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  1. We have cruised mostly out of Boston in the fall. I have found that the a/c is none functional until you get to warmer weather. I can not sleep unless the room is cold. So yes we have left the balcony door opened at night to cool the cabin off until we get further South. Never had a complaint but also never knew it could effect other cabins.
  2. Just to let you know. The water in Bermuda in April is cold. If you do not like cold water ( which I do not) then do not plan any water sports.
  3. If you don’t want to get vaccinated then do not cruise. Your choice! Give me a break! NCL has every right to keep their passengers and staff safe. I will not cruise on a ship that is not completely vaccinated. I work in healthcare and have watched many die. Unvaccinated people should be barred from cruises, bars, hotels, casinos etc. their choice to not vaccinate and their choice to have restrictions. Unfortunately most of the unvaccinated are not following the recommendation to wear a mask and now we have both vaccinated and unvaccinated developing covid , the number are going up again and more people will die. But those that think this is a hoax will continue to spread the virus and prevent the solution to end it. Good luck you that choose not to be a part of the solution.
  4. With this whole pandemic and depressing isolation I want to see some old cruise reviews that used to excite me. We all wish cruising would start again soon. Maybe if we share past cruise reviews we would all feel more hopeful. I unfortunately have never written one but will in the future. Please share your reviews!
  5. We have only taken cruises as vacations. I want cruising to start up as much as anyone here. I do not want to pay for a cruise and have to worry about social distancing, masks and not being able to explore on my own. My biggest worry is if someone tests positive on the cruise. Will we be quarantined on the ship? Too many negatives for me to cruise right now. Will have to wait to see what the future holds. It stinks!!!! We can not change life right now. It is what it is. It sucks but we have t live it for now. All we can do is follow recommendations for masks and distancing. I work in healthcare and can assure all that this is not a hoax or over exaggerated. This truly is about life or death!
  6. A Covid test is only good for that day. Anyone exposed may not turn positive or have symptoms for 14 days. This would not assure you that no one on the ship has Covid. It will tell you they have not tested positive yet.
  7. NCL is hoping people will pay final payments so they do not have to give refunds but fcc instead. They also are hoping people will book now so they can keep their deposits. We do not know if any of these cruiselines will file for bankruptcy but if they do then they will owe no one their money. Not a chance I would take.
  8. Third and fourth now get beverage package in all cabins so you pay for gratuities.
  9. That is great but I never asked a question.
  10. I was on the Gem. The only reason I booked this cruise was for a last minute getaway. It was my first time cruising by myself. It cost me $260 total to board the ship. I could careless where my cabin was. I was just trying to point out that latitude status doesn’t always get you a better guarantee cabin.
  11. I booked a gty inside cabin once on NCL last minute. I am platinum. This cruise was really empty. I got assigned literally the worst cabin on the ship. All the way forward on deck eight. The motion and noise of crashing waves was unbelievable. I met a few people who booked the same as I did but later than I did and they got great locations. These people also had no or little latitude status. Just goes to show that latitude status does not matter.
  12. It is very iffy that cruises will sail by then. No matter what the promo I would not book anything until we see what this pandemic holds. JMO.
  13. We usually take 2 week cruises every other year. That moment when we pull out of port and I know that I now have two weeks of relaxation and fun. No work, no emails, no phone and no obligations. Someone waiting on me everyday! No one asking “ what’s for dinner?”. No meal planning or grocery shopping.
  14. I understand that a balcony costs more than an inside but $3200 more is ridiculous. We used to only get balconies and then tried an inside cabin and found that we did not miss the balcony. Only in the room to sleep and change.
  15. Just did a mock booking for 2 ppl on the jade 13 night Caribbean cruise feb 1,2021. The best inside cabin comes to $3200 cheaper than the worst balcony. This is both with all the perks. I think I will pick an inside and pay my own gratuities with the $3200 I save.😀
  16. That is because the departments of public health excludes healthcare workers from the quarantine after travel rule.
  17. I am a nurse and see every day how this virus is killing people. Cruise ships are a Petri dish for spread of viruses. I want nothing more to go cruising again. This has been my only vacation destination for over ten years but it will not be safe until a vaccine is found, tested and proved. Give me a break. How can you even consider a cruise until this happens. It is not CDC fault nor ncl’s fault. It is the fault of a virus that no one saw coming or could have predicted its contagiousness or deadliness. Dear God have people not seen what this virus can do?
  18. This is why we are not booking any cruise for the future until we see what happens to the industry in the future. I have a feeling that any future cruise credits and refunds will be null and void when the cruise lines eventually file for bankruptcy. Not willing to take the chance.
  19. I worry if my parents will make it thru this will I ever see them again? Will I see my son or grandson again? Will my husband, other son and I survive. I work in a nursing home as a nurse exposed everyday. Have not seen my family for 4-7 weeks because I am afraid of exposing them to the virus. I get it. People are upset that their cruises are being canceled but we are talking about lives here. Cruises are not a priority or even feasible for a very very longtime.
  20. Let,s ask yourself a question. If you book a cruise for the end of May and ncl says it is a go, would you feel safe. Would the cruise experience be a good one. Not for me either way.
  21. There is no way cruise ships will be allowed to cruise in June and if they did I would never get on one.
  22. The corvina 19 virus is infecting the US at an Astronomical rate and you all are still whining about your cruise cancellations and refunds. Let us concentrate on the thousands of Americans who will die from this pandemic. Dear god where are your priorities?
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