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  1. So I got some closure today on the whole situation. I had emailed RC with a list of things I found worrisome on my cruise (other than the noro) shortly after the sailing. I received an email saying that I should expect a call or email about my concerns soon. This was at least 2 weeks ago. I ended up getting the cruise fare refund when mostly everyone else did but frankly, my biggest concerns were components of the romance package I didn’t receive and the beverage package I felt a bit roped into and then barely used. So I received a phone call today from a rather passive aggressive woman, letting me know that I recieved a refund for my cruise fare. It went something like this. “Hi there Mr. , I’m calling to let you know you received a refund for 6 days of your cruise fare in the amount of $____ on this date and a refund of your one days cruise fare of $____ on this date. “ “Yes I know, thank you.” “We also recieved an email stating that you didn’t like the entertainment or the wine you got with your romance package” ”no no... I did send an email saying several things including that we expected better wine and it wasn’t chilled but there were components of the romance package that were missing altogether and that we felt rushed into purchasing a drink package we barely used” ”uh-huh I apologize, but you won’t be receiving a refund for those things because we have already processed the refund in cruise fare” “ um.. ok... didn’t everyone get a refund in cruise fare?” “Yes sir” “um.. ok.. thanks for letting me know. Not sure I’ll be cruising with Royal again anytime soon” ”ok, I apologize. Have a nice day” “ok bye” what a weird uncomfortable conversation! Apologize might as well be a word that means “I am speaking through my mouth hole” because that’s how she said it. Why would you call me to tell me I’m not getting refunded for the things I brought to their attention?!? Not even a “thank you for bringing those things to our attention, but due to policy we can’t refund those things right now” or “oh yes we will look into that”, or a “We checked and you’re right, it doesn’t look like you recieved the right breakfast, the evening canapes or the photo that was included in your romance package” on better yet “I’m sorry for the valuable time you lost on this vacation” ?!? With all that said, im not very impressed with the bedside manner of the customer service folks at royal. When all is said and done I’m coming to 2 possible conclusions 1. (The most horrifying!) I may be growing out of cruising and therefore things just don’t impress me as much on a cruise... the culture of “adding on” and paying a “premium” for things is annoying... and this noro Cruise was just the icing on the cake. 2. If I do cruise again, I’m not sure I’d ever be able to pick RC again. The ship was too big and I really felt like quality was sacrificed more than other cruises I’ve been on. They literally forgot several elements of a package I bought, I had to ask for other in room things I bought to be sent to my room, entertainment is nothing special, the selling is crazy over the top, the food was marketed as better than it is... I never felt “pampered” like I’ve felt on celebrity (ironically RC’s sister line) and Disney’s smaller ships. Don’t get me wrong!!! It was very nice that they refunded everyone the cruise fare and I enjoyed the dining package and the ship was cool for the first few days. but I had other concerns and things that didn’t meet my expectations that I wanted at least acknowledged and instead, I now feel like I’ve been pushed aside and am speaking to some uninterested woman who just sees me as a number on a list of people she has to call back. Her monotone “uh huh I apologize” is the unforgettable last word from a company who’s experience I’ll surely never forget. I’ve worked guest service for 13 years in some insanely high pressure places during some very difficult times and I can easily tell when someone could care less. Oh well... maybe I’ll try again some day in the distant future when royal or celebrity comes out with something new and amazing... but for now, I think it’s time to travel on land and try to immerse myself in the culture of new territories as my vacation of choice. Thanks for reading all!
  2. So far no refund yet and we have reached the two week point. I emailed RC guest services a few days ago to let them know about some of the issues we had (unrelated to the Norovirus) and that we didn’t use much of our beverage package. I received an email saying someone was assigned to it and working on it and they would get back to me but again, haven’t heard anything.Come Monday I guess I’ll give them a call but I don’t think anyone else has heard anything either. Very interesting!
  3. Did you mean bloody stuff? Lol I have nearly 100% English ancestry... I think it’s in my genetics to not fare well in humidity and love tea, scones and clotted cream 😂
  4. Not sure if there is a moderator out there that knows how to correct my spelling mistake, but I sure would appreciate it!
  5. You had me at clotted cream!! That’s one thing I love about celebrity is in the buffet on the solstice they had scones with jam and clotted cream at teatime. I. Had. Them. Everyday!!! Yum.
  6. It was just the bath that is included in some other ultimate package but it was around $85 a couple after auto grat.
  7. It actually wasn’t a “hot tub” more of a whirlpool spa. It’s on a platform in the room a couple of steps up and there are fiber optic stars in the ceiling. They fill it up with regular water and a natural seaweed bath powder mix from the spa. No chlorine or chemicals. There is a nice shower, two chairs and a bench. It’s a really nice relaxing experience as the lights are very low. They scattered rose petals etc (which was not really needed for us but whatever lol) and there were fluffy towels everywhere. You go in and lock the door and you are locked in for an hour and they come and knock when your time is up. I found a photo somewhere on the interwebs I’ll post here (not mine).
  8. Aww thanks! I’m 32 and Matt is 40! This was great! I’m definitely not sorry I went because I have wanted to sail on oasis since she came out. Don’t be too leery. I would still encourage everyone to give it a try... I just don’t feel the need to do it again. I probably could have done more research as to when the ship is less crowded. Also remember to washy washy! Im a big fan of the dining package... just be prepared for LOTS of steak! Lol I wish they had a bit more fish on the menu besides Branzino at every place. The thing abouy the propeller falling of is insane! That might freak me out more than noro!
  9. Yup!! I was thinking the exact same thing. It really grossed me out and I was about to take a picture and thought... no that’s too gross and then I’ll look like one of “those” people. Lol... but here’s to the next vacation! Hopefully much better!
  10. Thank you! I really enjoy writing reviews like this. We were only told that the refund would be coming in the next two weeks so I’m not exactly sure what it will be or what will happen. Either way, I’m definitely happy with how they are handling it, all things considered. So glad you enjoyed reading! I’ll post an update once I hear something.
  11. I did book it onboard and it was absolutely worth it for like $80 total for both of us. It was a completely private room. The use a kelp powder in the water that smells nice and there is low lightning inside. The only thing is the water temperature could have been a bit warmer but it was fine. It was especially worth it because the public hot tubs were so crowded and we didn’t want to catch anything so a private bath was perfect for us. It was one of the only times we got to truly relax! They also offered a package on embarkation day for $280 which included this bath, a mud scrub and steam from private experience for one hour and the thermal suite for the week. I would have done it if the thermal suite wasn’t so small.
  12. Day 6 Sadly At Sea This morning we both woke up with our respective colds and muscle cramps... gosh we are getting old! Lol... and decided to go upstairs to the solarium one last time to see what we could find. It was still packed but some chairs were available... but not really. They were all “saved” and like this much coveted lounger had towels thrown over it and bags nearby etc.... I thought this wasn’t allowed?!? It’s obviously not enforced if so. Oh well... We noticed that all the electronic signage still said we were in Cozumel, as well as the Royal App. We decided instead to go down and check out what was happening on the promenade. The Guest Services line was crazy long! I’d like to know more about this refund I’m getting, but not if I have to stand in that line! Yikes! We stopped back by the shop which was even more packed somehow... seriously this shop is too small. At least I found my precious Tortuga Rum Cakes. We had lunch at Izumi today which I was really excited about because I love Japanese food and also because I really needed some hot soup to help out this wicked head cold. We started by sharing two sushi rolls The Izumi Ryu Futomaki - assorted sashimi with chopped scallion , spicy aioli, cream cheese, Wakame salad over tempura fried crab and ginger dressing And The Truffle Creamy Lobster Tempura - Kanpachi, salmon, and asparagus topped with lobster tempura chunks tossed in ponzu with spicy mayo and scallions with truffle oil I will certainly say that this was some of the best sushi I’ve ever had. This stuff was really delicious and so artfully presented. I am a fan! Matt also had Udon Yaki I had Spicy Miso soup with charshu pork. Yum! this was really good and I could tell all of the ingredients (even the noodles) were fresh. I could probably eat at this restaurant the entire cruise and not get bored. We left completely stuffed and happy However, during lunch the captain made another announcement and shared that the media was very interested in the illness onboard and that he was given permission to share with us that nearly 470 people onboard were now ill. Yikes! At that point I appreciated the captains call to get us off the ship and back home. We were pretty worried about getting another kind of sick as we already were not feeling great. We went to the room and I hung out on the balcony for the most of the rest of the day before packing and putting our bags outside. We did do one extra thing. We purchased the couples bath because we wanted some time to relax privately in a hot tub instead of being up in the crowded solarium. It was around $80 and super nice. We sat in the spas relaxation room for a bit And then we had our own room with twinkling stars, mood lighting and our own hot tub for an hour. It was great. We had reservations that evening at Giovanni’s which we didn’t really love so we tried to switch to 150 Central Park but the had already tried to accommodate their guests who wouldn’t be dining with them on the last night. We were both curious about dining in the main dining room for dinner so we decided to give it a go. I had a French onion soup that was okay. The cheese had become leathery on-top and the broth was not flavorful. I also had New York strip loin which I had never seen served sliced like prime rib before. It was fine. No issues with it but I wouldn’t rave over it. We also shared the spaghetti bolgenese which was very good. It was a nice comforting, well executed dish and I actually enjoyed it more than the beef. For dessert I tried the Grand Mariner Soufflé. Soufflé shouldn’t be chewy but somehow this one was. Weird. More like a custard to me. I also sampled the creme brûlée which had no taste of vanilla. Just milk and sugar. Such a shame. When all is said and done, I didn’t hate it, but I’m glad I purchased the dining package as I feel like we were happy with it. As far as the beverage package goes... it was partially due to us not feeling great on this cruise, but I seriously think I would have fared better getting the refreshment package and paying for the few interesting drinks and my occasional old fashioned that I ordered. We ended the day with the big comedy show that they moved into Studio B. Nora and Joe were both great again and we went up to bed. Debarkation This went pretty smoothly. We had a paper notification that told us our luggage tag number would disembark at 9:45 and we had a knock on the door at about 8:45 from our stateroom attendant asking us to leave the room. This was a bit annoying because I don’t think we were ever told what time to leave the room, only what time we could actually get off. We gathered our things, I took a shower and we went to wait in the opal theatre until we finally got off the ship and went through customs. I finally got back to the car, sat back down where all this started, and said out loud to myself. What the hell just happened?!? 😂 My final thoughts on the cruise was that it was a really cool ship, I really appreciated the amount of things to do and the options you are presented with. but, I just don’t think I want to cruise with that many people again. I’ve gotten to a point in my life (probably due to my career choices) where I don’t like lines and crowds of people. I’ve experienced it for myself and can say that the oasis does indeed feel crowded in allot of areas... maybe because our sailing was booked to capacity. The solarium did not seem as relaxing as it did on my last cruise on the solstice and I really missed the big thermal suite. I missed the elegance of celebrity and the old school ocean liner vibe of Disney. The food was delicious, especially Izumi and 150 Central Park. And the entertainment was ok. I could do without the hoards of unattended children running about (worse than Disney) The best thing I experienced was the friendliness of many of the crew. There were several folks I encountered that seemed to genuinely enjoy their jobs and that runs directly into the guests experience. Happy Crew, Happy You! It’s unfortunate what happened on this sailing but I think Royals decision to refund us was a really good one. If I had just been refunded for one day after being worried about getting sick, only seeing one port etc. I would still probably be annoyed. But now, I’ve just lost time... granted it’s time that’s very difficult for both of to get off and only usually happens once a year, but it’s better than time and lots of money. Plus after the beverage package, dining package, chefs table etc. onboard they still got at least $1500 out of me lol Im grateful I got to experience the Oasis class at least once. I have no regrets but the experience just helps me plan and shape other trips in the future... and I’m patiently waiting on my refund. 😁 Thanks for reading everyone!
  13. This exact thing happened to me when we tried to board the Celebrity Solstice in Miami several years ago. They took all the books out of the library, salt and pepper shakers etc. it makes for a weird environment.
  14. Haha! It was dinner time, but I live in Orlando now for about 10 years. Just posted a new day. 😉
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