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  1. I had to L&S. I contacted then about the OBC (I just replied to the casino email where they applied the OBC) and they restored the OBC for use on my cruise next year.
  2. I finally got an excursion refund that I cancelled Apr 23 (54 days) I'm giving them 45 days from the cancel date of the other items before I start bugging them. I found twitter DM effective/low effort.
  3. I'm so tired of waiting forever to get over $1300 back. I last contacted via Twitter 10 days ago - and they said the manually set it up to be refunded..still waiting. At what point should I actually call? Will that make any difference?? April 23 was my first cancellation.
  4. They were actually partially right. Canadians can still FLY to the U.S. They just can't cross the land border. (I like many assumed we could not fly; because the airlines stopped flying into the US) https://www.cbc.ca/news/business/u-s-travel-restrictions-covid-19-land-border-fly-1.5607741
  5. 44 days and counting....ugh. That's for the oldest cruise planber cancellation. Have since had to do L&S as cruise was cancellelled. Currently owed over $1200. Really making me rethink the whole prebooking of excursions.
  6. I'm booked direct, and the guy I got was like oh I don't know if we have something that you can switch too, I'm like Ovation Aug 27 (lifting Ovation Sep 4)...and then he's like, oh yes, you can do that 🤦‍♀️ Definitely do your research before you call so you can tell them exactly what you want. I wanted one of the rooms moved closer to the other, but this guy didn't seem very on par with how to do things, so I didn't push the matter...I have over a year to change it 😜
  7. Well cruise is not for 450 days now ...so no rush 😝 We were going to hit final payment deadline on Saturday...and we had yet to pay more than the deposit as we were in wait and see mode knowing the odds were against this cruise happening. At least we went into it knowing there was a chance it would be cancelled, we booked at the end of February when the cruise lines/coronavirus stuff was already swirling.
  8. When I did my Lift and Shift (which FYI, it was quick and easy, I did two transfers in 18 minutes) the guy told me the Taxes and Fess could go up, they could go down, they could stay the same. But that the amount would be similar. I still have not received my updated documentation (did L&S yesterday) so I don't know what changed yet; he said I may first receive an incorrect statement, but I would then receive a corrected one within 48 hours. He even shifted us to rooms that were just one off from original booking (although I would have preferred to have them moved closer together, but I didn't push it, I figure I can all back some other time to do a room change)
  9. I called and got through right away. In 18 minutes I had two reservations Lift & Shifted (moved from Sep 4 to Aug 27). On the call he said the cruise planner items would be cancelled, which was true as I received the cancellation email right after the call. I'm thinking I lost my $100 MyVegas OBC too 😛
  10. They way I read it - you can't take Lift and Shift AND OBC for Cruise Planner.. it seems OBC only combinable with FCC. ◦ Also, if you opt for a cruise fare refund or for Lift and Shift before June 17th, you are not be eligible for this Cruise Planner Onboard Credit offer.
  11. Why did I not realize you can't lift and shift and get 125% for OBC for cruise planner purchases 🤦‍♀️ I would have moved earlier than now. Ugh. Oh well, I'll need to get on the phone with royal in the next couple days to L&S prior to final payment this weekend.
  12. I reached out on twitter and was told 45 days. It makes no sense as we had excursion booked for 3 people, across two reservations. They refunded 1/3 within a week, 40 days later still waiting for the other two,
  13. They sent out an email; full update forthcoming on June 2. So I'll wait til then to Lift & Shift. (I'm hoping for the 125% OBC for excursions)
  14. We had already decided to Lift and Shift Sept 4 Alaska; just haven't made the phone call yet. What are the odds they will cancel Alaska season in the next few days? I need to L&S by next Friday to push out Final Payment. Would be nice to get the 125% for booked Excursions.. (that I haven't cancelled, well I did cancel and rebook to lower price a month ago ..and still waiting on that refund :P)
  15. What are the wait times like for a Lift & Switch (Booked Direct with RC) I am hoping they will let me change both our cruise, and our friends to save them a call.. We have resigned ourselves to the fact that the odds are extremely slim that the Alaska cruise Sept 4 will happen, so want to switch before final payment is due. ...and then wait the million days for the excursions to be refunded. Ugh. They are so slow.
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