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  1. Mine is the name of a small island accessible only by boat.
  2. Twice when booking within a month of the cruise date I have been given a deck guarantee for a balcony once forward and once aft. Both times I was assigned a midship balcony on the same deck as the guarantee. Both were decks with cabins above and below. The second time was in 2019. .
  3. I also watched the Apex webinar , did not get the points and emailed about that weeks ago.. I was also missing another 4 points and was pleasantly surprised to see the correct updated total in the Captain"s Club newsletter received today. They have been slow in updating and if you are missing points perhaps check your account or newsletter today.
  4. I also have fond memories of Horizon and sailed on Century on her last season in Alaska in 2012.
  5. L The cruises I selected are for June and September 2022 and there were lots of others after April.
  6. I also selected 2022 dates and had to correct one before it was accepted. I also got a webinar full message a few days ago even very early in the morning.
  7. First call to this Caribbean port - Captain Carl said never again!
  8. I've been having the same problem needing to long back in frequently on my desktop.. Also what happens is thatsometimes I'm logged out until I click on a thread and suddenly I'm logged in again.
  9. Thanks for reminding me of the same classic California Coastal on the Grand late September to early October 2014. We were one of the first ships at the recently opened Pier 27 in San Francisco. Hope you get to do this cruise in the future.
  10. helby

    For sale?

    Princess still uses Deck 3 cabins for passengers so as stated above owners use the cabins in different ways.
  11. Remember when gifts were given after the Azamazing Evening? Here's the one from Journey in December 2013.
  12. I think Fairsky became Sky Princess. My first cruise was on Sky Princess from Miami in 1989.
  13. Thanks Baynanno1 for the info about posting pictures of works of art. When we were at the event there was no mention of restrictions re photos and there were many staff members circulating and speaking with us. . My concern was to only post pictures without people in them as I don't have their consent.
  14. I fully agree that it was a magical evening in a wonderful setting. We were so fortunate to be there on that beautiful warm evening.
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