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  1. I was recently on Quest a few doors forward from 4040. The sound of the piano was very loud in the passageway but not bothersome when inside. I did notice the passageway sound was louder if I came from the direction of guest services.
  2. I also received great service from LCV this week after a call re an error in my points following a recent Quest cruise. When I checked the website the next day my points total was correct. I also checked the Celebrity Captain's Club and to my surprise it was updated there as well, unlike a past experience.
  3. Thanks Macdogmolly for your great live blog. Your photos really show the experience we had on this cruise. Macdogmolly said " Final port yesterday in Nanaimo. We arrived at 2:00 pm, but after docking, the captain was told he had to move the ship a couple of meters (who knows why), thus delaying those with shore excursions. " The reason the ship had to moved was because the port employee removing a fence section dropped and it it got stuck sideways so the gangway couldn't be put in place until the ship was moved a few meters to another section so a port problem not the ship's. maggie.1008 asked about the Crab Fest. I didn't go but I think it was $35.
  4. helby

    Checking in

    On Quest next month. I signed in using my booking number and got the old Xpress pass. When I signed into my account a few weeks later to use some of my OBC I found the boarding pass mentioned on this board which I will use. Have already uploaded a photo so hopefully all will go smoothly on boarding.
  5. Flat white has been available at Starbucks in Canada and USA for about 3 or 4 years.
  6. Each port has a website under Port of .......which tells you which ships are in port and the berth number. You can also search for sites that allow you to see all the ports but sometimes these are not up to date. For example in Juneau on July 7th Coral Princess, Radiance of the Seas and Ovation of the Seas are also there with Quest. As dhall711 noted that's a lot of people.
  7. Correction: I forgot that Celebrity Millennium also doing Alaska again this year.
  8. There seem to be more cruise lines than ever from mass market to luxury doing Alaska this year and last minute prices advertised locally seem to be lower and more abundant than in the past few years. Lack of access to Glacier Bay is probably a factor but many lines including Celebrity, with Solstice and Eclipse this year, have operated successfully in Alaska for years. As noted above the Azamara season is really short and in peak time only compared to early May to mid to late September for many lines. Given the Azamara price reductions I tend toward the view that the season will not be successful and that Azamara will look elsewhere in future. That said I will be on Quest this summer taking the opportunity to board 15 minutes from home.
  9. Enjoy your cruise ErLee and your visit to Vancouver
  10. The Emerald arrived this morning to start the 2019 season. According to port officials there will be 41 ships from 24 cruise lines in Vancouver this year. Princess is usually the first to arrive and the last to leave. Over 1,000,000 passengers are expected this year.
  11. Having seen references to the Celebrity upgrade program on this board I checked the Celebrity boards and found out the the program is contracted out to Plusgrade which has contracts with many airlines and cruise lines including Azamara, Celebrity and RCI. You can check it out at Plusgrade.com https-::www.plusgrade.com:partners:.webloc
  12. When I signed up for the Meet and Mingle through the link on Cruise Critic I got the same message as AllisonJames for the Captain's Club and the confirmation email came from Azamara. Also when I booked last month the Azamara cruise confirmation had a message with a toll free number to call about the Captain"s Club member benefits for my tier rather than the LCV ones.
  13. I'm also Canadian and put 12345 for my zip code when my postal code was not accepted. I did not give my income or age but it let me continue. I only started it to see what it was about before I left. There are better ways to spend my time. I've have past experience with surveys from Azamara that kicked me out near the end as not eligible Like others I saw enough to really wonder what changes are ahead for the LCV program.
  14. I've booked one way with EZ a number of times with the price being cheaper than directly with the airline or online travel sites. Agree with Wheezedr that you may need a new TA.
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