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  1. For those of you who may not have seen this article posted by Cruise Critic, it makes very interesting reading. CDC Director was asked in a Senate hearing when the cruise industry could get back in operation and the "expert", the one in charge responded with a detailed educated "LATER". Asked several times to explain what "later" meant, she couldn't explain. Then the Director made the comment that it was not a decision to be made by the CDC alone; that many agencies were involved in deciding about the cruise industry, to include the Department of Transportation. Apparently the cruise indus
  2. It isn't about the amount of liquid in the class, it is how the person observing the glass perceives the glass.
  3. Well, by listening to ALL sides, one is best able to make good decisions, however when one side is consistently speaking in a derogatory way about an entity, they aren't looking for a solution, they are just speaking with emotion. One side is CDC and Federal Government good, Cruise Industry bad; my thought is, why the heck aren't all you people working together to solve this problem and why is it taking so long?
  4. Having decided not to continue with the back and forth with several individuals, I must admit that I have been watching from the background and reading the post of several people has brought me to ask this question: To those of you who are posting as if you are experts in cruise line financial statistics, state and federal budgets, medical response to viruses and the COVID numbers; those of you who condemn the cruise lines response to COVID and whom continuously state that the cruise lines are only about the money, don't care about passenger's health or wellbeing, do everything to avoid taxes
  5. Sorry, as I said, we'll have to agree to disagree. I question what the government says, you believe everything they say. We are very different. Do you remember; "no need to wear a mask", "wear a mask", "wear two mask", "once you have the vaccine, no need for a mask", "after getting the vaccine continue to wear a mask", and it goes on. I'm very capable of using common sense and logic to care for myself and have done so since the "experts" began talking out of both sides of their mouths. I sincerely hope you have a nice day and a great cruise, whenever it happens. 😀
  6. We will just have to agree to disagree. I see it that the cruise lines are doing all they can with what they are being told, keeping in mind that the government changes everything almost daily and you see it that the government is always right and the cruise lines are simply not doing anything. In any case, I hope your next cruise is very enjoyable and safe.
  7. So what I hear you saying is, you were wrong by stating that the cruise lines have done nothing. They have continued to work to meet the ever changing CDC requirements. I think that there is something we can both agree on: If the CDC were to come out today and give the cruise lines a list of logical common sense requirements to comply with and not change them every other day, that would allow them to return to the US ports for cruises, the cruise lines would have to either comply or sail from foreign ports. It just wasn't fair to say that they had not made any attempt to work with the CDC.
  8. For those that believe that the cruise lines have not been working to comply with the CDC's recommendations/requirements, I would suggest you read this from the CDC web site: www.cdc.gov: 3.webloc If the above doesn't work, search the CDC web site for: Crew Disembarkation Through Commercial Travel, scroll down page to Status of COVID19 Response Plans and Commercial Transport of Crew. You will see an update (March 23d) list of ships that have complied and filed the necessary acknowledgments with the CDC. So statements like "the cruise lines are refusing to play ball with the CDC" a
  9. You miss read the post. I did not say "cruise lines" moved their headquarters overseas, I said "big business". We are not talking here about the PVSA, or the 80's or 90's, we are discussing the CDC and US government not working with the cruise lines to get them back operating from US ports, putting tens of thousands of people back to work.
  10. Bingo! The US has been disappointed with the cruise industry for many years for flagging their ships elsewhere because by doing so, they aren't controlled by the US Government and they pay much less in taxes. Why do you think when a past Administration increased the capital gains taxes on big business, they moved their headquarters overseas? Thousands coming across the boarder, many testing positive, being dropped off in local communities but I haven't heard the CDC tell the federal government to stop doing that. Doesn't that make the government actions "super spreaders"? Disappointed in
  11. The CDC has more authority than you know and more power to "influence" and or "force" a state to do whatever they tell them to do. You state that air travel is "essential travel"; wow, I guess all those college student who packed airplanes to Florida, California, and Hawaii for spring break were on "essential travel". The CDC has worked with the airlines, theme parks and other entities, why not the cruise line. Like I said in my original post, spray deodorizer on bs, it's still bs.
  12. I find your post interesting for this reason: You ask a very legitimate question, "Who will still cruise with Princess" but then you provide everyone with the answer, "I think many in these groups won't". Why not ask the question and then want for the answers before providing a conclusion? COVID-19 has been a terrible thing, on that we can all agree and all the reasons you list for not cruising are valid but as time goes on and this virus is defeated, cruising, like dine in restaurants, movie theaters and shopping without a mask will return. In this time of doubt and gloom, let us all try
  13. I can see where the past experience and the total cost would make it a risky decision for you and the DW. For us, we were able to get a Caribbean cruise for just under $3500, so it would be a savings of $350 plus the extra OBC. Not as risky as what you face. We are still debating.
  14. It specifically list our booking number.
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