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  1. We did call our TA. Obviously we had a little something extra thrown in that would have skewed our fare. We did get one price alteration a few months ago and will keep an eye on rates since we have a good eight months before our 2021 cruise and over 15 months on the second O cruise currently booked.
  2. That photo is why, even as we are almost old enough to sail HAL again, we won't step foot on any of their gangplanks! Rick, Keep an eye on your flights....just saying
  3. Go back to your travel agent. Some on line agencies are parts of a larger group and it could be this entity that is holding up your refund. We were in the same situation and our travel agent became an intermediary on our behalf until resolution.
  4. Two of the O cruises we have booked for 2021 and 2022 had a rate drop last week for new bookings. We could have cancelled and rebooked but one is a cabin specific booking and just didn't want to risk loosing it. We are watching the 2022 cruise and will cancel and rebook if the rates drop enough to make it worthwhile. I think the rates will increase when cruising resumes. But in the meantime there are, what we consider, reasonable fares to be had. O excursions are another consideration. If we have to go with the herd........it's going to be tally up and not tally ho. Another factor that will play a role will be airfares. How many times have we seen our fellow Cruise Critic members moan and groan about the air being higher than the cruise? There's lots more than just the cruise fare to think about.
  5. BBQ Lover, We are on your Regatta cruise. I started a Roll Call but there has been very little activity. I do think we will sail. I am also hoping that things will be such that we will be able to book our own excursions. Stay safe.
  6. alcpa1

    LHR to ATL

    Just as a few points of reference.... Fog is not unknown on the coasts of England. While we have not sailed to Dover specifically we have been there and you would have to travel quite a distance to LHR on A and M routes. The last time we were at Heathrow (16 months ago), under normal circumstances and with airline priority it took us three hours from check in to gate. That has been our usual experience for years. If you are flying Delta to ATL the gates are a hike too. With a group of 4 try to arrange a car service if you can find a flight back around 2 or later if there is still a later flight. There used to be one around then but with the Covid related cutbacks I don't know what the schedule might be when you travel. If you are using a ship's bus service book your flight for the next day. There are plenty of hotels to match almost every budget near the airport.
  7. We will be disembarking the Regatta on June 7th and promise to try to keep the ship clean and healthy. We have sailed on this class ship before but with Azamara. And, we have been to Alaska before too. It's a great itinerary and you are in for a treat. I hope you are planning a few days in Vancouver if you have not been there before. It is a beautiful city with a diverse population, beautiful Stanley Park and charming Granville Island, great restaurants and with a few hills thrown in. If there is anything the Cruise Critic members can do to help you plan please don't hesitate to ask. Join your Roll Call and use the Ports of Call/Destinations boards for planning your trip. Because the ships are small the Roll Calls may not be too active but still worth checking out. The recommendations on the Ports of Call boards are generally spot on. Oceania is probably a step above some of the cruise lines you have sailed. I find it comparable to Azamara in ambiance and cuisine. And, welcome to Cruise Critic.
  8. ricka47, So sorry to hear you contracted Covid and glad to hear you are both doing well. Is self booked air available now? Have you examined your options? ITAMatrix or Kayak or even Travelocity etc. are good places to start. You also have some access to more direct flights or one stop flights if you get to Atlanta, Orlando or Miami/Ft. Lauderdale rather than starting from Jacksonville. Convenience and price could play a role in your final air reservations. Don't forget that all air travel is likely to change before you travel. You will have more control of your flights with many airlines if you book yourself. You avoid the middleman. Don't forget that some airlines charge for seat assignments too. That's another cost factor to consider. Stay safe.
  9. Booking a 2022 cruise this far out without the perks you want could create a problem. Often the offers are for new bookings only. I think you have plenty of time to watch and wait for new promotions. The new schedules should be out soon and there are often incentives then. And, of course, there are normally promotions between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The only think I can think of to make us book another cruise for 2022 now would be a specific cabin, like 1140 on a M class ship. Of course, a super rate could also stimulate a booking!!!!!!
  10. Thanks, NW Pacific, We have been to Market Day in Astoria. The Astoria stop was one reason we chose this itinerary. My preference would almost always be to sail south from Alaska to Vancouver but our sailing buddies have never been there and we want to share a delightful day with them in your charming city,
  11. I am holding out hope that our May 2021 Alaska cruise will sail. Unlike some cruise destinations this is one itinerary that would be next to impossible to do if Juneau were on the itinerary. A jaunt across the South Seas, while possible via air, would be incredibly expensive and daunting to plan. Cruising answers many logistical questions for both the novice and the well traveled. I, for one, will never board a bus almost daily for a land tour. That's not my idea of a vacation and never was. I laughingly give pause when I think about my DH driving around Italy or England again. He's not that great here either. But don't tell him I said that! We cruise for a variety of reasons and often use the embarkation and disembarkation ports as a means to greater travel but at a pace that accommodates our physical abilities and interests. When they pull up the anchor on any of our 2021 - 2022 booked cruises my DH and I will hug and do a very happy dance.
  12. We are scheduled to stop in Astoria on a Sunday at the end of May 2021 and hoping that the delightful Sunday market will be open and hoping that Oceania will make it an excursion if we have to go that route. We are really looking forward to our stop there.
  13. Thank you Nashna, We are looking forward to returning to Alaska. We thought we would be one and done but can't help returning. I truly believe that there will be improvements in the response to Covid 19 and we can resume a somewhat new normal return to sailing. Since May we rebooked a Celebrity cruise and two Oceania cruises....all itinerary driven. Stay safe everyone so we can meet on deck someday.
  14. susiesan, I think in the short term some of the points in UDSpud's post will be implemented at least in the short term as cruising resumes. I hope you will not give up on cruising before we all know what to expect.
  15. We are as anxious as you are to see cruising resume safely. Our fingers are crossed that we will board The Regatta at the end of May for her first venture to Alaska for the season. Please post when your SFO - SFO cruises are opened. It's a little selfish of me but if you go hopefully we will too.
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