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  1. https://www.goccl.com/irman/bookccl/shipboard_knowledge/SupperClub.htm The Steakhouse The dress code follows the dress code specified for that evening on board; if the evening is specified as Cruise Casual, shorts are not permitted. Dining Room - Cruise Casual Dining Dress Code Gentlemen: sport slacks; khakis; jeans (no cut-offs); dress shorts (long); collared sport shirts Ladies: casual dresses; casual skirts; casual pants; blouses; summer dresses; Capri pants; dress shorts; jeans (no cut-offs) Not permitted in the dining room: gym shorts; basketball shorts; beach flip-flops; bathing suit attire; cut-off jeans; sleeveless shirts for men; baseball hats. Dining Room - Cruise Elegant Dining Dress Code Gentlemen: dress slacks, dress shirts, and we also suggest a sport coat; men may also wish to bring suits and ties or tuxedos. Ladies: cocktail dresses; pantsuits; elegant skirts and blouses; ladies may also wish to bring evening gowns. Not permitted in the dining room: shorts; T-shirts; beach flip-flops; bathing suit attire; jeans; cut-off jeans; sleeveless shirts for men; sportswear; baseball hats.
  2. The steakhouse has the same dress for the night as MDR .. the only exception is NO shorts dress or otherwise. The free wine promo offer IF still going on it ONLY for the 1st night.
  3. No .. Guy's is only on Liberty right now though.
  4. We did the Eastern Itinerary in August Sunday left POM; Monday Nassau // casual night; Tuesday Sea Day // elegant night #1; Wednesday St Thomas // casual night; Thursday San Juan // elegant night #2; Friday Grand Turk // casual night and Saturday Sea Day // casual night.
  5. Why do all the gay cruisers have to be male?? They could end up being all females!
  6. This is AWESOME NEWS!!!! Thank you for being the kind honest person you are!! I just knew Mary and Mischelle would find the owner!
  7. What health forms?? There were none to be had in POM on our August 2011 sailing.
  8. WHY?? Who do you think makes the BV cakes?
  9. Not all cabins got flat screens. We cruised in August and had the old style TV.
  10. Of course the captain veered TOWARDS the island. That was reported at 2am last night. The ship did not CRASH as you stated into the island. After realizing that the evacuation was not happening quick enough the captain attempted to get the passengers closer to land so that the Italian Coast Guard helicopters could evacuate at a quicker rate. I stayed up overnight out of curiosity with the updates. I'm trying to figure out when and where the jumpers jumped.
  11. Terrible simply terrible. http://www.cbsnews.com/2300-505263_162-10011002.html?tag=page
  12. If everyone acted upon the red highlighted statement then nobody would ever leave their homes. Earthquakes, fires, floods, airplane crashes, volcano eruptions, ships running aground, ships running into hurricanes, typhoons, tsunamis, trains derailing. The list is endless. Yes that tragedy was very unfortunate and our thoughts and prayers do extend to those who were on board and their families. But it was just that a freak accident. Will it stop my from cruising ... NO! Just like when an airplane crashes it doesn't prevent me from flying. Does a multi-car pile up stop you from driving? Just saying....
  13. if you travel to a cruise port on Amtrak, you can get a 20% discount on your fare. You just have to call instead of book you ticket online and mention the code below. Carnival Codes: 2012 is V602 With this economy its all about saving money, I hope this help someone.
  14. Have you checked flights into FLL? We flew to FLL instead of MIA because of flights costs for our POM sailing.
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