time the bus stops service. It used to be around 6 but the cruise pier stop might not fit in well with your embarkation time. Have a wonderful time. Barcelona is a terrific city.
  5. The vast majority of the sites, museums and tourist attractions are centrally located and very walkable. The HOHO skirts the center for the most part. I highly recommend you take a boat tour. That is one of the best ways to experience the old and new. There are walking tours which will give you a sense of history and direction. The walk from Central Station and Tivoli Gardens to the Little Mermaid for a oldie like me (70+) would be a little over 30 minutes for example. Both these stops are of course on the HOHO routes. Several of the different HOHO companies commence their tours at Central Station btw. If you don't find anything to your liking on Cruise Critic try Trip Advisor. I hope this helps.
  6. Getting from Crown Bay to Havensight will take less than 30 minutes at 8 am. There will be plenty of cabs when you get through the shopping arcade. If you want to avoid the mad dash you can walk outside the arcade on the land side. There might even be some cabbies there that would cut the lines since they enter the pier area at the north end where you dock. You do want a cab and not a jitney to town. It will take longer to return to Crown Bay in the afternoon. Traffic is heavier in the afternoon. Have a great cruise.
  7. No reason to wait for EWR to MIA or FLL. They are pulling out all flights from EWR.
  8. OP, If you are flying down to FLL the day of the cruise I strongly urge you to have passports for your entire family in case you don't make your embarkation and the cruise air department sends you on to one of the foreign islands on your itinerary. On a closed loop cruise like you are taking you don't NEED a passport but for flights you do. Also continue to monitor your reservation for both schedule and/or equipment changes. Make sure the cruise air phone number is available with your docs too.
  9. I have been on the Silhouette. The first thing I would do is check out which Aqua cabins are available. If there are two cabins that you and your friends like then I suggest you book Aqua. Not all the cabins are under the pool. For the first time since Aqua cabins were designated we opted for a standard balcony. It was in a good location but we didn't care for the food or service in the MDR. Our next Celebrity cruise is in an Aqua cabin.
  10. I was our Roll Call leader for a tour with Dora. What wasn't noted is that Dora was graciously willing to alter the tour to fit our group. We thought we would climb the ramparts at the fort and she advised me (us) that it was not advisable due to the heat. She correctly noted that she only leads groups up the ramparts when they have been in Cartagena long enough to acclimate to the heat. We asked for a longer tour to include lunch and she arranged this at a local restaurant, not a tourist stop. She introduced us to nuns at the monastery who gave us a tour even though it was Good Friday. I could go on and on. Dora also had additional vehicles and from experience she usually takes the first group booked before placing passengers with her other drivers/guides. I don't know if this is still the case. Sign on quickly. And, enjoy your cruise.
  11. What brand? They don't sell every US brand.
  12. Welcome to the wonderful world of cruising and Cruise Critic. There is a wealth of information within the Cruise Critic site. First, and perhaps the best tool is the ROLL CALL. You will find it a little lower on the main page. Click on Celerity, then click on your ship and finally find your sailing date. This is where your fellow sailors will post to discuss everything from the ship to the itinerary and excursions. Your next stop should be the Ports of Call forums for your destination. You will find information about the islands and tours....and everything else. Under the Discussions forums find the Cruise Air if you have questions about air travel. Everything is at your fingertips as you will discover. You can always return here to the Celebrity forum for general questions. You are encouraged to do so actually. Again welcome.
  13. You can access the dining room any time you wish. You can also make reservations with the maitre d for a set dining time if you wish. You can also request a table for 4 or a larger table. You will do this upon boarding unless Celebrity begins a new protocol which will surely be noted on Cruise Critic. Enjoy your cruise.
  14. Rarely is any cruise line optional land package worth the cost. As noted it is very often almost double of self booked lodging and excursions. We were just there after a cruise and realize how daunting planning a London trip can be. This was also not our first time there. If you have a good sense of direction and/or a good GPS you can get from one neighborhood to another with relative ease. Make a list of your site priorities, plan on a London Pass, Oyster Card, Hop On Hop Off etc. Also keep in mind that you will spend time in lines at the major sites. We walked by The Tower of London mid day and were so glad we had been there years ago. The lines were long. The lines at The Globe were down the block too. A short but doable London experience would be four full days. With a longer stay there are wonderful museums that deserve time, a trip to Windsor or to Bath or the Cotswalds or anywhere else in southern to the midlands are doable on a longer trip. And don't forget the theatres. We snagged good tickets for Hamilton the day they were released for a fraction of the New York prices. We've sailed from Southampton and Harwich and both have train, shuttle, car service and bus service to London. It can be a little daunting planning everything but much better in the end.
  15. This is good news for a comprehensive tour but you should post it on the ROLL CALL. It's easy to find and you will be welcomed as new members of Cruise Critic. To find your ROLL CALL just scroll down the main page to ROLL CALLS. Open the Celebrity link then open the Silhouette and find your sailing date. Go to the last page and type in your information in the box and hit Submit Reply. Then, if you have time go back and read the entire post. We were on the May sailing and I hope you have a wonderful cruise. We did! And, welcome again
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