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  1. Thank you Flyer Talker. I always appreciate your posts and this information is very valuable. I guess I won't be using my AA miles for my next trip.....
  2. I would still check the cruise line site to make sure. I was about to book the NCL Sun for May 2022 to get to Sitka, Icy Strait and Glacier Bay but after checking the NCL site directly the posted itinerary I wanted doesn't include Glacier Bay.
  3. Paul is working above the Arctic Circle this year and for some of next. He said he will be available for tours from May 15 - July 24, 2022 before returning to the Arctic Circle. I am in the planning stages for next year and I didn't want to miss his trip when I get to Sitka. Now the challenge is to find the best itinerary that includes Sitka 😄
  4. I guess I was lucky to have visited Santorini in early October 2019 because my visit was "magical" and I enjoyed every minute of it on the island - especially Akrotiri! Did I get to see a sunset - no. But the sail away was magnificent as the early evening light made the entire island look really spectacular!
  5. Agreed, and for me it comes down to where I am cruising. If in the Caribbean or Alaska - not as big an issue to get back soon if I want. However, my recent cruises have been to Europe and that makes 1 - 2 days of a lost cruise a problem since every port is special. Not to mention the cost and effort to get overseas.
  6. I don't stream and as far as I know none of my active 60's friends do either. I have high speed internet to cover work, email, place on line orders and read the news. I watch very little TV though and don't often sit long enough to watch a movie.... Not everyone has a device in their hands at all times and I put my iPad and iPhone away once I board and just check in with home and the dog sitter daily. The Mac stays at home 🙂
  7. I only cruised out of Seattle once and it can't compare to those in and out of Vancouver. I don't see much difference in hotel prices either.... Looking forward to the next RT from Vancouver 😀
  8. We canceled our B2B cruise and moved to a RT Celebrity sailing out of Rome due the challenges presented by Ravenna. We would not have had enough time to visit Venice the right way on turnaround day and flight options home after the second leg were limited.
  9. We are not opposed to taking a train but the time and distance limits what you can actually see/do in a short visit.
  10. Yes, there will only be transfers to the airport so that eliminates our ability to visit the city on turn around day 😒. I have been to Venice before as an overnight stop on a previous cruise but it would have been nice to visit again. So unless there is an excursion option we will be out of luck. Just find it interesting that the Constellation isn't impacted. May 2022 is still a year away and things could change.....
  11. Was this after the 45 day prior to cruise date? I thought that as long as you booked refundable you could still cancel after final payment and 45 days before the first flight.
  12. We have been discussing this on our Brilliance of the Seas roll call for May 2022. It seems that Celebrity hasn't changed their arrivals/departures for the Constellation which is the same size. However, we will be using Ravenna so I wish there was a solution for Venice that didn't mean we have to commute 2 hours -making it difficult to visit even on turn around day of our B2B 😕
  13. Great info! Starting to plan for 2022 and this is very helpful.
  14. If you decide on the fjords you should take a look at the Jewel of the Seas August 31, 2022 sailing. Hard to find Flam, Geiranger and Alesund all on a 9 night itinerary...... Date Port Arrive Depart Wednesday, August 31 Amsterdam, Holland 5:00pm Thursday, September 1 At Sea Friday, September 2 Olden, Norway 8:00am 5:00pm Saturday, September 3 Flam, Norway 7:00am 5:00pm Sunday, September 4 Geiranger, Norway 10:00am 7:00pm Monday, September 5 Alesund, Norway 7:00am 4:00pm Tuesday, September 6 At Sea Wednesday, September 7 Kristiansand, Norway 8:00am 6:00pm Thursday, September 8 At Sea Friday, September 9 Amsterdam, Holland 6:00am
  15. I recently. booked a Princess cruise for June 2022 and didn't receive a similar notice regarding ships excursions....
  16. Reduced capacity and social distancing in 2023? Really? I want cruising to get back to normal and see a return to profitability for the cruise line industry.....
  17. I guess I have been very fortunate then to see them between Sitka and Icy Strait when sailing the last few days of August into the first week in September. Early August trips yielded no sightings....
  18. Have sailed May, June and August. Saw the lights on 3 late August trips that stopped in Sitka during the first few days of September. Always between Sitka and Icy Strait late at night. If you have clear skies you should be able to see them. There were plenty of whales on excursions out of both ports and I believe some are there year round. So probably not an issue. Hope you see both on your future trip!
  19. Wow, I requested a refund on Jan 22 for my Med cruise in May on the Legend and my card was credited on Jan 29. Thanks for the heads up since I wasn't expecting it so soon!
  20. I opted for the refund since I didn’t like the 2022 itinerary as much and I have a RCI cruise booked for next year already.
  21. Just got my email and I am thankful that Carnival didn't wait until after final payment.
  22. My May cruise on the Legend to the Med is still listed and can't imagine why it hasn't been canceled yet. 😕
  23. I only have the invoice copy from my TA but not worried. Lots of time! Took me 8 months to book and passed on this year and moved on to 2022.
  24. I made a new reservation yesterday for August 2022 and can't see it either. Tried to add it manually and it says the reservation # is incorrect. I will check it again in a couple of days and then ask the TA to double check it if there is still a problem 😕
  25. Have they announced the schedule to release? Getting ready to plan something myself.....
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