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  1. cabinboy1945

    princess disembark

    omg! i said JFK when i meant to say LAX....sorry about that. anyways, i changed my flight to later in the day, so i'll be fine. thanks
  2. cabinboy1945

    princess disembark

    We are returning to port on a Sunday morning and was wondering if this would give us enough time to get to JFK for a 12:27 p.m. flight home?
  3. cabinboy1945

    Affidavit question

    I understand that we don’t need a visa if we don’t get off the ship. Thank you
  4. cabinboy1945

    Affidavit question

    If we are not going to get off the ship in Cuba, what do we do about the affidavit? I don’t see any boxes to check for that.....just leave it blank?
  5. cabinboy1945

    norwegian gem port address.....

    i'm using Super Shuttle both times ( hotel and cruise port) but not sure on what address to use for the port. i'll just use "Manhattan cruise terminal" for my pick up .
  6. I'm trying to arrange a shuttle pick up from the Gem to JFK....what address do i put down for pick up? i get 2-3 different addresses when i look it up......
  7. cabinboy1945

    Gem out of NYC.....

    what would the address be to put in my gps?
  8. cabinboy1945

    Gem out of NYC.....

    thanks for the info.....very helpful
  9. cabinboy1945

    Gem out of NYC.....

    cruising on the Gem in June....being from out of state, what is the pier number? it seems as though i have been given about 2-3 different pier numbers given to me.....some say pier 90 and some say pier 88 at 48th street....
  10. with freestyle dining, do you just show up at anytime for dinner or do you have to register before hand?
  11. cabinboy1945

    cruising new england

    we are going to cruise New England in June....what type of music do they play on the ship ? the Caribbean cruises play Caribbean ....just wondering?
  12. cabinboy1945

    transfer to airport......

    cruising out of nyc in june on the gem... does ncl offer transfers to the airport (jfk) ?
  13. cabinboy1945

    Pre-cruise NYC hotel suggestions

    we are cruising june 2nd and booked the Watson hotel ,located on w.57th street. the location is in a good area and close to the port also. good luck and happy cruising.....
  14. cabinboy1945

    cruising out of NYC

    we booked The Watson . it's close to the port and nearby attractions .
  15. cabinboy1945

    cruising out of NYC

    We have never been to NYC and will be cruising Norwegian Gem on June 2. We are looking for a hotel that would be around the city but not too far from the port area. We are arriving 3 days before our cruise and looking for recommendations on where to stay.