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  1. I actually have not sailed RCI, yet. I booked a RCI Alaskian cruise for 2021 at the end of 2019 and then in early 2020, I booked a RCI bahamas cruise for what would have been May 18 that was cancelled. My only cruise so far was an DCL. I am not too much of a brand loyalist so I would try many of the other lines, but I might be picking at the actual ship and/or itinerary. I really want to do a river cruise in Europe. I was playing with trying one this year, but I could not work it into my schedule. I know 2021 is out based on other vacations, but hopefully in 2022.
  2. I know OP is joking, but I do wonder if there will be an increase in riverboat cruises in places until all international ports open up. The trips are just very long. I think the Pittsburgh to St. Louis was 10-12 days the last time I checked.
  3. I expect RCL to cancel my May 18 cruise. I figure that it will be around the last week of April before they extend the closures in hopes that they have a better time frame for the closures.
  4. I have seen the June 1st date batted around on the Disboards, but even there, many people still think that date is just something Disney put out for now as an estimate. Disney has to plan for the next wave of college and international cast members so they needed a date to give them. Plus, if by rare chance there is a possibility that this clears up by then, they need to be prepared. OP, I know you are looking at this as a positive, but I would not put to much stock into when a business is currently predicting to be opening up. Many are just hedging their bets. They need peopl
  5. My next scheduled cruise is Mariner on 5/18. I am not making any decisions on cancelling until I see where things are at the beginning of May. For now, I am planning as if the trip is on, but will make the decision once the cruise is closer. If my cruise was within the next week or two, I probably would cancel as I have family members with health issues and there is not a handle on the situation at this time. My breaking point will be determined by if there is any containment of the spread by then.
  6. My sister has flown with her own rollator, wheelchair, and mobility scooter, but she has TSA precheck. Even when the airport has an ADA line, we use the precheck lines. Her process might be a bit different than the ADA line, but she drives her scooter to a point where an agent then directs her on where to park. Sometimes she walks back through the scanner while they swab her scooter and other times she stays on the scooter and they wand her and then swab the scooter. When she had her rollator or wheelchair, she was moving better and would just walk back through the scanner while they swab
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