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  1. I have always been a poor traveller on any mode of transport so understand how you feel about your first cruise. Stugeron has always worked for me and doesn’t make me sleepy as its predecessor in my medicine cabinet (Dramamine) did. I took one before our two hour drive to Southampton for our first cruise (10 years ago) then another four hours later. After that, I only took more if the forecast was windy. The important thing is to take them in advance. I work on the better safe than sorry basis!
  2. I am a very long way from being 31 and admit to being slightly conservative where food is concerned but I do think there is an element of chefs trying to be too ‘chefy’ (if there’s such a word!). We enjoy the Gala Dinners but I have occasionally been relieved that there is the ‘always available’ items still on the menu.
  3. Thank you for your suggestions. So much choice but it looks like Epicurean is a nose ahead! We’ve a good amount of time to decide as we’re not cruising until the autumn.
  4. Cruising on Britannia in 2020. Any recommendations for which venue to choose for a special celebration dinner? We generally use the main dining room when we cruise.
  5. Plenty of irons as said before. Did use one where it appeared to be on a fixed automatic time setting which I didn't notice at first - did wonder why it kept cooling down!!
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