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  1. There were multiple sailings to Med ports that have been cancelled and passengers are just now getting notified. We all know that some changes/modifications are going to be made to future cruise itineraries and some ports will be more restricted than others going forward. I choose my cruises based on itinerary and not the ship. Therefore changes may impact me more than others. So just sharing information here....nothing more.
  2. The intent of my post was about international itinerary changes and not Carribean sailings. I think at this point the action by one cruise line could be a sign of things to come. Many of us with cruises to Europe next year are making big plans which do not involve staying on the ship or being limited to cruise line excursions. So, even though itineraries changes were expected - this move is significant. Staying hopeful at this point.....
  3. Mine too! Happy Birthday and I hope you get that birthday surprise 🎈
  4. Wonder about Carnival now. It doesn't look good for my May sailing to the Med on the Legend..... https://www.foxbusiness.com/lifestyle/royal-caribbean-cruise-ships-redeployed-summer-2021
  5. I will cancel my 2021 cruises too. Don't want to make an investment in a vacation where I can't go where I want - when I get there....
  6. Like I mentioned I had OBC that I was trying to use and of course hikes can be done independently. This excursion was great and the guide was really engaging....so it was a very nice experience.
  7. Ketchikan is such a beautiful place to hike. I will be there again next August and hope to try another one. If you have excess OBC like I did the Celebrity excursion is very nice. Not rushed, small group, and the guide was a Ketchikan native so he probably contracts every year. Enjoy your time in Ketchikan!
  8. I am pretty sure it was Ward Creek. The trail was very nice and mostly level. We were there in August and the salmon were visible from a viewing platform over the river. Lots of scat along the way but we encountered no bears. Overall it was a very nice hike with only a few steep inclines. You can check it out here: https://www.fs.usda.gov/Internet/FSE_DOCUMENTS/stelprdb5413489.pdf
  9. We are having issues with reporting here in FL. Just last week a 6 yr old and an 18 yr old from different families received mail saying that they tested positive and neither had gone for a test. I know of 2 cases personally where this has happened in the same family 🤨 So in addition to the testing reliability we have this issue.....
  10. This trip is on my short list! Been wanting to do this the next time I have a full day in Juneau!
  11. I sailed on the Millennium RT from Vancouver last August - just to get to Icy Strait and Sitka again on the same itinerary. It is a beautiful ship and the balcony cabin was the best I've experienced - but I sure missed Glacier Bay and the surrounding area 🙁
  12. True, so hopefully one of the ships will take it over. Hoping to sail this itinerary so fingers crossed that it will still be available. For now it is waiting game to see what happens to the 2021 sailings once the cruise lines start up again.
  13. I wonder if that means the end for the 14 day Alaska itineraries since the Maasdam is scheduled to do it in 2021......
  14. I booked the Legend for May 2021 back in January and like you I am not totally confident about sailing either....for all of the unknowns that you listed 🙁
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