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  1. scottee

    AMEX Offer...It's Back!

    I used my Amex to buy $300 OBC and an excursion directly through HAL's website. I got the email immediately and the $100 credit posted in 2 days.
  2. scottee

    Mexico Travel Advisory

    Do you think it's safe enough to talk to La Puntilla which is close to the cruise terminal?
  3. scottee

    AMEX Offer...It's Back!

    Did it end up working?
  4. scottee

    AMEX Offer...It's Back!

    I just saw this too, but are already paid in full (and booked through Costco). Can I take advantage of this by purchasing on board credit and then just cashing out the on board credit at the end of the cruise? Or does it still work to use onboard credit to load a poker pro account and then use that to convert to cash?
  5. We usually do anytime dining and show up when the dining room opens. No problem getting 2 tops.
  6. Good, thanks, I'll go through the casino. Just annoyed they lied to me over the phone.
  7. Can anyone else confirm? Online, I've read that it's refunded in the form that the payment was originally made. So if S&S is funded by gift card, they give you a gift card at the end. Though I do remember the Poker Pro tables withdrawing directly from Sign and Sail. I don't remember if you can cash out the poker account at the cage. (Poker is separate from a regular casino account.)
  8. When we decided to book a quick 3 day cruise for this June, we cashed our credit card points for $400 in gift cards, but it takes 1-2 weeks for them to arrive. So I called Carnival and asked if we could make partial payment, even though it was less than 60 days from the cruise, and then make the rest of the payment later when the gift cards arrived. If not, I will wait until the gift cards arrive to book the cruise to apply payment. The rep on the phone said no, full payment had to be made now, but call us back and we'll apply the gift cards and refund the rest to your credit card. So I said ok, booked, and paid in full with credit card. Gift cards arrived two days ago. I call to have them apply them to the cruise and refund the rest to my credit card, like the booking person said. They said they can't do that, and the only thing I can do is apply it to the Sign and Sail account. The problem with that is that any unused balance (we won't use all $400) is refunded in gift cards, if I understand correct. The only reason we booked this is because the gift cards from our credit card rewards would pay for most of it. Did we just get screwed? Or are there other options? (like calling back for a different rep)
  9. scottee

    Splendor my awesome bar package

    From our Roll Call page for the Splendor next week.
  10. scottee

    Carnival Anti Chair Hog Program Fleetwide

    Will the Lido attendants get mad if I "clean up" someone's "lost belongings" and "accidentally" "drop" (throw) them in the pool?
  11. Is there a button here to hide all the posts that are personal attacks and only show the posts that have information about what happened?
  12. scottee

    Can the $5 match play coupons be combined?

    Walk up to table with wife and $10. I bet on black and she bets on red. Walk away with $15.
  13. I'd actually think that anytime dining would be EASIER, because with set times, you have a whole hoard of tables that you have to take orders from at the same time, and a whole ton of appetizers/mains/desserts to bring out at roughly the same time. I would also think that would make for more congestion in the kitchen, with all of the servers trying to get to the appetizer station at the same time, main...dessert... I've never worked at a restaurant or on a cruise ship though, so that would just be my thinking.
  14. scottee

    Question on room service trays

    When we were on Holland America two years ago, there were little stand up cards on the tray that said NOT to leave it in the hall and to call room service for pick up.
  15. scottee

    dining options - question haven't seen

    What you can do is opt for open seating, and then request the same table/time when making reservations, I think three days in advance. Then keep "renewing" the reservation each day.