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  1. There is a beautiful beach and swimming area right off the ship. No need to pay for an excursion.
  2. Hey Jeff, You know whats good for hip pain. Rub rum all down the inside of your neck. ( throat). Gary
  3. Hey there Jeff and Patti, How have you been? Sorry to come so late to the cruise,but we were very busy. Once again thank you for taking us along on your holiday and thank you Patti for all these awesome pictures as always. Gary
  4. Hey Chris. Thanks for taking us along on another adventure. I love Miami,so much to see and do there. Gary
  5. hey there Jeff and Patti, Thank you for taking us along on your wonderful journey.Once again thank you Patti for all the great pictures. Until next time Stay calm and Cruise on. Gary:cool:
  6. Hey there Jeff. You look so relaxed Don't miss the tender back to the ship. You would't want to be stuck on the Island now would you? Ha Ha Gary
  7. Hey Patti thats one huge club sandwich, How was it? Jeff how much were those frozen drinks,they look delicious. Gary:evilsmile:
  8. Hey there Jeff. If we ever go on the same cruise I,m buying the first bucket. Gary
  9. Hey Jeff and Patti Once again thank you for taking us along on your fantastic vacation. Also Jeff have a bucket on me. Gary:cool::cool:
  10. Hey Jeff,We should get a few hundred of our friends together and buy that house, I,m sure we can work out a time table for using it. Ha Ha Gary
  11. Hey there Jeff. Don't worry about how long it takes to post anything, your RETIRED and on VACATION. enjoy. Gary:cool:
  12. Hi there Jeff and Patti. Sorry for joining you so late but was on vacation. Great to see you guys on another adventure. Thank you for the fantastic pictures Patti,and for taking us along once again on your vacation. Gary:cool:
  13. Hey Chris, Have a GREAT cruise and thanks for taking me along again. Gary
  14. Once again Radio, thanks for taking us along on another one of your fantastic cruises. Looking forward to the next one. I will be leaving on an 11 day Southern from Ft Lauderdale on Feb 5,2018 on the Serenade of the seas. Until next time STAY CALM and CRUISE ON. Gary :cool:
  15. Hi Radio Am looking forward to another fantastic cruise review and pictures, Thanks for taking us along. Gary